PlayStation Store’s Black Friday discounts start today – save on games, PS Plus & PS Now

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PlayStation Store’s Black Friday discounts start today – save on games, PS Plus & PS Now

Red Dead Redemption 2, FIFA 19, Marvel’s Spider-Man, COD: Black Ops 4 among the deals

Today marks the start of PlayStation Store’s annual Black Friday discounts, with savings of up to 60% on a range of great PS4 titles.

Swing through the streets of New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man; take to the battlefield in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4; explore the treacherous locales of Ancient Greece in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey; hit the race track in Need For Speed Payback; or survive America’s rugged heartlands in Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition.

These unmissable experiences and many more like them await on PlayStation Store. See below for the full list of deals, then click through for local pricing. But make haste – these deals end at 11.59pm GMT on Monday 26th November 2018.

In addition to software discounts, you can also save 20% on a 12-month PS Plus subscription and up to 30% on a 12-month PS Now subscription until 10.00am GMT on Tuesday 27th November 2018.

PlayStation Plus members can save up to 60% on Avengers: Infinity War via PlayStation Video, from 21st to 27th November.

Finally, stay tuned to our Black Friday hub for news of discounts on hardware and accessories.

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  • The link  “save 20% on a 12-month PS Plus subscription” gives the error “Unable to Find This Page”, at least in the hungarian store. Can you please explain?

  • I hope at least Christmas sale wouldn’t end up disappointing Vita owners. Because once again, this is a pretty weak showing on that part.

    • Sony: “What’s a Vita?”

    • Actually there are Vita games on sale, they just didn’t add them in the blog post nor in the Black Friday sale section on the Store…

      It seams like we somehow now need to guess what’s in sale for the Vita nowadays.. I can understand not adding it in the blog post, since it’s focused on PS4, but please, at least put the games that are on sale, in the sale section, so that we see it to buy if we want (well, that’s if you are interested in your costumers buying games for those systems..)

    • @Tuulenpoika I might have bad news for you my friend. Better check psprices, because it’s almost impossible to find any discounted Vita/PS3 titles in the ps store…

    • There is a site to check all PSN deals by country and platform. Just Google it, easy to find.

  • So Hollow Knight is on sale in the US but not here? Once again Europe gets the short end of the stick -_-

  • eh maybe i’ll finally pick up Diablo 3 Eternal thingy for £15.99. Got a couple good friends who enjoy that so may join them.

    • I did buy it and I’m quite enjoying it and there’s a lot of game in there for £16 and works well with friends. Good times. :)

    • Hey Prime, I am glad you took the plunge, I love this game – I played it on PS3 first but once I played on PS4 it became a much better game

      But it wasn’t until I started looking around the web I discovered the icey-veins site and in particular the builds by deadset which really opened my eyes to the game and its possibilities. There are currently builds based around the current season which give you info on how to build each character up to level 70 and beyond. The builds cover both solo and co-op play.

      Using these builds I have this season almost completed the season journey and done quite well on the greater rifts solo (as a Necromancer).

      Not played with others due to reasons I won’t and can’t explain but glad you are having fun with your friends.

      FYI the Necromancer has provided me with quite a lot of fun and is not a difficult character to use at high levels if you get the right gear and build. This season I have also had fun with the Wizard as well.

      I hope this helps with your enjoyment of the game.



  • Interested in Battle Zone Gold edition? Any good?

  • Im actually disappointed i have been waiting for this sale for ages but wasn’t worth the wait

  • Pretty much the same sales you see on physical copies. Might’ve gotten Forsaken but that only comes with Orisis and Warmind included? I already own those. Is there no cheaper option that only includes Forsaken? Bungie and DLC… *facepalm*

    Spiderman pass is tempting, will probably not get much cheaper so I might pick it up already.

    • GAME (yes I know it’s a dirty word) are doing Destiny Legendary Edition for 22.99…..cheaper than buying Forsaken on it’s own

    • I have stopped buying from game when Grainger games came about now they are shut down I get them from Argos or Amazon but I gatta admit tho game is the only place I bought snes nes and I will be getting the ps1 classic has I already have on pre order but apart from that I try not to buy from game

    • It is more the case that warmind and osiris were recently included with forsaken. It is semantics I know but forsaken is a lot of fun.

  • Annoying that you have deals on season passes before the DLC is even out. Never buying one again. Learned my lesson.

    • Especially what’s included in them, mostly fleshed out stuff from base game. One mission, some kind of useless skin for your toon. etc.

  • Every year the same. Everytime excited about whats gonna come and then get disappointed.

  • Im gonna buy Detroit become human. Finally its cheaper.

    • Glad to hear that you are really gonna enjoy that game Detroit is one of my favorite games this year together with God of War

  • i love playstation but i feel you guys can offer us more from our psn membership

  • Not a big sale, but i’m not dissepointed.

    Because of Spiderman, Forza Horizon 4 and Red Dead 2, i had to ignore AC Odyssey for awhile.

    I think i’m getting the Gold Edition of AC Odyssey which have the worst discount, because it includes season pass, AC 3 Remastered, AC Liberation Remaster and some more. Combined it’s worth 60 bucks.

    and i know the Gold Edition won’t be more than 5-10% cheaper than now next year in november 2019.

    No reason to wait for a bigger discount.

    I will compare the price vs physical version of Gold Edition on Black Friday first.

  • God of war 60%. That is pretty bloody tempting as is ni no kuni for 70% off. Patience pays off.

