Red Dead Online beta update out now, including early access content for PS4 players

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Red Dead Online beta update out now, including early access content for PS4 players

New clothing, emotes, deadly weapon and Open Target races go live today

Today, the gets its first big batch of updates including new gameplay, weapons and clothing, additional balancing and a slew of community-requested improvements. In addition to the new gameplay and improvements, PlayStation 4 players will have the benefit of early access to a host of new content.

The Jawbone knife

This new deadly weapon features a handle artfully carved from the remains of a slain animal’s jaw and is a menacing addition to your collection. Pick up the Jawbone knife from below-board Fences located near Emerald Ranch, Rhodes, Van Horn Trading Post, Thieves Landing and Saint Denis.

Clothing and emotes

While shops and catalogues see significant new inventory this week, PlayStation 4 players get early access to over 150 new clothing items including variations of the snake adorned Diamondback hat, the double-breasted Hartman jacket, the sleek cowhide Comstock boots, vests, gloves and more. You’ll also get early access to three new emotes to taunt or greet your posse, friends and rivals with.

Red Dead Online

The Special Series and Open Target races

Coming soon, the Special Series is exclusive to PlayStation 4 players featuring the latest early access modes. Join the Special Series by finding it on the map with a diamond icon or through the quick join menu.

The first early access mode is Open Target races, arriving in the coming weeks. Pit yourself against 15 other players on horseback in a competition to takedown all checkpoints on the map in any order you like.

Winning requires speed, proficiency with the bow and arrow, racing skills to beat your competitors and a killer instinct to cut down anyone who takes the lead. Take advantage of weapon and horse stamina pickups where you can, use your limited bullets wisely to remove targets or attack your competition.

Red Dead Online

The Red Dead Online beta will continue expanding each week with new content including the Evans Repeater rifle, new competitive gameplay including three new Showdown Modes and more. In addition, you’ll see changing weekly bonuses for playing and limited stock clothing items rotating in supply each week.

Keep an eye out for more early access content in future updates.

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  • Can’t wait to try online, almost right at the end of the story now so should be able to get on it soon!

  • how’s it more enjoyable? from what I’ve read this update mostly pushes mtx to the game and lets you buy currency. R* nerfed the amount of money you can earn from hunts in game to half of what it was before, so buying the funky new dance emotes or whatever will take you even longer now, just to give you some added incentive to spend real money on pixel junk. and the only bugs they patched were exploits that allowed you to earn more money than you were supposed to.

    I’ve yet to play this game as I’m waiting for more of a price drop. it’s currently 45 eur where I live but that’s still a bit much for a wild west soap opera.

    • So you havent even played the game and are calling it a wild west soap , its a really amazing game . Well worth the full price for the story alone . People are really setting their bar too high and how can you enjoy any game anymore if all you do is read reviews and patch notes then complain without even spending a single dime on it .

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