Marvel’s Spider-Man gets new Fantastic Four-inspired suits in today’s 1.14 update

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Marvel’s Spider-Man gets new Fantastic Four-inspired suits in today’s 1.14 update

Suit up in the Bag-Man or Future Foundation outfits and see them in action on Insomniac’s livestream this evening

Hey, True Believers! Christos Gage here, one of the writers of Marvel’s Spider-Man, available exclusively on PlayStation 4 – and more than a few Spidey-related comics like the recent Spider-Geddon event which our web-slinger starred in.

If you’ve seen all the Easter Eggs in the game, you’ve probably surmised that I, like the rest of the team, am a gigantic and longtime comic book fan. Which is why I was so excited by Marvel’s tease on 8th January that the fabulous Fantastic Four are back in the spotlight – and back in Marvel Games – as part of Marvel’s “World’s Greatest Week.” To celebrate, we’ve been working with Insomniac Games to include some fantastic content, available in today’s patch 1.14 for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4!

“But what do the Fantastic Four have to do with Spider-Man?” you may ask. Or maybe you don’t – because you know that Spidey has a long history with the Fantastic Four, going back to 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man #1, when our rookie wall-crawler tried to join the team – only to end up fighting them!
That was just the beginning of many years of adventure (including the 2010 Spider-Man/Fantastic Four miniseries written by yours truly and drawn by Mario Alberti) that has led us to today, with the new Fantastic Four comic written by longtime Spidey-scribe and game story contributor Dan Slott.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Bombastic Bag-Man suit

There have been too many cool Spidey/Fantastic Four moments to count, but one of the most memorable in their illustrious history was in Amazing Spider-Man #258, when Spidey swung by the Fantastic Four’s headquarters for help with the alien symbiote he was wearing as a costume (that’s right, it later became Venom).

The Fantastic Four got it off, but then Spidey was left in his underpants (we’d never do something that silly in the game…wait, I’m being told we did). So Spidey borrowed a Fantastic Four costume…but they don’t have masks! So, to conceal Peter Parker’s secret identity, his frenemy, the Human Torch, gave Spidey a grocery bag to wear on his head. As The Thing might say, what a revoltin’ development!

Another chapter in their shared story came when Spidey actually joined the Fantastic Four, then calling themselves the Future Foundation, and they all wore cool black and white costumes. Hey, Dan wrote many of those issues, and I scripted one or two myself! That suit was awesome looking because – but you don’t want to hear me yap, look for yourself!

Marvel's Spider-Man: Future Foundation suit

How sweet is that? The Bombastic Bag-Man and the Future Foundation suit – and they can be yours to use in the game simply by downloading patch 1.14 for the game by connecting online to the PlayStation Network. But what’s that you say, web-heads? You want to see how they actually look in-game? Well I have some good news for you!

At 10pm GMT / 11pm CET today, you can check out Insomniac Games’ livestream where they will be playing the game with both of the new suits! Just go to at 10pm GMT / 11pm CET.

And once again – thank you from all of us at Marvel, Insomniac, and PlayStation for the unbelievable reception you’ve given our game. It was a labor of love, made by fans for fans and we hope you enjoy this special new content! If you haven’t picked up Marvel’s Spider-Man yet, make sure you pick up your copy today, available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Looking forward to seeing your #PS4Share in the new suits!

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  • We were all waiting for new content but we all knew that it was going to be new suits…

  • To be honest, I expected more from Marvel. Maybe a small DLC with a Fantastic Four story mission for Spider-Man owners, as a special thank you to fans. But we get just a couple of skins? That’s SUPER lazy.

    • A couple of free suits (which take time to model, texture, make sure are working properly and such) is ‘SUPER lazy’? After we had three batches of DLC? And we got the much requested Sam Raimi suit just before christmas as a free bonus too? I think Insomniac have been rather lovely to us.

    • Let’s just face it man! Those DLC’s were not even close to the quality of the base game!

    • and how many games have you made? because i know how much effort has to go into these, and the new suits alone is alot, especially after all the content already given, if your that much of a sook then give your copy of the game to someone that will appreciate it

    • 1 DLC split into 3*

      No, wait…

      1 MEDIOCRE DLC split into 3* my bad.

    • I rather enjoyed the DLC. Good stories and some fun missions (the Screwball stuff was annoying but eh can’t have everything).

    • The DLC was mediocre to be honest. Some nice suits, a few more types of crimes, a lot of Marvel fan service, and that’s it. The extra missions were nothing like the main game in terms of quality.

  • Already platinumed the game, so I do not really need them anymore, but thanks anyway.

    • Still fun to load it up and go swinging about or start the game again or whatever. I platinummed (is that a word?) the game quickly too but still enjoy it. :D

  • People moaning about new suits because they wanted more story content after all the DLC that’s already come out.

    Welcome to the Internet.

  • Cool extra free suits. Not a fan of Fantastic Four but hey these are fun.

  • Nice. At least the suits come with different gadgets and skills. I played most of my first playthrough with the same skills and have yet to play the dlc so those different suits and playstyles still come in handy for variation and replay value. The black&white one is pretty cool.

  • These people just can’t stop giving stuff! Humble and very commited, it makes me extremely happy that i made the right choice and supported their work by buying the game and it’s season pass just 3 days after launch.

    Thanks Christos!

  • OHHHh, i would have had some black in the gusset.

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