New on PlayStation Store this week: Resident Evil 2, Switchblade, The Hong Kong Massacre, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Resident Evil 2, Switchblade, The Hong Kong Massacre, more

Wandersong, A Fisherman’s Tale, the Anthem VIP demo also release

The week ahead is a great one for action fans – relive the horrors of Resident Evil 2, live out your action movie fantasies in The Hong Kong Massacre, or take on friends in arena throwdown with Switchblade. But don’t feel left out if you prefer a more family-friendly adventure, as Wandersong and A Fisherman’s Tale also release on PlayStation Store this week.

So, whether you want to save the world with brute force or the power of music – make sure to check out our full list of highlights below.

1. Resident Evil 2

Capcom has resurrected its nail-biting action horror classic for PS4. Revisit the iconic locations, puzzles and survival horror of the original in an all-new way with an expanded Raccoon City, retooled combat and a visual update that makes the zombie outbreak more terrifying than ever.

2. Switchblade

Lucid Games’ arena-based 5v5 combat racer is perfect for those of you looking for a MOBA with a twist. Choose two vehicles before each match and seamlessly switch between them at any time. Pick a balanced combination of tank and fighter or go wild with an all-offense team.

  • Available: Tuesday 22nd January

3. The Hong Kong Massacre

The new game from Swedish studio VRESKI thrusts you into wild gunfights inspired by Hong Kong action films. Slow down time to read your surroundings as you take down enemies and complete challenges for new weapons and equipment. And remember, every shot is lethal – so there’s no room for mistakes.

4. Wandersong

If a musical adventure sounds like your jam, you’re in luck. Greg Lobanov’s colourful indie title delivers an experience where your surroundings react to the music you create. Solve melodic puzzles and make a few friends along the way as you save the world with your songs.

5. A Fisherman’s Tale

PS VR enthusiasts should check out Innerspace VR’s multidimensional adventure about Bob, a fisherman who one day realises that he’s just a wooden puppet trapped inside the model of a lighthouse. Team up with multiple versions of yourself to solve mind-bending puzzles inside a small lighthouse, within a lighthouse, within another lighthouse. Wait… what?



If you’ve been waiting patiently to hear more about BioWare’s upcoming action RPG – we’ve got some good news for you. A brand-new VIP demo is releasing this week. Pre-order the game now to gain access.

  • Available: Friday 25th January

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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