Competitive PlayLink quiz game Knowledge is Power: Decades launches on PS4 tomorrow

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Competitive PlayLink quiz game Knowledge is Power: Decades launches on PS4 tomorrow

Challenge friends to quick-fire questions on movies, music, pop culture and more

Happy release week! With Knowledge is Power: Decades releasing tomorrow, I’m back again to share some shiny new screenshots of our latest PlayLink game.


While 2017’s Knowledge is Power was all about a world’s worth of knowledge, this time around we’ve focused exclusively on entertainment and pop culture specifically from the last 40 years.

In Knowledge is Power: Decades, you’ll be travelling through ‘Decades of Trivia’ testing your knowledge on the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and the ’10s. If you’re nostalgic for the ’90s, or just aching for the ’80s, you can keep the questions to whichever decade takes your fancy, before showing off your knowledge across other categories such as Movies, Music, Pop Culture and more.


To keep the quiz fast-paced, in-between questions you’ll play six different Challenges including Chain Reaction, Fill the Blanks, Odd One Out and Spin to Win!

With points available at every swipe and tap, each of these touch-controlled challenges gives you a chance to get closer to the winner’s spot at the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge.



Upgraded Power Plays

You’ll need a strong competitive spirit to make it there, but you’ll also need to get acquainted with our Power Play system.

For those familiar with Knowledge is Power, you’ll remember Power Plays as sneaky ways to sabotage your foes midgame to unleash against your opponents as they answer trivia questions.

We’ve kept our favourites, but joining the selection from the first game are brand new Power Plays such as Disco Fever, Zipper and Lockdown… For example if you throw a Zipper Power Play, your opponent has to unzip the answers on their touch screen before they can find the right answer!


Show your love for your favourite era

We’ve also created a completely new roster of eight marvelous characters for you to play as, complete with era-themed filters for all those beautiful and ridiculous selfies. These are a great ice-breaker to your multiplayer party and let you showcase your love of your favourite era!

Not only have we translated all the questions to work just as well across multiple languages, we’ve also added in thousands of specifically localised questions for other countries!


Knowledge is Power: Decades is out tomorrow, Wednesday, 14th November – for fans of the original it’s bigger and better than ever, and for new players it’s the best quiz game show on PlayStation. We hope you love it!

Don’t forget about the rest of the PlayLink titles also available November 14th which includes Knowledge is Power: Decades, Just Deal With It, WordHunters, Melbits World and Ticket To Ride!

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2 Author Replies

  • Too bad it doesn’t have as many language options as the previous game

  • Does this have a separate app or will the app for the first one work with this?

  • Shame really that it isn’t translated to all the previously available languages. Unfortunately not all my family members/friends speak English, so I have to skip this one. It is our favourite party game, I guess we just have to settle with the first one.

  • Patch the first game first! It badly needs skippable/accelerable animations for power plays, clean mode without power plays and no tutorial setting across all modes!

    • Hi Finka – we weren’t able to make those changes in a patch to the first game, but we did spend a lot of time looking through reviews and comments on the first game to find out what people wanted most so we could implement changes in the new game.

      ‘Decades’ has new Power Play sequences that are much faster and and and much as we love him, we’ve slimmed back Max’s commentary wherever it was holding things up. We’ve also made endless little changes to improve the flow and timings across the whole game.

      Finally but most useful to you, in Settings we’ve also added options to play with some or no Power Plays, as well as to choose game modes that are all Trivia or all Challenges, or shorter. We hope that has given people more variety and ways to make things move along faster while keeping the essence of the game.

    • Thanks for the reply. If it’s impossible to patch the first game (seems weird to me but then I’m not a programmer), would you consider adding some kind of DLC for Decades that would import the first games’ questions?

      Leaving this whole set of fine questions and challenges is a major waste to me. Yes, we hate hearing the same tutorials and slow animations again and again and again that much.

  • Will there be a Playlink box 2 retail?

  • Sony – are you going to patch in swedish into this game as you did with greek and polish (patch 1.01)?

    Otherwise I have to return this game as I assumed it was available in same languages as the previous game. My kids can’t understand english good enough too play a “reaction” game like this… :(

    I saw chimpaty was in swedish thou, you need to keep a certain standard with these games or just stop selling them here if you can’t be bothered to localize them. Noone here wants english familygames here in scandinavia, at least not 98% of the people living here…

  • Surely you have to add more languages?

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