  • I almost bought star trek bridge crew a couple of weeks ago.

    But was wondering how active the online community is.

    Anyone still play it?

  • The ps3 has been getting fewer and fewer deals this year, lately just the cross buy titles. But looks like the ps3 is now been abandoned

  • The only game that i was interested was Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition but:

    EU – 30€

    US – $15

    Nope. I can wait.

    • This always suck. First they discount EU price, then USA gets half of EU price.

      This happens on PC too.

    • The full normal price for Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition in US is 20$… Not going to buy, it sold already decent number of copies so going to support some other games that need it.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn & the Complete Edition are on sale but why isn’t the DLC on sale for people who already have the base game?

  • is Diablo eternally collection worth it? Kinda on the fence about it as I’ll get rdr2 for Xmas

    • If you like mindlessly collecting loot yeah, if not, no. It’s incredibly shallow but can be fun…..

    • I bought it in this sale and i like it. yeah it’s quite repetitive and i wouldn’t have paid the original £50 or so for it but for £16 it’s great value and playing it with other people is a lot of fun too.

    • Unlike MrEibmoz who implies it is shallow – I can guarantee it is not. Once you are into the endgame and especially greater rifts (GR) 70+ tactics and knowledge of your powers is needed and real skill and understanding are needed as well. I have just finished GR 80 on a so called easy to use build and only juat completed it, and although I have sunk many hours into playing I still have much to learn.

      The game to me is about the character build and understanding how it works and then implementing the right powers correctly and the heat of the battle it is easier said than done.

      Yes it is a game about collecting the right gear but even with the right gear you need to be tacically aware and even if you get to the higher levels this is not easy.

      I am fully aware this game is not for everyone but to dismiss it as collect-a-thon is not entirely fair.

      I have only played this solo so can’t comment on the co-op side of the game so can’t say how much team play adds to the mix.

      I know I have posted 2 long missives about this game but I hope this reflects how much I have enjoyed playing it.

    • I have done end game stuff on pc, multiple maxed characters. It’s still shallow as all hell. Just like Diablo 2 before it which I have also put hundreds of hours into. It’s not necessarily a negative, it’s just what it is. Good to play with mates or to play while binging TV, not to fully focus on, even end game.

    • Glad you replied.

      Each to their own I suppose. I must be really rubbish If I struggle playing it at higher GR levels on the PS4 which is the platform we are supposed to be commenting on.

      You obviously must be really skilled to be able to watch TV and beat the game easily on PC during the endgame , but as I can’t play on PC due to personal circumstances so I can’t comment (and again this is supposed to be PS4 centric).

      But I stand by my comment that for mere mortals this game on the PS4 during the endgame is not easy and presents an interesting game for those who want to play it. I have also watched PC based play and it seems to me quite different to that of the PS4. For full disclosure i acknowledge there are dubious methods to make the game easier to beat and I would not use these.

      Again thank you for replying and giving your opinion – neither of us is right nor wrong we just have differing views and that is what makes life and games interesting.

  • I already played most of the big titles this year think i might go for thosse i havent played yet and pick up like Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition

  • Hopefully no one falls for the lies and buys Tekken 7.

    If anyone even considers it, it’s a shell of a game, featuring about 1/20th of the content of SC VI, basically just a 1 hour story mode, treasure battle against useless AI or sitting in lobbies waiting for players for hours to battle the bad netcode. They didn’t even bother to include team battle or any kind of offline mode but 1v1.

    It doesn’t even look nice, yet takes a looong time to load. The lies told about the games season pass should hopefully keep everyone away. First of all about the content of the first (“hundreds of costumes” were never delivered) and then the lies about the second (“DLC will be special content, legacy characters will be free”) and the general overpriced and unfinished nature of everything included (Tekken bowl with everyone using the same animations, man, woman or bear).

  • Im not sure if there will be more deals added on black friday itself hope so because for a black friday sale there are fewer sales and most of them are dlc

    Hope there will be more

  • Awainting Christmas… because.. this black friday is a joke. Gredy corporation, maybe one Day you lose your users.

  • Black Friday is a joke and there products are very expensive as compare to Market . [DELETED]

  • Finally bought Detroit becoming human from psn £24.99. Epic game. Only Just found out Argos. Black Friday deals for £13.99. Good luck.

  • I have a doubt …. I am new to this black friday deals and I dont know anything about it … So pls help me out…

    I am looking forward to buy some games from this website… Do I have to download the game after purchasing? Or coupd I directly buy a CD from the website?…. I can’t do the downloading, I dont have a proper internet connection…. Pls reply …… And fast

    • The deals listed on this page are for the Playstation Store. Which means they are digital purchases and would need to be downloaded.

  • Man… kinda disappointed with the PS Plus 1-year subscription reduction…

    USA gets a 33% reduction while Europe gets only 20%?

  • Will there be another batch of games/dlc’s tomorrow?

  • So no new deals this week thanks to this, quite frankly, lacklustre Black Friday sale including Deal of the Week? It seems that being a PS Plus subscriber just doesn’t have the same appeal now thanks to the bonuses for which I initially subscriber for no longer being in place (bonus discounts, free content/themes/avatars etc.). *Double whinge over*

  • I want my Everybody’s Golf deals (DLC)

  • PRices here are skyrocket high for some titles less content than US store well this black friday deal is just bad discounted games that are actualy more expensive than not disconted CD with delivery no thank you lets wait what christmas will deliver

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