50 games join PlayStation Now this month, including Ubisoft’s tactical battler For Honor

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50 games join PlayStation Now this month, including Ubisoft’s tactical battler For Honor

An epic year-end for PS4’s game streaming service

‘Tis the season for bearded travellers bearing gifts, and PS Now is embracing the spirit of the holiday in its own way.

Leading the way onto PS4’s streaming service his month is Ubisoft’s glorious and ultra-tactical battler For Honor, packed with bearded warriors knocking the stuffing out of (equally well-equipped) fighters from across the four corners of the globe. Step into the online arena and make ready for battle: it’ll be more action-packed than a Christmas Day marathon of ’80s action movies.

For Honor headlines a staggering 50 games releasing onto PS Now this month. It’s a bumper stack of presents to enjoy over the holidays, with the added benefit of not having to worry about disposing a mountain of ripped wrapping paper. Check out the full list below:

  • Neon Chrome
  • Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut
  • Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space
  • Pumped Bmx +
  • Castle Invasion: Throne Out
  • Obliteracers
  • Nom Nom Galaxy
  • Super Toy Cars
  • Mastercube
  • Mordheim – City Of The Damned
  • In Space We Brawl
  • Gem Smashers
  • Vegas Party
  • Air Conflicts Vietnam Ultimate Edition
  • Skyscrappers
  • Square Heroes
  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic
  • Slime-san: Superslime Edition
  • Limbo
  • Momonga Pinball Adventures
  • Neurovoider
  • Kingdom: New Lands
  • Dandara
  • Minutes
  • The Spectrum Retreat
  • Assault Suit Leynos
  • The Treausres Of Montezuma 4
  • Battalion Commander
  • The Keeper Of 4 Elements
  • Reus
  • Act It Out! A Game Of Charades
  • Carmageddon: Max Damage
  • Mount & Blade: Warband
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter
  • No Time To Explain
  • Plague Road
  • The Metronomicon: Slay The Dance Floor
  • Super Star Wars
  • Tron Run/r
  • A Boy And His Blob
  • Natural Doctrine
  • Hotel Transylvania 3 Monsters Overboard
  • Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion
  • Ben 10
  • Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back
  • Raiden V: Director’s Cut
  • Bokosuka Wars Ii
  • Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
  • For Honor
  • Electronic Super Joy

These new additions mean that PS Now offers over 600 titles to play at the click of a button.

And don’t forget, PS Now is the only place on PC to play PlayStation exclusives. Want to sign up*? Find out how here.

*PS Now is available in UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland.

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  • 50 new games sounds great… but that list of games!

  • Add skate 3 and I’d join immediately

  • Would be nice if this actually was a europe blog.

  • Some I own, some we already have through ps plus and some I’ve never heard of, but 50 games! Wow. Thankyou. Looking forward to checking them out. Cheers.

  • 50 games is a lot! But I’d rather have some focus on quality rather than quantity. Ps now feels like playstation recycle bin at the moment.

    I do realise new AAA games are not an option, but there are plenty cheap old games, and PS3 games that could join the lineup.

    Not just online games that lost their playerbase over the years.

  • This PS Now app has just appeared from nowhere on my screen. Even though it’s not available in Hungary..

  • So when is Portugal going to get ps now??

  • Why does the psnow screen have elex listed as a new game, but it is nowhere to be seen?

    • Lots of the titles above aren’t available yet (Dandara, A Boy and His Blob and Elex). Elex – which was definitely on this page listed earlier – has now disappeared from the list too.

    • elex has gone and sherlock holmes seems to of taken its place on the list instead

    • Yeah Elex totally gone now. Was still on the list on the Sony website until recently. Very disappointing. Well I look forward to For Honour

  • Sony decided that only 12 countries in the world are worthy of PS Now.. what to add.. just silence

    • See that’s the thing. Why can’t we have it in more countries? I would love to have it in sweden. I need to make a new profile to access it, but then I don’t have access to my old saves. Just release it in the rest of Eu, there’s tons of people who would love to have access to it.

    • Trust me, if Sony decided to have only 12 countries in the world, a reason they will have. They are ”losing” money by not having PS Now available to every country, when people are asking for it. It’s either they are testing it for a further period, some sort of licensing problem or maybe you are right, it isn’t in the their best interest at the moment.

  • Some good games, some bad games but nice to add that many at once. Although, having checked last night half of them weren’t actually on there. Maybe it takes a while to add them all??

    I do like PS Now as a service but I will say this (to anyone who’s listening *cough SONY cough*) you need to make the search facilities better!!! I need to be able to switch between PS4, PS3 and PS2 titles and see EVERY title available. At the moment all I can do is search by genre or and alphabet search. Sometimes I don’t know what I want to play until I’m staring at it on the screen, but I don’t want to trawl through 600 games every time.

    • I agree, the UI is horrible! They improved it a little bit from what it used to be but it is still far from being good. They need to add a platform filter. They need to perfect the Search tab as sometimes you have to write the game exactly like it is.

  • In Russia PS NOW is not expected?

  • got an email to have a month for a pound and doesnt work, would have t ried it again for that, but still says 12.99 per month, cant even sort your deals out

  • It keeps getting more tempting, especially now that you can download the PS4 games.

    Hopefully the PS5 can emulate the PS3, because that’d mean being able to download any game.

    It’d benefit Sony too due to much cheaper server racks. Probably easier to deploy those around the world too – AMD blades full of an array of caseless, discless PS5’s.

    Edit: a couple of other things it needs IMO:

    1) A PlayStation tablet. A 1080p equivalent of the 7″ Kindle Fire would do.

    2) Bring back PlayStation Home! It’s such a good fit for the hub of a streaming service. Let people put their screenshots and video clips in picture frames along the walls; let them go to the Netflix theatre with a friend, pick something, and simultaneously launch it on each user’s device.

  • Yes! PlayStation Home in Vr!

    • Yes! Some sort of VRchat for PS4 would be insane. Imagine being able to roam around the worlds of PlayStation classics and most iconic games. Being able to dress up as Snake, Kratos, Crash, etc. Minigames…

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