Days Gone Collector’s, Digital and Special editions detailed ahead of PS4 exclusive’s launch on 26th April

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Days Gone Collector’s, Digital and Special editions detailed ahead of PS4 exclusive’s launch on 26th April

Plus get a closer look at the Farewell Wilderness, the sprawling open world setting for the upcoming action-adventure

Today, in the first of a series of three videos, we offer you a look at the Farewell Wilderness, the setting for Days Gone, a unique landscape that is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Travelling the abandoned highways of the Farewell Wilderness is deadly. You’ll pass through thick forests of ponderosa and pine (filled with wolves), venture into naturally formed lava tube caves (filled with Freakers), and ride up steep trails to snow-covered peaks offering spectacular vistas (mind the Marauders – and Freakers — and cougars). Riding the broken roads through Days Gone offers landscapes that change quickly and dramatically, a living, breathing world – filled with things trying to kill you.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Oregon’s High Desert, scarred by ancient volcanic activity, shaped in modern times by a dubious history of mining and logging, has long been a recreational area for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike, camp, fish and backpack.

During the pandemic that killed the world, tens of thousands of survivors fled into the wilderness not realising that it was no safer than the homes, cabins, truck stops, saw mills and small towns they left behind.

Freakers, drawn to mass graves dug throughout the Farewell Wilderness, were everywhere. Swarms of Freakers, Hordes of Freakers – all looking to feed. Throw in marauding groups of human enemies looking to rob and pillage everyone in their path, wildlife – infected or not – starving for food, and crazed cultists terrorizing anyone who won’t join them – and our love letter to the region begins to sound more like a eulogy.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation YouTube channel over the upcoming weeks for more videos highlighting other key features in Days Gone.

Pre-order bonuses, Special, Digital Deluxe, Collector’s editions

Head over to your favourite retailer or PlayStation Store and pre-order the game now. At launch you’ll receive a voucher to unlock the Drifter Crossbow and upgrades for your drifter bike’s Nitrous, Gas Tank, and Shroud early in the game which will help you survive as you ride the broken road.

Check out the video below to see these bonuses in action.

We are proud to offer a Collector’s edition, a Special edition and a Digital Deluxe edition.

The Digital Deluxe Edition features a digital mini artbook, digital soundtrack, three additional drifter bike skins, and an additional early skill unlock and Theme. The Special Edition features everything from the Digital Deluxe Edition, along with a steelbook, physical soundtrack and a 48 page mini-art Book by Dark Horse Comics. Finally, our Collector’s Edition features everything from the Digital Deluxe edition plus a Collector’s Edition statue, set of patches, 6 pins and 4 decals.



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    • I don’t think you can keep chickens…

    • Basically, no co-op == no purchase at release. I have plenty of single player games in my back catalog – no need for another. If it has decent 4 player co-op, I’ll buy it at release. (Looks more ‘Dying Light’ than other comparisons people have made, to me)

    • Not every game needs co-op. I’m glad single-player only games like this have become more common again, after years of “single-player is dead” nonsense from nearly every gaming website.

  • Looks good but why are all the Zombies bald?

    • Probably something to do with aerodynamics.. they need to chase you and all that ^_^

    • dead, rotting human skin on a reanimated corpse. the dead skin can’t grow hair.

    • Actually when people are killed their hair gets longer. Hair is basically lifeless anyway and it’s attached pretty firmly.

      Some of the bodies preserved from over 2000 years ago still have hair…

      So I guess it’s another reason. Easier to render people without hair.

    • The reason why hair is longer on dead people is not that it grows. The skin on the person dries up and becomes thinner. That’s why it the hair is perceived as longer, as more of the hair is visible (the part that was hidden underneath the skin). Hair stayed on corpses from 2000 years ago is because they were preserved. Decaying skin with hair would fall off naturaly, not even accounting for wear damage due to zombies moving and bumping, scratching and hitting stuff. In essence, all the zombies would be bald quite soon after the outbreak.

  • Does hair grow on dead people? Or maybe they were old like me

  • Another boring ass Steelbook where the standard box art is better *sigh*

    It should be the other way round guys, come on,. God of War and Spiderman were the same.

  • These look great! How much do they cost and are they available everywhere?

  • “Head over to your favourite retailer and pre-order the game now. At launch you’ll receive a voucher to unlock the Drifter Crossbow and upgrades for your drifter bike’s Nitrous, Gas Tank, and Shroud early in the game”

  • I hope you also offer a standard edition (I do not need all that rubbish)!

    • Agree to some extent. But I’m thinking the Pre Order Bonuses might be useful to fend of the hordes. Not that I plan of pre-ordering anything before I’ve seen a legit review. After NoManSky I will never be fooled agin to give Sony money months before I need too.

  • I was a bit worried by how little we’ve seen of the game, considering it’s releasing in 4 months, so these vids come at the right time. Definitely looking better in this footage than the last I’ve seen, so hopefully they’re too hard at work to spend a lot of time promoting :) That it’s an exclusive also helps build confidence in it for sure.

    Getting a heavy Last of Us vibe from it, mixed with something more open world like Mad Max.

  • where and when can i buy the collector’s edition??

  • Wondering the same thing myself. When and where.

  • Excited for this since the first time i saw it and that was trailer and gameplay at E3 2016, also i have to say this has to be one of the coolest box covers that i saw in while.Can’t wait to play it

  • Retailers selling the CE would be helpful. Hopefully not GAME.

  • This game basically disappeared from media and now we’re expected to pre-order all this rubbish? Nah i’m good. I’ll wait to hear about how much of a disappointment it turns out to be.

  • Any word on who’s selling CE version, EB have been terrible to deal with, ripping me and my bro-in-law off, me several times, “lost” deposits, extra charges for payments I “never” made, I would love to buy it from literally any other retailers, it’s why I love ubi, online sale of CE versions, I got far cry 5 4-5 days before launch.

  • Unfortunately this is copied from the US blog where its now up for preorder at Game stop and 69.99 and 139.99(dollars) ?

  • Sigh and if you had of kept your 22nd February date, Metro isn’t even releasing that day and, contrary to popular belief, Crackdown 3 NEVER at any point was releasing on 22nd Feb either. Anthem would not have hurt Days Gone sales in the slightest. Everybody who is getting those 2 games know who they are and were buying them regardless.

  • It’s exculsive to game £119

  • Wondering – Why Standard Edition is not available on PSN Store for digital download ? Any One ?

  • Naah it look like rinse&repeat , collect and fetch dull questing with tons of collectibles. i’ll get it when it goes under 20€.

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