PlayStation Store’s massive January sale starts today

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PlayStation Store’s massive January sale starts today

Pick up huge savings on God of War, Fortnite, Marvel's Spider-Man, FIFA 19, more

PlayStation Store’s January sale is up and running, ready to help you plug any gaps in your gaming library. Embark on new adventures with hundreds of great offers across PS4, PS VR, PS3 and PS Vita until 18th January 2019.

Grab a bargain on action-packed blockbusters like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V and God of War. Jump into the Fortnite phenomenon with savings on the Standard Founder’s Pack, create the perfect family in The Sims 4, or invite your nearest and dearest over for some FIFA 19 couch co-op.

You can save up to 70% on a huge number of games. There’s so much on offer we’ve only highlighted a small selection of titles below – head to the January Sale page on PlayStation Store to see the full list of discounts available. And check back on PlayStation Blog on 4th January to see new additions to the sale.

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  • Hate to break it to you Sony, but it’s not January for another week and a half!

  • Guacamelee for AU$17.95 is not too bad!

  • It’s the usual suspects and Sonic Mania is Keyser Söze; never expected *that one* to be on sale. finally. BUUUUUUT: for 3 Euro more you can get the Sonic Humble Bundle right now that has Mania + 11 more Sonic games. merry christmess

  • Some great prices here, and lots of the Pinball FX3 tables finally included in a sale.

    Now just waiting for the Railway Empire DLC…

  • Thanks for finally remembering that Vita exists, too.

    Also, if there’s going to be a new batch of deals in two weeks, it might be a good idea to remind Koei Tecmo that they also have a bunch of games they might want to include in this sale.

  • Why are some of these games on sale for a higher price than the previous time they were in a sale, isn’t that sort of illegal?

    • It’s annoying to people who missed out when it was cheaper, but I don’t see how that would be illegal. Sales are always hit or miss. (iguesstheynevermisshuh)

    • I believe it would be illegal (at least in some countries) if the “discount” was more expensive than “normal” price before the discount. But if it is cheaper than normal price. And the discount is just smaller than last time, I dont believe there is any problem. There is no rule or law that discounts has to be bigger and bigger.

    • they do that all the time. actually the first time a game goes on sale usually gets you a higher discount than the second time.

  • The jak and daxter trilogy is for free? it says so anywho so I downloaded it

  • Actually a really nice sale. Some of my wishlist stuff that has never been in a sale before have some nice prices. Dragon’s Crown Pro is MUCH more attractive at £15.99 than it was at £44.99 for example. Cheers. :)

    • Dragons crown was great on the vita, I wish I could play it again.

      It was funny making dinner at the camp between quests, and everyone fighting over the food lol.

    • I found it too hard to play on Vita cos fonts and stuff so small but this PS4 version shares the trophies and found my almost 4 year old Vita save file for if i choose to continue. :P

  • Not happy that in under two weeks since release Just Cause 4 has dropped £20! Partial refund is due me thinks.

    • That’s how I felt abouf Fallout 76, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it and might encourage more people to buy it. So if you like JC4 and already got it, it’s not that bad. Just try to see it more postitively.

    • I agree. Now I didnt buy just cause, but it happened with F76 aswell. Its a disgrace to the ones that pre-ordered the game for full price.

    • I refused to buy Just Cause 4 after the Tomb Raider discount in September.

    • Don’t preorder games… Especially less popular ones in a brutaly congested release season!

  • Not the biggest Vita deals but hey, at least we got some and some decent ones at that. So thanks!

    Also great to see some good deals on PSVR games~

    • 160 old vita games are on sale. That’s the best we have had for a long while. Half of them appear to be Japanese visual novels, but then again that’s exactly what half of all the vita games appear to be.

    • Um, what? Even if you consider every jrpg with text boxes “visual novels” you’d be wrong because half of Vita games are indie and smartphone games no one ever heard of and certainly no one ever asked for. There’s like 10 visual novels on Vita, six of which are for some weird reason otome games… and that’s it.

  • Nice to see some of my wishlist entries discounted – Electronauts price in particular is – I’m definitely going to pick up a few titles!

    Any chance of getting a discount on the PS Vita version of Toukiden Kiwami (the PS4 version is currently discounted)?

  • I was desperately waiting since release for My Hero: One’s Justice to be on sale. So glad it finally is now and it’s more fun than I expected.

    Other games have nice discounts too, so might get more.

    At least this sale has more for me than this year’s christmas deals. I kinda preferred the 12 days of christmas deals.

  • Far cry 5 season pass shows it on offer but when I go on ps store it still full price?

  • Shenmue 1 & 2 and Dragon Quest XI for me!

    • I hope you enjoy Dragon Quest as much as I did. I have felt a bit lost since finishing but it is my game of the year.

    • I picked up Dragon Quest XI as well and my first foray into Dragon Quest (finally!). Stoked to play it but I want to clear the runway a little before I do, probably clear AC: Odyssey which I’m well into first!

  • Ah man, I really wanted watchdogs 2 dlc to go on sale again.

    I got the physical version from cex for 8£. It’s a really fun game, but feels shorter than the first one.

  • FAR CRY 5 Season Pass links to the full game. Also, the Season Pass is still 29,99. So where is the discount???

  • No Everybody’s Golf deals (DLC), no party

  • Damn you Sony, I bought Spider-Man Digital Deluxe Edition for £39.99 and God of War for £24.99 last week. If I’d known they’d be on sale again a week later instead of actually in January, I’d have waited and saved £7,50.

  • Finally nonary games on my vita!! Having played, finished, and loved virtues last reward paying $70 just to play nine doors was a bit much. Had you sold it separately I would have paid $40 for it day one. $18 works for me.

  • I hope that card under the tree is psn credit.

  • Poor sale. Good games but not good reductions to those games. Most of them have been cheaper at other points of the year.

  • Any chance of a reduced ps plus price? Mine runs out tomorrow and was hoping to renew at a discounted price. I missed the black Friday chance. Couple of games I might purchase from the sale but overall the prices arnt that great. Some bargains but most poor or higher than previously.

  • PlayStation Store’s massive January FAIL.

    Worst january sale ever? You already had better deals for most of these games over the year.

    Poor xmas deals followed by another poor deals.

  • First sale in a while where money not games is the problem.

    I picked up Moss+Soundtrack, Creed and Assassins Creed Rogue.

    I still want Nonary games, Arizona Sunshine and Resident Evil triple pack.

  • This just looks like ordinary sale to me. Uninteresting prices, equal to disc versions or even more in some cases (spiderman), oh well. I might grab Kingdom Come:Deliverance.

  • Vita got some love finally.

    It’d nice to see toukiden games on sale also.

  • Does anyone know if UFC 3 will be going on to the sale? It was only £19.99 recently however it’s now £54.99 which is way too much, the disc edition is only around £25 new on Amazon, eBay etc.. however I’d much prefer the instant download. I’ve not played the UFC games before but I do want to try them hence why I want to get it at a discount price in case and don’t mind paying £20 for it if it’s on sale, does anyone know if this will be coming on the sale at all and thanks :)

  • Can someone explain to me please.

    The Vita version for Ratchet & Clank Trilogy is on sale, however the PS3 Trilogy is still full price.

    The Vita version clearly states in the description that if you buy it for the Vita you should also get the PS3 version. But then why not discount the PS3 trilogy as well?

    So, if I buy the discounted Vita version, can I also download the PS3 version?

    Thanks in advance!

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