State of Play: PlayStation’s new video showcase debuts Monday

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State of Play: PlayStation’s new video showcase debuts Monday

The first episode has new game announcements, and highlights upcoming PS4 and PS VR software

Glad to finally be able to talk about this! Today, we’re introducing a new video programme called State of Play, and the first episode kicks off Monday, 25th March at 9pm GMT / 10pm CET.

State of Play will give you updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation. Our first episode will showcase upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage.

State of Play

You can watch live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook worldwide, and we’ll be offering up the VOD edition shortly after the episode airs.

And this is just the beginning! State of Play will return throughout the year with more updates and announcements.

See you Monday!

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  • the first playstation direct ;P

    • Yep the Play$tation direct and now a Micro$oft direct! Looks like everyone feels the need to be direct – if only all manufacturers could be direct wouldn’t that be great ;-p.

    • Using dollar signs instead of an S is very edgy. Be careful you don’t slip right off, there.

  • Yes Sony, well if you carnt beat them! join them.  Sony borrows from Nitendo’s tried and tested way of communcating to their customer base DIRECT. Carnt wait to see whats coming. Thankfully no sign of new hardware yet! Maybe this will be the new way until ps5.

    • You know playstation were doing this back in the early days of the Ps3 and playstation network… I think I still have a few of the old eps on my Fat… And that’s not to mention the engagement direct through PSHome…

    • Got me nostalgic for PlayStation Home. Wasn’t something I used a lot but did have some fun and made a few PS friends through it. And then there was that weird time I got a message from a user not on my friends list to tell me to meet them at Sully’s Bar in the Uncharted space and when I got there I recognised immediately from the avatar’s uncanny appearance that it was my dad who it turns out had bought himself a PS3 after moving to Spain. :O

    • There have been more than “signs” of new hardware.

      It’s just really a question now of if it will be here in 1 or 2 (or a long shot of 3) years.

      Remember, it’s already at the 6-7 year point the other consoles were replaced.

    • It will be 6 years in 8 months time and nowhere near 7.0 years until November 2020.

    • “Thankfully”?

  • This is why PlayStation is not at the E3 this year and it is what Shawn Layden said PlayStation is looking foward to engage with fans on new level and this is it. Hope the first episode is quite a something with maybe a release date for one of the exclusives Dreams, Concrete Genie, Death Stranding, Last of Us Part 2 or Ghost of Tsushima. Anyhow i will be definetly keeping a close eye on the show..

    • DS will probably be the final game released on the PS4… around the time the PS6 arrives…

    • I think DS and Last of Us part 2 will be both playable on PS4 And 5 like The last of us 1 they released it at the end of PS3 time then they remake it on PS4 .

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what this new show has to offer.

  • The perfect place to show us how you plan to improve PS+ after bumping up the price and removing games

    • The most we can hope for is some pictures of cats… If that…

    • No games are removed from plus.

      You may get less per month, but that doesn’t mean the (literally) hundreds of PS3 games you added before can’t be played.

      Maybe play them again since you have obviously played and completed every single one of the games that were given with the service ?

    • Why would anyone attempt to defend a company removing 2/3rds of the content while it still costs the same?

      If it now cost 66% less (or even 50%) then fine, if it adds something to make up for having 1/3rd of the content for the same price then fine.

      Don’t defend a company doing stuff not in your best interests, unless you want to be taken advantage of (while looking silly).

    • Smugness is ever so irritating, Mr_Writer. Nobody likes it, so don’t be that guy. You’ll thank me one day.

    • Where did I defend them?

      I just pointed out facts. Playstation plus is a subscription service, to date there have been 600+ games added over time per month.

      You can still play those games, they don’t dissappear, they haven’t been removed.

      That is a Fact, so nothing has been removed.

      As for being “smug” I’d rather deal in facts then make stuff up to be upset about something that isn’t true.

  • And will this be a weekly show, or sporadic, if it is sporadic, people lose interest quickly..

    hope it is weekly.?

    • Weekly would be overkill, especially in terms of trailers. “And now trailer for XYZ!” *next week* “And now the exact trailer from last week for XYZ!”

      If they’re competing with Nintendo, they should use a similar timescale. I don’t follow Nintendo at all, but from a quick Google I think it’s every two/four weeks – perfect timescale. Just look at how often #NintendoDirect trends on Twitter etc.

    • lol

      Of course it is NOT weekly. Not even monthly. It’s a show you will get every now and then when they have something to show/announce.

  • Yeah, I dunno… I’m skeptical… Why couldn’t they do this on top of making an appearance on game conventions? Why did it have to be one or the other? Oh well, hopefully I won’t miss out on too many of them… One thing is for sure, my body has been ready for next-gen since last year and other than a few games I’m still hyped for, I’m ready. This has never been my favourite Playstation generation (largely due to their despicable way of combining online costs with PS+) so I sincerely hope to see some significant changes there.

  • please give us the dolby atmos/dts-x for games in the next update

  • Your support about the vr customers is amazing:

    Borderlands 2 + dlc = 9,99E

    Borderlands 2 vr = 29,99E

    Thank you very much for the respect to vr customers and supporters!

    • Big difference in release dates, of course the VR version will cost more at the moment

    • Sony doesn’t make Borderlands or choose its price lol. Let me guess, you are one of the people that also said it was a rip off that Hello Games, a studio of 10 people, were charging full price 60 quid for No Mans Sky on STEAM and PS4………………….. but it was all Sony’s fault it was that price because………… your brain.

  • What is wrong with me? Now all I can think about again is Bloodborne II.

  • Great stuff. This should keep the people saying Sony are too quiet lately happy for a while…hopefully. I’m all for it.

    Several of these a year means they can do them in their own time, rather than waiting until E3 for any big announcements. They can also react accordingly to changes in the market.

    I also like that they specifically say it’s PS4 and PSVR announcements for this first State of Play. They’ve been very clever with this.

  • Can we have a new app to watch this an comment on live

  • oof


  • Ok I knew going happen because Sony don’t want do E3 anyone but it’s better do this. All do show new games, PS4, PSVR and updates . Not expecting a PS5 Info .

  • I hope some Death Stranding trailer or gameplay video, i have feelings that they will show something after Aki Saito retweet the announcement of State of play so lets hope we will get something xD

  • playStation, State of play Game

  • This was very underwhelming and the lady sounded super patronising.

    VR state of play more like. I’ve no interest in VR Sorry, what’s in it for me?

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