Intense PS VR action-rhythm game Beat Saber release date confirmed

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Intense PS VR action-rhythm game Beat Saber release date confirmed

PS4 version gets exclusive campaign and new songs when it releases on 20th November

We are so excited to finally share big news with you: Beat Saber is coming to PS4 in Europe on 20th November 2018!

Get your PS Move controllers ready, it’s time to slash some beats! Beat Saber will bring the thrilling rhythm experience right into your living room. You will not want to put it down.

Beat Saber

In case you are not aware of Beat Saber’s gameplay, your goal is to slash the beats, represented by small cubes, as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and the direction you need to match.

This immersive and rhythm based experience is embodied in an appealing futuristic world filled with lights and mist. And of course, accompanied by exclusively-made electronic dance music and tons of levels.

We know the development took us a while, but here comes the best Beat Saber ever made! Our hard work finally paid off and we’re bringing you and everyone in our keen PS VR community the game filled with exclusive new content and features.

Beat SaberBeat Saber

Here’s a selection of the features and exclusivities awaiting you:

  • A challenging campaign – Improve your game style every day by completing levels in our complex campaign, exclusively created for PS VR.
  • Exclusive new songs – Everyone loves Beat Saber’s original game soundtrack. That’s why we bring you, above our well-know music hits, five new exclusive songs from excellent electronic dance music artists and talents from around the world.
  • Tons of modifiers – Make your gameplay even more challenging and exciting every day.
  • Epic sabers – Get ready for those shiny beasts because they look just amazing. Watch them glow and slash the cubes with style!
  • Practice mode – We know practice makes perfect. In Beat Saber you can start from any part of the level or even slow down the game to practice problematic parts.
Beat Saber Beat SaberBeat Saber

And from modes to competitive playing, Beat Saber is so much fun while playing solo or with a bunch of friends.

  • Party mode – Entertain your friends and family and have fun together! Everyone can join and start playing in seconds!
  • One saber mode – Use only one saber for playing but beware – there is no time for slacking.
  • No Arrows mode – The direction of your swing depends on you. How fast can you decide and make the best cut?
  • Global leaderboards – Climb the global leaderboards and compete with other players from around the world.

But that is not all! Fresh content is our priority and we want to bring you new music regularly. The first expansion pack featuring 10 songs is coming to the game very soon after the release. You can choose between different music genres and enjoy well-known artists together with emerging indie talents. With Beat Saber, you never stop swinging.

Beat SaberBeat Saber

Are you ready to lose yourself in this unique and addictive music experience and enjoy the pulse of every beat? The feeling from playing is just astonishing.

Beat Saber is a fantastic experience regardless of your skill level or previous experience with VR. Everyone understands the basic mechanism in seconds, grabs the PS Move controllers and swings right into the music.

Save the release date: 20th November 2018. Invite all your friends and family over and prepare to be surrounded by energizing music and show off your best dance moves. This is going to be a ride!

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  • Uhm, one question, where do I put the money. I am looking for a pre-order and can’t see one on the store. I need to give you money. Please take my money.

  • Yeah, what @link1983 said – I will give you money right now, no questions asked.

  • What happened to the design of the lightsabers? they look like “neon katanas” in the PSVR screenshots!

    …is this a performance decision or the threat of legal action from an unnamed 3rd party?

  • shut up and take my money

  • Finally I was afraid it would appear 2019

  • Looks like I’m buying this a 3rd time already!

  • Is it getting a physical disc release?

  • Please release this on physical disc!! I don’t wanna miss out!

    So hyped for this since the announcement!

  • So no importing of songs then . Really lost all interest in this game now

    • But there’ll be an exclusive campaign mode, gameplay modifiers, all-new sabers, a practice mode and five exclusive songs. The developer’s also committing to regular content updates, with the first Expansion Pack coming soon after release, and featuring 10 new songs. Custom songs will unfortunately never happen due to the licensing issues when people are uploading/streaming clips from custom songs being used in the PSVR version. Sony would get sued by music companies for allowing this to happen. Seems a reasonable trade-off with the exclusive content and DLC approach

    • I’m not sure i agree with your logic there, imported music for gameplay use would count as transformative workand therefore under a variation of fair use.

      Secondly i very much doubt “they” would sue Sony as they merely allow the game to be played and i also doubt the dev team would be liable either (on the basis that a store is not liable for crimes committed with their products).

      Finally, and more likely, this was stopped for one of 2 reasons;

      1. Importing music would mean saving to the hard drive which Sony have locked off this generation, or reading from usb which has proven to be a pain with other software due to making conventions and limitations.

      2. By locking off and selling tracks as DLC the dev team can make more money over time and keep their costs low, the hard part has been done so the DLC ensures return custom and extra cash flow, they most likely won’t see this sort of model on the PC version since modding is possible etc. So this becomes a way of protecting their investment and providing an income while working on other projects.

      I’m happy enough with this in this particular case as i honestly believe the game to be worth the funds and its not a AAA dev nickle and diming their customer base excessively, I’m a big proponent of voting with your wallet and this game gets my vote and most likely at least one further vote in the form of a DLC purchase.

    • Most of that “Exclusive” content will get modded into the PC version within a month lol.

    • @ThaBEN_NL They’ll probably mute the audio on the PS4 recordings anyway, like other games such as Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone do. So I really don’t see how custom songs would give any sort of legal issues.

      I’m pretty sure the problem is with the PS4 itself. I don’t think any game released on the PS4 has enabled custom songs of any kind. I know the WWE games used to allow custom songs for entrances on the PS3, as did KickBeat on the PS3. When those games made their way to the PS4, they removed that feature entirely, so it’s probably a technical problem, moreso than a legal one.

  • Will this game be download only or will it be a physical copy also ?

  • Oh yeah this game is definitely for me and my family? I waiting for this game a loooooot time….

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