9 upcoming PS4 games that should be on your radar in early 2019

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9 upcoming PS4 games that should be on your radar in early 2019

Including Resident Evil 2, Kingdom Hearts III, Metro Exodus, Anthem and more

If you thought 2018 was a great year for games, hooo boy! We’re just days into 2019, and it’s starting with a bang. From the zombie-infested police station of Resident Evil 2 to ancient Japanese villages teeming with lethal swordsmen in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — these are some of our most anticipated games of Q1 2019 (January through March).

1. Resident Evil 2 – 25th January

Are you ready to return to Raccoon City? It’s almost time to revisit one of the most terrifying and beloved horror sequels ever. Capcom is rebuilding Resident Evil 2 from the ground up to breathe new life into the unforgettably entertaining nightmare.

Iconic characters like Leon, Claire, and Ada reprise their defining roles in this visually stunning recreation of the Raccoon Police Department and the festering underbelly of Raccoon City. Over-the-shoulder gunplay modernizes the experience, evoking memories of Resident Evil 4’s intense encounters. Count your bullets and hoard those First Aid Sprays — Umbrella’s monstrosities are deadlier than you can remember.

2. Kingdom Hearts III – 29th January

The word “anticipation” doesn’t quite capture Kingdom Hearts fans’ excitement for this sequel — it’s more like a mounting eruption of enthusiasm.

Kingdom Hearts III invites Sora and the gang to explore beloved Disney worlds including Andy’s Room from Toy Story, the Kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen, and more. Square Enix authentically incorporates the film worlds represented in the game, like Donald turning into an cuddly cyclopoid version of himself in Monsters, Inc., or Sora becoming an articulated action figure in Toy Story. Keyblades even transform to evoke the magical kingdoms as combos progress, such as a toy hammer turning into a drill in the aforementioned Toy Story setting.

Get ready for an memorable adventure, whether you’re a longtime Kingdom Hearts fan ready to take on the darkness or a Disney-loving newcomer ready to visit your favourite lands.

3. Far Cry New Dawn – 15th February

Who said the post-apocalypse had to be dreary? Ubisoft’s bespoke follow-up to Far Cry 5 — set 17 years after a nuclear catastrophe — transforms the scorched Montana countryside into something vivid and beautiful. A natural “superbloom” effect causes gorgeous flora to saturate Hope County, and colorful graffiti from those who survived mark the ruins of civilisation.

Despite the beauty, all is not well. A violent group called the Highwaymen and their vicious twin leaders — Mickey and Lou — are more interested in dominating the county than they are in peacefully rebuilding. The intriguing antagonists, captivating visuals, and inventive makeshift weaponry make Far Cry New Dawn one to prep for in 2019.

4. Metro Exodus – 15th February

The post-apocalyptic survivors eking out their bleak existence within the husk of Russia’s subway system believe in life beyond the Metro. In 4A Games’ Metro Exodus, protagonist Artyom begins a quest to break out beyond the dank, desperate tunnels of the Metro in hope of finding life outside. On the way, he’ll fight through mutated monsters, hostile survivors, and the elements.

Seasons change in the game, meaning you might have to fend off vicious winged Demons in the frigid winter, or face a mutated bear in falling foliage of autumn. Metro Exodus combines the new environments with the series’ history of satisfying stealth gameplay and bullet-counting tension, promising an intense journey.

5. Anthem – 22nd February

Who doesn’t want to hop into a rocket-powered armor suit and earn loot with friends? Bioware’s foray into online, cooperative-focused multiplayer suits players up in customisable Javelin exosuits and empowers them to soar through the skies, dive underwater, and defend their homeland.

You’ll need firepower like missiles, flamethrowers, and more to exterminate deadly threats such as giant, cave-dwelling insectoid creatures. Players can select unique Javelin loadouts to strategize their approach to missions and maximize the team effort. If you and your crew are looking for a new online adventure to look forward to, Anthem could be a great fit.

6. Devil May Cry 5 – 8th March

Dante, Nero, and a slew of colourful characters reunite in Capcom’s continuation of the Devil May Cry storyline. The DMC series originally put the “stylish action” genre on the map, fusing high-flying melee combos with flashy, long-ranged gunplay.

The latest entry is looking to outdo itself, including bonkers implements of destruction like Dante’s new motorcycle – which can split into motorized saw blades for dual-wielded destruction. Dante is just one of three larger-than-life playable characters who join the battle against demonic forces. You can also suit up with Nero’s weaponized prosthetic arms or wield volatile magic as the mysterious V. The gameplay variety, bonkers action pedigree, and over-the-top spectacle should keep Devil May Cry 5 on your short list.

7. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – 15th March

The collapse of civilisation — sparked by a Black Friday pandemic and subsequent quarantine — has spread to Washington D.C. and threatens the nation.

Ubisoft’s follow up to The Division calls agents back to the field to team up with friends and protect the capital. Historic landmarks and entire city blocks have been meticulously modeled in a stunning 1:1 recreation of the city, though it’s much more dangerous than the real-life tourist destination. Enemy factions, like the power-hungry True Sons, aim to seize control amidst the tumult.
A new seasonal vibe comes with the shift locale — say goodbye to the whitewashed New York winter and hello to summertime in D.C. You’ll be able to gear up and save D.C. with friends soon.

8. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 22nd March

The talented sadists at From Software are crafting another challenging quest to test your skill and resolve. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice transports players to a dark and fantastical ancient Japan, filled with powerful brutes, nimble assassins, and more.

