Action RPG Anthem takes flight on PS4 tomorrow – here’s your beginner’s guide

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Action RPG Anthem takes flight on PS4 tomorrow – here’s your beginner’s guide

Start your Freelancer career right with our guide to the game’s awesome battle suits

It’s finally time to suit up and start your adventure in the beautiful but dangerous world of Anthem. But before you do, we’d like to go over some of the important elements of the game that will help you get a head start on your fellow Freelancers.


Your Javelin is the key to both combat and movement in Anthem. Its mobility and firepower give you the ability to soar through the air, dive into the murky depths, and take on pretty much anything this world can throw at you. The minute you climb into a javelin you feel unstoppable.

So, how soon can you get your hands on a javelin of your very own? You’ll unlock your first at level 2, your second at level 8, your third at level 16, and your fourth at level 26. There are four to choose from, each with its own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.


If you’re looking for the perfect javelin for almost any playstyle, you’ll want to start with the Ranger. It’s versatile, well-balanced, and great for both close and long-range combat.


Like to get into (and out of) a fight before the enemy even knows what hit them? The Interceptor is the right javelin for you. It’s powerful, agile, and a master of close combat.


If “tank” is your playstyle of choice, this mammoth war machine is calling your name. The Colossus is big, heavily armored, and the only javelin capable of wielding Heavy Weapons.


The raw power of a Storm is something to behold. This elegant long-range specialist is a master of the elements with incredible fire, ice, and lightning attacks.

You can both customise and personalise your fleet of javelins to suit your needs and style. We’ll cover the details on that in the next two sections.



Now that you’ve got your javelin, it’s time to add gear and weapons, so head to the Forge, your in-game customisation and personalization hub. You can access the Forge via either Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay; once at one of those locations, select the “Loadout” tab.

Let’s start with gear, which can modify aspects of your javelin, like optimizing attack combos, lowering cool-down times, increasing a weapon’s effectiveness, and more.

Gear comes in six rarity levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary. At higher rarity levels your gear will also include inscriptions, randomly rolled stat boosts, and bonuses. And Masterwork and Legendary items may also have added ability bonuses.

In terms of weapons, you’ll start with only one slot, but as you level up you’ll unlock a second. As soon as it’s unlocked try to select complementary weapons and remember to switch between them in the field by holding the reload button (Square on your controller). This can come in very handy when situations on the ground change, like when an immediate need to snipe a long-distance enemy arises.


You can also personalise your javelin’s look in the Forge by selecting the “Appearance” tab. Note that all the options you’ll find here will only affect how your javelin looks; they’re entirely cosmetic. You can choose from a huge selection, including paint colours, armour wear state, unique patterns you can apply called vinyls, and animations. With so many options available, you may be surprised at how much time you’ll spend in the Forge getting the exact look you want.



You’re armed and your javelin looks amazing, now it’s time to head out into the world for some serious adventure. Whether you’re taking on a dangerous Stronghold (high-level dungeons you’ll need a squad of Freelancers to complete) or just exploring in Freeplay (roaming freely around to collect crafting materials or look for a random fight) you’ll need to understand how to get around.

Your javelin gives you the ability to travel through the vertical spaces of your world, and there is nothing quite like flying high above the landscape just taking it all in. How do you get airborne? On your controller click the left stick to soar into the air and control your movement. Want to hover above an area? Click the right stick while airborne.

While flying is one of the most incredible experiences in the game, you won’t be able to do it forever. Your javelin will overheat eventually and re-introduce you to the concept of gravity rather abruptly. You can deal with this by pressing the X button to come in for a landing, or by looking for a nearby body of water. Taking a quick dip in a lake or waterfall will give you more time in the air.

Start Your Adventure

There’s lots more to discover in Anthem – mysteries to uncover, environments to explore, dangers to face – so choose your javelin, suit up, and become the hero this world so desperately needs. Unleash your power on PS4 today.

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  • could die on impact when it’s get released like mass effect andromeda or it could be a simmering hit like rainbow six siege.

    why bother when Apex is free though

    • More like Division and Destiny, same type of game, will probably get better after a few patches, like all those games :) And while Apex is fun, alot of people wanna play more than one game :D

  • Really sorry to see the name BioWare associated with hot garbage again. Obviously it’s not the BioWare that brought us the original Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, heck, this isn’t even the same BioWare responsible for the disaster that was Andromeda. But it’s quite possibly the last BioWare game ever made. The game has already been ridiculed, mocked and crapped on by every major gaming outlet. But EA won’t care. They just close the branch, buy another company that has some name value and successful IPs attached to them, and the cycle continues.

    • “The game has already been ridiculed, mocked and crapped on by every major gaming outlet” , no , not at all actually :) But by people who only live to hate on EA. Personally I dont get how so many people can care so much about what a company does. As long as the games are fun, I dont give a damn. If I cared that much I couldnt were almost any clothes or eat any food. Companies often are filled with stupid people but why the hell would I care about that.

    • EA’s move to frostbite only is a really bummer. Just let the devs use what they wanna use.

    • @Maaden_Swe

      Just because you don’t care about your own ignorance doesn’t mean others have to do the same.

