New on PlayStation Store this week: Anthem, Dirt Rally 2.0, ChromaGun VR, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Anthem, Dirt Rally 2.0, ChromaGun VR, more

Plus, pre-order Trials Rising and Dead or Alive 6 ahead of their impending releases

PlayStation Store is back with a host of action-packed new adventures to embark on in the week ahead. It’s time to swap Valentine’s Day roses and chocolates for super-powered Javelin suits in Anthem, race cars in Dirt Rally 2.0 and wield paint-spewing guns in ChromaGun VR.

Read on to see the full list of highlights and head over to PlayStation Store for more details*.

1. Anthem

BioWare’s huge online action RPG is finally here – it’s time to soar through a sprawling open world in a flight-enabled exosuit. Fly solo or grab friends to battle Anthem’s hostile inhabitants and explore its many mysteries.

2. Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Digital edition

Grab the Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Digital edition to get a four-day head start as you rush to be first across the finish line in Codemasters’ racing simulator. Take on tough tracks with over 50 historic and modern-day rally cars across six real-life locations in New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia and the USA.

3. ChromaGun VR

If you love painting and puzzles, Pixel Maniacs has a treat for you this week. Pick up your ChromaGun and shoot paint at walls and droids to advance through tricky PS VR test chambers. You can also play with symbol overlays in the colour-blind mode – so everyone can enjoy this colour-based puzzle game.

4. Steins;Gate Elite

Steins;Gate Elite

What would you tell yourself if you could send a text message to the past?
in Spike Chunsoft’s fully animated, multi-branched visual novel, join a band of young scientists as they go on a time-bending adventure after they accidentally discover how to time-leap using their phones.

  • Available: Tuesday 19th February

This Week’s pre-orders

Trials Rising

Race (and crash) in style as you defy gravity in the latest entry in Ubisoft’s classic stunt bike simulator. Practice your motocross backflips on challenging tracks across the globe in the open beta, which runs from 19th to 25th February.

  • Available: Tuesday 19th February

Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6

Team Ninja is back with a new installment of its fast-paced 3D fighting series. Take on the story mode or practice your flashy combos and wreck both strangers and friends in multiplayer.

  • Available: Friday 1st March

*All release dates are correct at time of publication.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February


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  • I was gonna ask a question but remembered I’m unlikely to receive a suitable reply. I miss those times of distant past where you had employed a person to read these posts and respond to queries.

  • Hello, Gnomes Garden Bundle was in last week (and the week before that) “New on PlayStation store”, but still hasn’t showed up. Any ETA?

  • I’m not ashamed to say I am in love with Steins;Gate

  • Not much for me, but I’ll give a go for Trials. The previous one was very enjoyable. I tried Anthem on Xbox (10 hrs of access), it runs better (than the VIP demo), but I got bored after 2 or 3 missions. It seemed like I saw this before a couple of times.. Boring game, boring concept, they only new thing is the flying system, but it can overheat quickly.

    • I agree it gets boring fast and I wont be buying it but Anthem is actually one of the few games that runs better on PS4 (Pro vs X), at least during the demo, pretty much every gaming website reports the same thing.

  • The best thing this week by far is a content pack for SC VI…

    No idea what comes second so I guess it’s a draw between them all!!*

    *(other than anything for junky Dissidia)

  • Anthem! I know it’s unpopular to like a game published by EA, but the demo was great fun (…when it worked). I’m ready to get back in my Javelin and rain death from above.

    • They are just posers. It is funny that the people who complain most about EA are the actual ones that have most of the EA’s games…

    • The hate for this game and EA is just beyond stupid. Give it a rest already, a fun game is a fun game. I have preordered Anthem with a headset, found a store who gave half price on the game if you got it with a headset and I need a new one :)

    • If you enjoy a game then that’s really all that matters!

      Liking and enjoying a game that everyone says is bad is a billion times better than pretending to like a “good” game that you find dull.

      I spend a bunch of time playing co op in a different “bad” series of games.

  • I see Farm Together in the DLC list. Is this game actually available on the PlayStation?

  • Rocksmith DLC for this week is 2000s Mix V with Blink 182 “Always” Fountains of Wayne “Stacy’s Mom” snd Drowning Pool with “Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR”

  • To whoever wrote this blog post…A big sarcastic Thanks Very much. You’ve cost me €15! The initial link you’ve put up for per-ordering ChromaGun VR, is linked to the original game(the VR version is a Standalone Version). I went ahead and purchased that version assuming it would get a free VR patch.

    But upon further research and after starting the game(with the VR version launched here in Ireland), there is no sign of a VR patch. Then I find out the VR is a standalone done by a single guy. There’s a form on reddit for people that own the original, can fill in with proof of purchase(transaction ID from the store purchase). That needed to be filled in before 12AM on the 18th of Feb and they’ll send you a personal code for the VR version. I only found it at 4 minutes past… probably too late.

    So thanks again(Not) and please fix the link, in case anyone else tries it.

  • February seems like pretty weak month so far. :-/ (At least for me. I know these generic shooters has its audience. Its just not for me :-/ )

  • Has anyone heard anything about a release date for Odallus or Oniken games? They’re out in america and even Playstation Europe had the trailers up on their youtube page but without dates or even a “coming soon”.

  • Any news about Path of the Exile? If i remember correct they said early February.

  • I am really excited for Dirt Rally 2.0. i thought the previous one was great if you love rally amd racing games in gemeral, and to hear that there are new country’s and cars makes me really happy. Can’t wait to play it..

  • The best thing this week by far is a content pack for SC VI…

    Now how about putting all the older PSP Guilty Gear and BlazBlue games on sale? Last time they were on sale, there were some problems with the publisher and it resulted in many countries not being able to buy the games during the sale period. The games have come back now, but it really sucks that some of us couldn’t buy the games for the sale prices just because they became unavailable at that time.And also, is PSP version of Dragon’s Lair never going to be on sale? The PS3 version has reduced in price multiple times, but to my understanding, PSP version has never been. [DELETED]

  • Not much for me, but I’ll give a go for Trials.[DELETED]

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