The hero — called “the one-armed wolf” — must outwit his deadly foes by harnessing his cunning and mastering the intense, deliberate swordsmanship From Software fans have grown to love. In addition to a trusty samurai sword, the main character also has a mechanical prosthetic arm that includes a grappling hook and other outlandish customisation options.

The ability to grapple adds a layer of enticing verticality to the stealth gameplay, which when combined with From Software’s best-in-class combat makes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice unmissable.

9. MLB The Show 19 – 26th March

Celebrate the beginning of baseball season with the authenticity of MLB The Show 19. Prepare yourself for head games — one of this year’s highlights focuses on the tense, mano y mano showdown between batter and pitcher. Dive into a deep RPG baseball experience as you grow your team to one day take home the pennant.

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  • I don’t want any of these. :(

    I am looking forward to what 2019 will bring in gaming though. Maybe this year will be the year we see a shift away from Battle Royale to a new genre? Like the MOBA -> Battle Royale genre shift.

  • I am not interested in Sekiro or MLB, my list for the first quarter of this year goes as:

    1 – Far Cry New Dawn

    2 – Devil May Cry 5

    3 – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

    4 – Resident Evil 2

    5 – Anthem

    6 – Metro Exodus

    7 – Kingdom Hearts III

  • The only games I want at launch are RE2 and Metro. Everything else, SO MEH. With KH3, I have only finally started playing the older ones that came after 2 and even then I never completed 2 15 years ago. Going to be busy playing them for a while and KH3 can wait for a price drop since the CE and Limited Edition versions are a pure rip off in true Square Enix style. They literally put me off buying their game day one because of the ridiculous 90 quid on what should have been basically a day one version of the game at no extra cost.

    Its absolutely adorable you put that garbage Anthem at 5 though………. or even The Divisive 2 The Squeakquel being on the list at all.

  • No Days Gone? Strange for PlayStation blog post to miss an early 2019 PS4 exclusive. That’s personally my most anticipated game confirmed for 2019

    • Days Gone is not in the first quarter of the year, that’s why. It is an expected game, there will be a ton of articles about it in the near future.

  • Sekiro aside, I don’t care much for these. Path of Exile coming out next month is the one I’m most excited for.

  • Zombies, violence, apocalypse, reruns, sequels and baseball. None of it wets my appetite. This feels like the waiting game in anticipation of a new console or the like. I’ll stick to Hitman 2 then. Which is also violence but so much more fun than violent and doesn’t take itself so seriously.

  • RE2 is going to be nice.

    KH is a boring one button combat RPG series with a dull nonsensical plot basically as a promotion tool for Diznee.

    FC whatever is another FC game, so I care about as much as all the other FC games.

    Metro in the past has been pretty dull. I got bored of the last game a few hours in. It’s just not very fun.

    Anthem i’m about as interested in as Destiny. It probably isn’t as terrible as everyone makes out, but still.

    D.M.C. 2/Devil May Cry V is just urgh. The gameplay shown looks terribly easy, boring and full of constant mini cutscenes, the character/monster/map designs are pretty dull too. The cast are basically the same person making samey quips every 5 seconds. When Dante did it in the older games he was a guy trying to look cool but looking silly and it felt like they knew it was ridiculous, now it feels really tired. There’s an incoming PS4 demo which might change things, but it seems unlikely.

    The division 2 is as exciting as the division 1.

    Sekiro i’ll probably pick up at some point, but being basically a Souls game with zero online or co op there isn’t much reason to pick it up at launch. A few things like a fixed main character (who isn’t very interesting) instead of a personal one, and some of the discussed mechanics make it a bit “wait and see then wait for a sale”.

    1.5/9 isn’t bad.

    • Why are you extremely negative about every single game? I never see you saying something positive about literally ANYTHING. I really wonder if you use your console to play anything. If so, what are those games? How can you live with such negativity?

    • Did you actually read anything? The first one the list was a positive, and the later ones were a possible positive. I mean, it’s a bit weird you single me out for being “negative” when basically every comment says they’re all terrible.

      Having standards isn’t “negativity”, not gloriously hyping up everything shoveled your way isn’t “negativity” either. Most of this is rehashed sequels of bland games, it’s not exactly a prime list of choice morsels.

      If you must know Nioh 2 is probably going to be great (though no information to go on yet, or when it’s arriving), and so is the MHW expansion. Maybe if DQB2 turns up it might be nice, as the other one was a little heard of nice little game.

  • Yeah i agree with a couple other folks here. Not one of these interests me in the slightest. When’s The Last of Us 2 out (and I’d like Streets of Rage 4 for some nice old-school brawly fun).

  • Baseball in Europe? Like seriously?

  • Soled jeux sports pes 17 pes 18 pes 19 Soled 95% Soled sports jeux pes 17 pes 18 jeux sports Soled 95% sony ps4

  • Anthem?

    *Tidus laugh*

    Rest look great though!

  • I thought kh3 was out today… Definitely gonna get that when it’s out

  • Who that reads this blog hasn’t heard of those? Maybe spotlight the obscure games that need and deserve the help instead?

    • They barely do that really. Pixeljunk Monsters 2 wasn’t even mentioned on the “weekly releases”.

      If only they took 1/10th of the VR/”GoW iz like totes amaazung” articles and made them about other unheard of games we’d get 5 nice articles a week.

  • RE 2 Deluxe Edition – already preordered. And nothing else matters.

  • I can see clearly now :d

  • Kingdom Hearts III gotta be hot. So many hope’s!

  • There are a lot of good games in this list. Yet people all act tough and cool “thiz geym sux man its notin its boooring meeeh”. Yet again these people play worthless battle royale and moba games. You are very funny

  • Jump Force 15th Feb

    One Piece: World Seeker 15th March

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