      And it’s not like the hate is unwarranted, the game is mediocre at best and most people, me included, are just tired to buy a game, playtest it a few months and hope it becomes fun somewhere down the road…

    • @Harrisown22 So true. I hate the engine nearly more than EA itself. Human character models look the exact same across every single game that uses it. Amy Hennig just said recently in an interview that she wasted about 1 to 2 years on that Uncharted Star Wars game at EA trying to get the engine to do what she wanted in her game alone.

  • Avoid this like the plague unless, for whatever reason, you are really into this: it’s like a lethargic version of warframe, with the bullet sponges of destiny, almost no mission and environment variety and loading screens straight out of hell you’ll have to endure for doing basically anything…

  • This game looks as cynical as they come. Probably another bare bones “live-service” that’s designed to treat you like a money piñata, chasing the Destiny hype train which died about four years ago anyway. Pass

  • *cough* 6.5 by IGN

    Goodbye Bioware! ?️

    • To be fair, does anyone give any value to a score by IGN?

      They probably would have given it 10/10 if they were paid enough..

    • I would never let anyone else decide what I think of a game. Im not bought that easy, I make up my own mind.

    • @MiseryPrincess

      To be fair, it turned out that this game is nothing but a 6 out of 10 by every reviewer. Have fun playing this loading screen simulator.

    • Seems the point went straight over your head…

      The game is probably mediocre as expected, but IGN’s opinion in anything is basically just a score of how much “funding” they received. IGN’s opinion means about as much as a drunk hobo who’s never seen a console, and is probably far less professional.

    • I don’t want to get into it, but how do you know that they are paid? We are living in a full corrupt world or what? You could tell this about the paid youtubers whom does fake reviews, fake videos, clickbait and goes on..

    • Okay then, how is this for a point? Right now the game is BANG ON 60 on metacritic from 35 reviewers including IGN. Their score is right there in the exact average for the game. Anthem is right there beside Crackdown 3 in terms of a quality product. Your welcome.

    • It’s been a known thing for a long time and there’s a few different angles to this.

      The reviewers and their sites who pay them need the games companies to pay for advertising/provide review copies/give them interviews/information etc. They aren’t going to annoy the companies that provide their lively hood, nor are companies going to “do business” with places that don’t help them sell their products.

      There’s various “incentives” for reviewers too, from the classic case with CoD where the reviewers are flown out to Las Vegas to play the games in fancy hotels, while being showered with gifts. Or that yearly games industry prizes and awards to the “best” reviewers. etc. etc. etc.

      It’s basically just businesses doing things that while not exactly moral, are good for business. The reviewers kind of have to “play the game” so to speak, otherwise they would just get left out in the cold. It’s part of the reason why 6.5/10 is considered “bad”, when it should be by very definition be better than average (5/10).

  • I enjoyed the beta but looking at reviews and the fact there are already a few copies for sale on Ebay makes it a dubious purchase. I may wait a few months then pick it up in the bargain bin for a tenner or wait until it’s free on plus.

    I shall spend my dosh on The division 2 as after a few updates the 1st one was excellent.

  • @Elisa DeynekaWriter, Electronic Arts

    Waffling on about how good the javelin looks and flys means nothing. Poor content and shoddy reviews does not encourage players to spend cash.

    ‘so choose your javelin, suit up, and become the hero this world so desperately needs. Unleash your power on PS4 today’

    The only thing the world desperately needs is to be the hero that saves bioware and EA from this car crash of a game.

    • Have you even played it. Had to edit that, of course you havent. So many live to whine on EA, I dont get how people can care so much. They publish alot of fun games. The management may be filled with stupid people but why tf should I care about that :)

    • lol do you work for EA or something? The game is trash people are max level after a day. It’s at 6.5 on metacritic and will continue to fall.

      Trying to defend it on every post makes you look so desperate.

    • If I buy you a xbox will you leave?

    • Its 60 on metacritic now lol.

  • Why is this game not supported buy the game share feature all other ps4 games have? now I will need to buy a second copy just to play the game with my wife.

  • Anyone played it? is it worth getting into it..

    • Honestly if you are interested in this game wait a few months until the people who paid full price playtested it for you and probably get it at a discounted price. Right now it just has too many bugs, atrocious load times and hopefully missing content because there is a severe lack of it.

    • Thank you for reply thats what i will do i aggre i am not planing getting into the world of Anthem and pay full price for something that will drop down 30 or 40% in few months time. Thank you

    • Generally avoid preorders, day 1 purchases. Mostly you end up as paying betatester.

  • We could so do without this rubbish?

  • Don’t expect much so you won’t be disappointed

  • Nobody should buy this, AVOID at all cost.

  • Only played a bit but so far I like it. Can instantly feel it’s a Bioware game from the controls and map design, reminiscent of ME. The world and environments feel pretty large, albeit a bit empty due to navigation, I assume, but not boring (so far), and therefore reminds me a bit of Shadow of the Colossus. I honestly haven’t been this interested in navigating an open world since Spiderman and as with Mass Effect, I genuinely feel interested in learning about the lore.

    • Also, I feel it’s a game that can’t be accurately represented by a demo so I wonder why they still do that. You’re basically presenting a limited part of the game worse than it is. They made the same mistake with Mass Effect 2, one of the worst demos I’ve ever played on PS3 but turned out to be one of my favourite games.

  • I am gamesharing it just fine with my brother.

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