Introducing the new Special Edition Alpine Green DualShock 4

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Introducing the new Special Edition Alpine Green DualShock 4

The new colour joins our wireless controller range from 15th April

Refresh your set-up with our new alpine-inspired Special Edition Dualshock 4.

Available across the region from 15th April 2019, the new Alpine Green wireless controller sports a stylish contrasting green and white design with gold detailing around the directional buttons.

Here’s your first look:


Alpine Green is the latest addition to our current DualShock 4 range, joining Magma Red, Wave Blue, Glacier White, Green Camouflage and Jet Black.

Why not grab a second controller from the range and jump into the latest and greatest local multiplayer games on PS4, like FIFA 19, Overcooked 2 or Mortal Kombat 11 – out 23 April.

Alpine Green Range

Check with your preferred retailer for availability, and head over to to learn more about the DualShock 4 range.

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  • Alpines after global warming.

    • And? So no red because of fire in Greece, no wave blue because of tsunami, no green because of vegetarians and no black/white because is racists

    • And that was my honest first thought after seeing the controller and reading its name.

      Never thought about fires or tsunamis.

  • Looks sleek.. but I’m wondering if the white will turn yellow due to overuse

    • I’ve been using my Spider-Man controller since it launch and the face/shoulder buttons look same as day one. The analog sticks are seeing some slight yellow (but now that I think about it, I haven’t actually tried cleaning them ). I’m just assuming it’s the same materials as the Spider-Man controller…

    • Excellent, thanks!

  • Looks good. It’s a shade of green that works well with the white. And the arrows surrounding the Dpad are yellow, which work great on the green.

    Starting to get anxious thinking about the default next-gen controller, although I assume it’ll be largely the same as this one, hopefully without the entirely useless touchpad that has (thankfully) rarely been implemented. After loving the original design for 3 generations, I hated this one, but learned to live with it. Now my biggest gripes that are left are the big handles and the triggers (regular shoulder buttons are quicker to respond than triggers, and the R1/L1 positions don’t feel natural now, so you can’t really prioritize those over the triggers; as for the smaller handles, to me they just give a steadier control over the entire controller)

    I love the Dualshock 3 design most, for me it’s perfect so I’m still hoping to see a working variant of the classic Dualshock design next-gen, that would be far more interesting than colors :) I’ve learned to live with the flat joysticks, just gimme my smaller handles and classic shoulder buttons! :)

    • I dunno, I’ve liked all the PS controllers, but the DS4 is definitely my favourite of the bunch.

    • @Alex Yeah, that goes for most people I hear from, so I’m aware I’m sadly outnumbered in that regard :) Same goes for my brother. And I notice most of them come from Xbox or elsewhere and not from Playstation before PS4, however relevant…

      Different shapes and sizes… I’m not tall (5’10) and DS3 is perfect for me. My brother is about a head taller and has bigger hands so he thinks it’s too small and always liked the Xbox (and consequently DS4) controllers better (which I hated in almost every aspect – and the DS4 has a lot of elements in common with it, which is part of the reason why I don’t like it as much)

    • The DS4 is pretty much a redo of the original PS analog stick controller (the Dual analog) with it’s longer grips and similar sticks. The later PS1 dualshock shortened the grips and domed the sticks, which is the pattern they’ve been following until now.

      I do prefer the DS3’s sticks (which is why I used a DS3 instead of a DS4 on a certain PC game for tournaments) as the larger size means more control. But really the rest is better (ignoring the switch to digital controls again). So really, all i’d want from a DS5 would be a DS4 with DS3 sticks.

      Though, as a “taller person” the xbone controllers are absolutely horrible for me, due to the lack of any kind of grip, silly layout (inability to use the dpad and stick at the same time is silly) and no proper place to put your fingers. They give me handaches after a while. Terrible, terrible things, like an old TV remote turned into a controller complete with rubbery feeling buttons.

    • Dual Shock 4 pads better for me than Dual Shock 3 pads and both far better than Xbox ones which are bloody awful. I’ve never understood why they have the left stick and d-pad the wrong way round. I find it horribly uncomfortable and just hate the asymetry of it.

    • I actually prefer the ergonomics of the Dual Shock 4. I have very small hands, but I just find the contours more comfortable. I find my thumbs slip less on convex or textured sticks (though I have weird curved thunbs) and the triggers on the Dual Shock 4 are infinitely superior. I had to buy those snap on triggers for the Dual Shock 3 as them curving away I found makes my fingers ache in prolonged sessions. I agree on the L1 and R1 buttons though, although I don’t find the Dual Shock ones bad per se, I do find the Dual Shock 3’s much more distinct and distinguishable vs the Dual Shock 4.

    • The touchpad needs to stay if Backwards Compatibility is a thing on PS5.

    • Remember how Sony dealt with the PS TV though. The Vita had a touchpad, whereas the PS TV didn’t, so games were either incompatible or control schemes modified slightly.

      So it’s still entirely possible the DS5 wouldn’t have one either, even if the PS5 is backwards compatible.

    • @assassin2K I do agree the triggers are superior to those of DS3, but I personally prefer normal (shoulder) buttons over (analog) triggers (with the exception of race games, obviously) since the input is quicker and direct. In terms of triggers, I think that might be the one and only thing that I actually think is better on Xbox. Their thinner triggers feel more natural than those of PS imo.

      @andrewsquall Uhm, why do you need a useless touchpad for BC? Other than (unresponsive) motion there’s nothing it can do that physical buttons can’t do… They could use that space for 10 extra Pause buttons that you can assign weapons to or whatever.. Or better yet, don’t fill it up with anything useless and try to keep the overall weight and power consumption of the controller at its lowest.

  • You should donate 90% of the sales to support Square Enix’ “Left Alive” remake.

  • Looks really really elegant

  • I actually dig this colour. Can’t wait to get one

  • Nice colours.

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