SOMA and Onrush are your PlayStation Plus games for December

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SOMA and Onrush are your PlayStation Plus games for December

Steredenn, Steins;Gate, Iconoclasts and Papers Please also join the monthly line-up

Wow, 2018 was something, huh? From Shadow of the Colossus back in January, through to God of War in May, Marvel’s Spider-man in September and Astro Bot Rescue Mission just last month it’s been quite the year on PlayStation.

We’ll be recapping all that and more in the coming month, so stick around for that. In the meantime, another month means another batch of brand-new PS Plus titles. So, without further ado, let’s start unwrapping!

The following titles join the service on 4th December:


Those familiar with the work of Frictional Games should already be perched comfortably on the edge of their seats (or somewhere behind their sofa) for this one.

A follow-up to the sensationally scary Amnesia: The Dark Descent, SOMA is one part brooding existential sci-fi, one part nail-biting cat-and-mouse adventure. It manages to not only excel in the hide-and-seek horror genre its creators popularised, but go way beyond it.

You’ll find yourself transported to a dilapidated industrial facility following an experimental new treatment for a head injury. Surrounded by deranged machinery and with only a mysterious voice on the intercom to guide you, it’s up to you to unravel the mystery of how you wound up there – and how to get back home.


You’ve tried racing, you’ve tried car combat, but have you ever tried to do both while boosting at breakneck speeds across wildly uneven off-road terrain? No? Well, now is your moment.

From the twisted minds behind the hugely successful MotorStorm series, Onrush delivers a lightning-paced arcade racing experience that puts as much emphasis on trashing your opponents as overtaking them.

All of this is dialled up to 11 with the addition of huge stunt ramps and masses of verticality that vaults your motor hundreds of feet in the sky, only to come crashing down on your opponents like a four-wheeled wrecking ball.

Take all of this online and you’ll be trading paint with up to 11 other unruly racers across four competitive modes and tearing your way up the leader boards in the process.

Anything else?

As usual, we’ll be adding in two games apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita, leaving the final line-up looking like this:

All the above will be available to download on 4th December. Until then, you still have few days left to pick up any of last month’s games you might have missed.

And that’s it – we’ll be back next month with more. In the meantime, let us know how you get on with this month’s titles over on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Wow, what a let down for Christmas.

    • You’ve made the mistake of expecting good stuff from PS+. They’re not inclined to give you anything you want. It could be 6 crap indie titles. The best method for PS+ is to not expect anything good, then when there is it’s a pleasant surprise.

    • Im not gonna say these are bad games but I was hoping for something a little more family orientated for December. Bit of a let down.

    • Extremely disappointing line up for ps plus

    • I think its amazing, got most of them already. But tell me, what would be a good month for Ps Plus, which games?

    • It would be nice if it was like it was when PS+ started, the games were the entire thing, and they had to be above a certain review score (not that that means much).

      Now everyone is stuck paying for online so they can shovel on whatever junk they feel like.

    • divide ps+ for only multiplayer&storage and for those who want bottom barrel leftovers.

  • This is for teh players,eh?

  • Soma is glorious! Already have it, but happy for new people to get to experience it. Also nice about Papers, Please. Less interested in the rest. Wasn’t this the final month for PS3 and PS Vita titles, too?

    • No I think March 2019 is final month for those platforms

    • Ah, my mistake. Thanks!

    • PS Plus support ends for the PS Vita & PS3 systems on March 8, 2019. If I am looking at next years calender correctly, this means Feburary (next year) is the last month to expect any “free games”. How do I know this? Well, usually the PS Plus titles for the next months are announced on the last Wednesday (early Thursday morning in Australia) of the current month. And the new PS Plus line-ups are released to replace the previous one on the first Tuesday (00:00 Whatever timezone you’re in) of the new month. So don’t expect any PS3 or Vita games after the Feburary 2019 IGC list.

  • I already have SOMA and Steins;Gate and I couldn’t care less about the other games, oh well…

  • Fantastic month here for me, been wanting steins gate and iconoclasts for some time :D also gears decent stuff about onrush too.

    shame papers, please isn’t PlayStation tv compatible but I can understand with that.

  • Good month OnRush is the one like Motorstorm right?

    • Well, yea, kinda similar even tho I find Motorstorm even more fun :)

    • It shares some devs, but it’s not similar enough for me, I barely made it through the tutorial before putting it down. It’s not racing, it’s vehicular combat on racing tracks. Which sounds cool, and I know there are people who dig it, but it didn’t click with me. And I loved Motorstorm and games like Twisted Metal.

  • I really enjoyed Onrush. An influx of new players is a good thing.

  • wth is this lineup

  • Very disappointing but then I guess we should have come to expect it if previous December PS Plus games are anything to go by.

    Just the twelve “Deals” of Christmas to go and all of our PS woes are over.

