PlayStation Plus members can trial tactical PS VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour for free this weekend

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PlayStation Plus members can trial tactical PS VR shooter Firewall Zero Hour for free this weekend

Try the full range of modes in the tense 4v4 multiplayer game from 18th-20th January

Hi guys! Shabs here from First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind PS VR exclusive Firewall Zero Hour. Today, we’re excited to announce that Firewall Zero Hour will be free to play for active PS Plus members this weekend: 18th-20th January!

We can’t wait to welcome so many new PS VR players to the fray! The Firewall Zero Hour: Weekend Trial Demo will include all the pulse-pounding modes of the full game (Single Player Training – Player vs. AI, Multiplayer Training – Co-op vs AI, and Multiplayer Contracts – PVP Players vs Players), as well as the entire roster of maps in the game, including the newly added map, Containment!*

What is Firewall Zero Hour

What’s Firewall Zero Hour all about, you ask?

It’s a team based, tactical 4v4 multiplayer FPS — built from the ground up for the total immersion of PS VR. In Firewall Zero Hour, you play as a mercenary Contractor, hired by an anonymous handler to either protect or obtain highly sensitive information found on a laptop hidden in controversial locations across the globe.

You’re hired as part of a team of four Contractors, who must attack or defend against another team of four Contractors. Whether playing on the attacking team or defending team, communication with your teammates is key to surviving in this world of intense firefights and unpredictable outcomes.

Launched August 2018, Firewall Zero Hour quickly took the PS VR community by storm, with over 1 million “Contracts Fulfilled” in the game to date!

We’ve released three updates since launch, adding new free content like a new map, Contractor skills, weapons. We’ve also added fun cosmetics, such as facepaints, trinkets, and weapons/character skins available for purchase on the PS Store*–and even more new content planned for 2019.

Multiple ways to play

You can play Firewall Zero Hour with a PS VR headset, PS Camera and either a Dualshock 4 controller or PS Aim controller.

Once you fire up the game, it’s great to experiment with the different comfort settings available for VR locomotion.

In the game menu settings, you can toggle between smooth turning and snap turning. You can also change the “vignette” settings, where you toggle on/off blinders for sprinting. PS4 Pro users can also toggle anti-aliasing options.

Looking to study up further on Firewall Zero Hour before the Weekend Trial demo begins? Check out this blog post with a full list of tips to get started.

We’re also excited to confirm that any XP/Crypto you earn in game during the Weekend Trial demo will carry over to the main game upon purchase of Firewall Zero Hour on PlayStation Store.**

Contractors…are you ready to strategize, communicate, and dominate?

Squad up and go forth!

*Paid Firewall Zero Hour DLC items not available to Weekend Trial Demo players.

**Trophies achieved during Weekend Trial demo do not carry over upon purchase of full game.

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  • Wish these trials were available during the week. I am busiest at work and with family commitments weekends so never get to try them.

    VR with the whole camera and setup is so difficult if kids are around. I find weekdays are an ideal quiet time for me to get a few hours in.

    Please consider weekdays as an option for a future trial.

  • I’m not a PS+ subscriber because I don’t play multiplayer games on PS4. Is there any way people like me could try the single player portion? Sony might even sell a few extra subs off the back of it

    • The “single player” is only a training mode for the online play – you get more XP losing the PvP matches than winning the “training” matches – that being said, this is the most fun I’ve had playing video games since SOCOM 1 (and that’s really saying something).

  • Whish I’d of known this.. Just bought it and not impressed. Probably be better with the aim controller but still would have saved me 17 pound

  • I highly suggest that if you want a higher player base, you should add in a team deathmatch mode, because 1 life per tactical match is just dull, games are short, and the playerbase is quickly dying.

    Need to add more to the overall atmosphere too because it’s just plain depressing.

  • Bit annoyed by this as the PS Store has it finishing on the 21/1/19. I tried to download the trial on the 19th and my PS4 said there was a server issue and was unable to download. All good I thought as there are 2 days left so will DL tomorrow. DL on the 20th and start it up and the trial is over. What the heck? SIE EU get your [DELETED] together, how hard is it to put correct dates in descriptions.

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