PlayStation Store’s weekend discounts – Wolfenstein II, Dishonored: The Complete Collection, more

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PlayStation Store’s weekend discounts – Wolfenstein II, Dishonored: The Complete Collection, more

Plus, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is your new Deal of the Week.

PlayStation Store is serving up a fresh batch of discounts for you to dig into this weekend. Save up to 60% on the likes of Jurassic World Evolution, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus* and Dishonored: The Complete Collection until 6th March.
Take your pick from the list below and head over to PlayStation Store for more details.

Deal of the Week (until 6th March)

We also have a new Deal of the week kicking off where you can grab massive savings on Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

*Spintires: Mudrunner – American Wilds Edition in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

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  • Already own Wolfenstein 2 with Season Pass, Elite Dangerous + Season Pass and Dishonored “Trilogy”.

    As for Elite Dangerous. PS4 version only have 61 trophies, while Xbox One version have 220 Achievements. Nearly 4 times as many.

    • It doesn’t matter. I have often wondered what are other players of Elite doing if they don’t get even easiest trophies.


      You’re Mine (Interdict a ship), bronze, very rare 13.5%

      Black Market (Sell illegal goods), bronze, very rare 9.5%

      Sales Merchant (Sell 250 units of cargo), bronze, very rare 15.0%

    • That’s because many start the game, but doesen’t play it. That’s easy trophies is a rarity.

      There is trophies that pops only by pressing “start” in a game, and yet only “10%” have it. This means lots of people start a game to main menu, and never click start, and never load first level.

      According to Trueachievements, only 14 people have got all 220 achievements. in Elite.

      95% of all players have this achievement in Elite btw. “Destroyed another ship”.

    • Yeah, I would love to be able to commit more time to Elite but it’s not possible unfortunately. Think I got about 4 trophies out of it…

  • not much of a sale.

    • Check the store plenty of games discounted, some pretty good discounts on a lot of them.

    • I check it every time there is a sale. And my wishlist too. Which has over 40 games on it, none of which are in this sale.

    • There is loads of other games on sale too.

    • yes i said i already looked. Most of the ones on sale have already been on sale for the past couple weeks. This weekend specific sale is very small and I would have hoped a larger one would have been done to help with some of the backlash with the PS Plus games of March. A lot of the games on my wishlist have yet to even be in a sale at all.

  • Hey guys, i think your link of Wolfenstein redirects to the old pre order version of the game, cause it has no price.

    I’m sure i’ll grab Dishonored, this collection was on my wishlist for some time. Although Dishonored on PS3 is on sale for 2.60 euros, which is a bargain imho.

    • You will get whole collection into your ps4. I wouldn’t bother with ps3 anymore. And yeah its awesome franchise!

  • Anyone who has even a vague interest in football and doesn’t pick up PES 2019 for £7.99 is mad. So much better than FIFA.

    • I won’t pick it up, because i still have PES 2016 in backlog. ;)

      As for FIFA, there is no point in buying any of them ever if you have EA Access, as they are still fresh when they become “free”.

  • PES 19 Legend Edition coming my way!

  • too expensive, digital prices should be at least 1/2 of the cheapest retail price worth considering.

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