    • We got Injustice: Gods Among Us (you know, that DC Comics fighting game?) back in December 2014. Ever since then we haven’t got a single “above decent” PS Plus line-up for a December IGC games selection.

    • Injustice was in January to grab the christmas new people. December is mostly mid card old /OK games that didn’t sell great that people think about buying if they saw it for £5

  • I am happy for SOMA and Iconoclasts. Now I will grab some popcorns and read the usual “What is this line-up Sony?!!!” comments.

  • ? Some really good-looking stuff this month that I mostly don’t already own. Nice ?

  • That Onrush trailer gave me flashbacks of playing the first MotorStorm back on PS3, looking forward to it!

    I miss the first two MotorStorm games… Racing through dry canyons, ravines and jungles… Good times, good times.

  • Iconoclasts is on sale right now and I almost bought it. I just hadn’t got around to it. So i am happy with that one. I own soma, just haven’t played it yet. Onrush is heaps of fun, but not including a racing mode struck me as a bad move. The sales numbers seem to agree.

  • Papers, Please looks interesting.?

  • Gonna give them all a go apart from Steins Gate as usually those types of games aren’t my cup of tea. Looks a good month, hope they fill the hole of losing PS3 and Vita. We’ll probably have a PS5 game to download in 18 months.

  • Onrush is a great game but flopped because it was £40 and released the week of E3 hopefully this lets people see how good it is

  • Went and ruddy bought Onrush earlier this year like a wally! Hope the dev’s servers are prepped for an influx, they’ve been… problematic in the past.

    It’s a good time to be a horror game lover on Plus, as 2018 has proven. Unfortunately doesn’t apply to me whatsoever, but good for those who like it.

  • I don’t care for Soma or Papers Please at all but Onrush is a good one for me. Iconoclasts is a lovely platformer with gorgeous pixel art and i already have it but highly recommend to folk who like that sort of game. :)

    • You can’t really put “gorgeous” in the same sentence as “pixel art”. Seriously, it just hurts my eyes.

    • You really are a misery then. I love properly done pixel art and Iconoclasts has fantastic, well crafted pixel art by the excellent Konjak. Beautiful bold bright colours too.

    • No it just makes my eyes feel bleary, strained and tired.

      Also, it’s really hard to feel attached to a blob of squares, and so many of these games blur into one samey looking pile. Oh and more often than not it’s done because it’s lazy, quick and easy, not because of some “artistic” whatever.

  • Iconoclasts looks like a good game. don’t really care bout the rest, but I’ll give SOMA a try

  • Very pleased with this. Can’t wait for Onrush.

  • ONRUSH, Yes i am excited. i put this game off so many times, and loved the beta.

  • Onrush is great fun! It has an excellent single player campaign mode as well! ?

  • Onrush is amazing. it really must have tanked, for it already to be a ps plus game.

  • Could at least please add The World Of Nubla for all countries and not just Portugal and Spain who get extra games in many occasions? This game seems to be very interesting and seeing that next month we won’t be able to play all those games on PS4, this game would be a great addition for PS4 owners.

    • It’s because they didn’t translate the PSN store entry into French. I contacted the dev when it came out and translated the PSN store entry into Dutch and they made it available in Belgium (or at least the Dutch speaking part). It’s an idiotic system by Sony and it’s like this for years and years. The problem is that most Indie devs don’t know about this and they usually don’t even realise their game isn’t pushed to every European country.

      Sony needs to really fix this and/or give that info to all devs, but in the meantime, your best bet is to contact the dev and give them the translated PSN store entry. I have done that with 2 games now and it did work both times.

      Countries where the PSN strore isn’t translated don’t have that problem because there is an English entry.

      Also, the dev is The World Of Nubla is Spanish, so that’s why it shows in that store.

  • Neutral about the PS4 games, don’t know them so happy to test them out. And if they’re not my style, I have enough backlog to sift through for the moment.

    Very happy with Papers Please!

  • I’m really saddened by the majority of responses above.

    Although I own the majority of the games on the list I am pleased that others get to experience them.

    Soma is one of the best games I have ever played and although some will be put off by the horror aspect there is a “safe” mode. It’s thought provoking and intelligent and I have run out of superlatives to describe its brilliance. I encourage everyone to give it an hour of their time and I’m sure you’ll have fallen so far down the rabbit hole that there will be no going back. Stellar.

    • oooorrr people might just enjoy different things. :P I have actually played it. Wasn’t for me. Just found it dull (I’m not someone who gets scared or even tense from majority of video games or movies.. I got my own scary real life stuff so those feel rather trivial) but yeah it’s there for free so people may as well give it a go if it at all interests them even slightly. :P

    • I agree everyone has different tastes but I suspect unlike you some people won’t have even played it and have already written it off.

      id be interested to know how much you played as it is a little slow initially whilst the narrative is drip fed but some of the sequences were mind blowing. I’ve been playing games for 30 years and this was more thought provoking than anything I’ve played for a long time.

