New No Man’s Sky trailer details the new Visions expansion, out tomorrow on PS4

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New No Man’s Sky trailer details the new Visions expansion, out tomorrow on PS4

New creatures and artifacts to discover and a global community mission to partake in

Hello everyone! Visions is a new free update releasing tomorrow for all No Man’s Sky players. We’ve called it Visions, because it re-imagines our universe, introducing new environmental biomes, new planet types, more colourful worlds, new fauna and flora, archaeology, salvaging, and much more…

Just last month we launched The Abyss, which completely changed underwater in No Man’s Sky. We are excited to now make the planet surface far more interesting and varied to explore.

Some new features you might notice in Visions…

New worlds

The variety and diversity of planet surfaces has been greatly improved. Millions of previously dead planets have now burst into life, creating a weirder, more surprising universe to explore.

Mysterious artifacts can be found on alien planets, which can be collected as mementos and displayed as trophies in your planetary base.


Bizarre creatures

Strange new creatures can be found among the stars, never before discovered by another traveller. Predatory fauna protect their planets from interlopers, with some creatures even masquerading as ordinary minerals. Deadly flora now has much more variety, with carnivorous trap plants and bloated gas flora waiting to snare the unwary and reward the cautious.

More to discover

With more varied planets comes more reasons to explore. Unleash your inner archeologist and search the galaxy for planets containing the ancient bones of alien lifeforms.
Unearth the long-forgotten remains of fallen satellites and scrap them for salvagable parts, but risk drawing the attention of new, challenging, corrupted sentinel drones.
Those who endure the hazardous storms that blast extreme planets can seek out precious new crystal treasures that only light up during the worst weather.


More variety

The universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting to explore. New shades of sky, grass, and water enable more unique worlds and a more diverse set of science fiction aesthetics. Atmospherics and skies have been improved and rainbows have been added to the range of weather effects.

Global community missions

A new Community Research mission allows explorers to share progress and work towards a common goal. Discover the Visions universe together to unlock the new Eye of the Korvax helmet, as well as well as new emotes, building parts and a range of fireworks to celebrate any occasion.


We hope you enjoy this and what follows – and we look forward to meeting you out there! Our journey continues.

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  • This is awesome :) was about to jump back into NMS to try out abyss, will wait till tomorrow so can see the game in it’s new found glory.

    Thanks guys for keeping the updates rolling out.

  • I think a real reason for me to properly go back to this would be VR. That would be a literal game changer.

    Come on, do what Elite Dangerous refuses to do.

  • its a few months that I have not played it because it was constantly crashing, I had a huge farm in my ship and simply ps4 could not handle it, anyway still waiting to experience it in VR…

  • I picked this sucker up for ten bucks and will certainly play it after I play god of war, persona 5, numerous fighting and driving games and when I finish destiny 2 (if I ever do). Definitely after that…and runner 3 as well.

  • stupid game gets stupid update. again.

  • I have to say that this game gets better and better all the time. Well done to the devs for recognising that they made a mistake when releasing it. Yes, you could argue that these are only additions that should have been in the game at the beginning but at least they are attempting to put it right now (and regularly and for free). Personally, I love the IDEA of the game and the way it looks, but just can’t ever seem to get invested in it when I play it, especially when I know I have the likes of RDR2 and PES 2019 sat there waiting to be played instead. I’m trying to get my son into it though as I think it’s now a viable alternative to Minecraft to a degree.

    • On the other hand, the way it happened allowed them to tweak the updates accoring player feedback. So one could argue, that if they continued developing the game for these 2,5 years without releasing it, the final product would be probably very different (worse) than it is now.

      I kind of understand why some people were angry (mainly due to the price tag). But currently the game is in a state, that if somebody considers buying it, he should go for it.

  • You absolute bunch of legends!

  • Great update, but Im waiting for planets to be totally undiscovered. No sentinel or artifacts, would make me play it again…

  • Not less content, but a much more diverse universe.

    I dont want to go where no man have gone before, just to find out that every single quadzillion planet, have already been visited in some way.

    I want to go to dead planets,

    planets yet to be discovered,

    planets thriving with life,

    strange planets with signs of alien activity from the past,

    planets containing everything and nothing.

    Imo this would make the game seem like it got much more content, not the other way around.

    What makes it boring is that EVERY single planet contains the same.

    Same sentinels, same alien structures , same bio in some way. And those pesky sentinels will always intervene, making the grinding even more boring

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