New on PlayStation Store this week: Hitman 2, Déraciné, Tetris Effect and more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Hitman 2, Déraciné, Tetris Effect and more

Plus get your adrenaline pumping with explosive racer GRIP and survival horror The Forest

It’s once again time to check out this week’s new arrivals on PlayStation Store. Join Agent 47 in a new series of missions, make friends as an invisible faerie and join a biker gang and blow alien robots to pieces. All this, plus the rest of this week’s new arrivals are detailed below!

1. Hitman 2

Turn your imagination into a deadly weapon as you stealth through the action-packed Hitman 2! IO Interactive delivers early access to a brand new campaign, six new sandbox locations and a huge range of satisfying ways to execute the perfect assassination.

2. Déraciné

FromSoftware debuts its new PS VR adventure from Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. Play as an unseen faerie exploring a Victorian boarding school frozen in time. Piece together clues to connect with the children living at the school and uncover a captivating story.

3. Tetris Effect

Dive into a modern take on one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. Enhance Games has created over 30 colourful stages, each with unique music and a graphical style that evolves as you progress. You can also play this using PS VR – allowing you to truly immerse yourself in Tetris Effect’s mesmerising visuals and gameplay.

4. Steel Rats

If flame-throwing exhausts or sawblade wheels sound like your cup of tea, Steel Rats is the game for you. Tate Multimedia has fused 2.5D stunt bike side-scrolling with combat racing against the backdrop of a retro-futuristic city. Choose from four characters with unique abilities and heavy weaponry to suit all tastes.


Race through 22 deadly tracks in Caged Element’s gravity-defying high octane combat racer! Choose from a roster of 15 armoured cars with over-the-top weaponry to enjoy on your own or test your skills across local and online multiplayer.


6th November

9th November

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in November


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  • Wasnt Syren meant to be out tomorrow ? Bloody European PS store

  • hitman 2 gold out this week and hitman 2 out next week why mark on this blog since says 14th [DELETED] .

  • Played the first Hitman that had episodic mission and i really like it, definetly will get my hands on this one as well but i will wait as Black Friday and Christmas deals are closing by i don’t want to pay the full price for something that will drop it price in one month time maybe same thing that happend to this years Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Please fix the download queue on the web-browser version of the PlayStation Store.

  • Grip is the Rollcage spiritual successor, right? Cos I think I may need that.

  • Does anybody know the details about Hitman Gold edition content? There are two expantions (= two new lcoations). But Im not able to find info if this is day 1 expantion. Or if buying Gold edition Im basically just purchasing season pass and these two locations will be released later somewhen in the future?

  • Enhance should’ve just made more of Area X or at least put Lumines in there. Can’t believe I paid 500eur to play Tetris

  • Who may i ask dreamed up this weeks Rubbish still yet again no Neo Geo & No Longer i am i the only one who 4 months with a single release i think its time to buy an Xbox One they get released one after the other one every week the next batch of neo geo has just been announced.

    For Argument sake SCEE HQ is in London UK but probably has Offices through Out the Eu Either way it does not change the fact that the release Schedule over the last Six Months has been Dreadful for gamers in the EU region & Other PAL territories like Australia & New Zealand

    • What are you asking for, exactly? They released everything they could release. I’m seeing 65 games in the Store. Aren’t these enough for you? You know where to play the others.

    • Which ones are you waiting for that xbox has?

    • All the ones that have been since the end of June to present i got asked this Question sometime nothing became of it i have waited long enough some i did import some from the Japanese store but prefer the Eu Version but since i have become very convinced there not going to be released in the EU i have decide its time to buy an Xbox One unless you can tell me otherwise?

    • Go and buy an Xbox one. Enjoy all them exclusives the console is renowned for lol

    • & why not a lot of Gamer,s have Dumped Sony for Microsoft with a poor EU store line-up other the last year it comes as no Surprise either

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