  • I got Soma which great game I played onrush beta since that was trash not better than motorstorm thanks Sony for shutting down company that we all love motorstorm seies . Worst end of the year free games . I am not wishing Sony a merry Christmas for PlayStation .

  • Well I’ll be… You finally gave us some good titles for PS3 and Vita? Unbelievable :) Steins;Gate is AMAZING game and Paper, Please! is supposedly great too. I shall see soon enough.

    And while I was disappointed when I saw PS4 games at first, SOMA looks like a hidden gem. I love Philip K. Dick’s work and this is supposedly inspired by it. Right up my alley. :) And Onrush looks like a decent arcade racer and that’s good enough for me.

    Now how about some Vita sale? We haven’t had one in a while.

  • Looking forward to play Onrush and Iconoclasts. I’m not sure about SOMA… really enjoyed Alien Isolation but I’m also an huge fan of Alien franchise. Do you guys think SOMA matches Alien Isolation?

    I think it is a nice month.

    • SOMA is similar to Alien: Isolation but with a few puzzles in it and a slower pace. It’s short-lived but not too bad if you just want to while away a few hours. The story isn’t too bad but could have done with being fleshed out a little more.

  • SMoa looks cool i think?


  • For me, it’s a great list.

  • Umm… Soma, Onrush, Iconoclasts and Papers, Please?! What a GREAT month!!

    You GOTTA get into ONRUSH!!!

  • Ahh, it wouldn’t be a title announcement if there were no “complaints.”

  • Brilliant month, some fantastic games there. Do t overlook Iconoclasts

  • Just read performance mode for Onrush on Pro gives you 60fps which obviously a game like this benefits a lot from. There’s a resolution mode at 30fps but it’s only a slight bump over the 1080p so sounds like performance mode is the way to go.

  • I think its time Sony give to us some option for select the games we want for free each months.

    • They tried that, basically giving us 3 questionable titles to vote for and people picked something terrible (both times). Soo, probably isn’t a good idea to try again.

      Would be a better idea to give us the option of their games or a PSN voucher or something.

    • Broforce wasn’t really terrible. That drunk robot game however…

    • Broforce was great fun! What you talking ’bout Willis?!!

  • This looks like a good line-up for december, I can’t understand why people hate it. Soma is a game that I REALLY wanted to try out and OnRush looks like a fun arcade racing game, plus we get Iconoclast another game I wanted for ps vita but never got the chance to try it out.

  • If only I had limited internet so I could feel good about having nothing to download from PS+…

  • That’s great and all…. Now please announce the collector’s editions for Days Gone. The suspense is becoming a nuisance. Thanks for your cooperation!

  • Worst PSN plus games ever……. we were expecting some AAA game for this Christmas ……..what a SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank god my subscription is ended… For such a trash no plans to prolong it.

  • Ah, I see it’s a “what the hell is this I want my AAA” month, instead of a “what the hell is this I already own this AAA game” month.

    You know it’s all subjective, right? Some people would rather have 6 “hidden gems” each month (or at least 6 things they wouldn’t usually try,) because they’ve bought all the big ones at launch. Other’s can’t afford to splurge £60+ a month on games and wait expectantly for the big hitters to appear in the subscription.

    My main complaint recently is the Vita/PS3 lineup could have been amazing for this past year. Imagine they’d done a “Greatest Hits” of plus, Gravity Rush, the Uncharted’s, Littlebigplanet and all the freebies from the earlier years. I’d have already owned 90% of them but I’d be more inclined to play them than a lot of the mobile ports they palm us off with

  • That’s why they gave us 3 months free of Netflix….I´ll pass these crap monthly games…


    Let´s watch La Casa de Papel

  • Iconoclasts is awesome but the rest is meh.

    I agree what adumr82 was saying before. When its december its normally easy to pickup winter-oriented gaming titles or family/multiplayer games for chrismas.

    And that’s only 1 of the reasons why the lineup (Iconoclasts is the only superb title here) feels a bit disappointing.

  • I’m paid up for the next 5 years on Plus

  • Who do I contact to start recieving the psn emails again?

  • Ps plus and psnow keep offering the same games. I’m pretty sure SOMA went on psnow about a month ago. The repeating offer is making psnow (the more expensive service) less appealing. Please offer different games for those who subscribe to both.

    • I actually think it’s opposite. I’m going to let my Plus expire this month and just carry on with PS Now because it ends up with pretty much the same games in the end, plus you have a massive selection of other games to play as well. I don’t play online anyway so don’t really have much need for Plus. If you can get Now in a sale for £59.99 like I did, it’s a much better option in my view.

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