Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition & Yakuza Kiwami are your PlayStation Plus games for November

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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition & Yakuza Kiwami are your PlayStation Plus games for November

Jackbox Party Pack 2, Arkedo Series, Burly Men At Sea & Roundabout round out the line-up

Happy Halloween, folks! To all those elbow-deep in a pumpkin right now, dribbling fake-blood across their faces or rehearsing the Monster Mash dance routine, we salute you!

If you’re looking to get your spook on with PlayStation this week, then why not check out PlayStation Store’s massive range of Halloween Discounts, get involved with FIFA 19’s FIFA Ultimate Scream or Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event.

Now, to the matter at hand! Let’s take a closer look at the games and why you shouldn’t miss out on this November’s excellent line-up.

Yakuza Kiwami

More than a decade on from its debut, the team behind the cult-hit Yakuza series returned to the roots of their generation-spanning saga with a complete remake of the PlayStation 2 original.

Yakuza Kiwami re-envisions the classic open-world crime saga for PlayStation 4, recreating Kamurocho’s atmospheric nightlife and brooding criminal under-belly with current-gen visuals, brand-new art work and updated combat mechanics.

If you’ve never had the chance to play a Yakuza title, then there’s no better place to start. A unique mixture of fearsome crime drama, slice-of-life social sim and arcade-style action beat ’em up, Yakuza Kiwami is an experience quite unlike any other.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

What’s better than beating the stuffing out of the bad guys? Doing it in style! This is pretty much the mantra that underpins this over-the-top, sci-fi shooter and it’s never looked or played better than in the expanded PS4 version.

You are Grayson Hunt, an exiled former bounty hunter on the quest for revenge. Stranded on the crumbling planet of Stygia with nothing but your trusty laser leash, you’ll need to tear you way through its hordes of mutated inhabitants and track down the commander who betrayed you.

The real twist is the additional points you’ll earn for taking down your opponents with the colourful creativity of an ’80s action movie hero. Lasso enemies with your futuristic whip, combo kill in quick succession or just kick them into a giant industrial turbine… whatever works for you, buddy.

Anything else?

Absolutely! Riding shotgun alongside the aforementioned you’ll also find two games each for PS3 and PS Vita (two of which you can also download for your PS4 as well). Put them together and the line-up looks like this:

You can download all these from PlayStation Store starting 6th November. In the meantime, why not check out October’s line-up to make sure there was nothing you missed:

That’s all for now – join us again next month to find out what big games will be coming to PS Plus in December and let us know how you get on with November’s games over on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Sorry for being off-topic, but can we get ANY response about the new censorship policy Sony is enforcing on eastern developers? Why is Sony all of a sudden now so keen on removing content, that nobody minded for years?

    For those, that do not know yet, Sony is forcing eastern devs to remove more risque content from their game localizations. And now they have moved a step above and are forcing Japanese developers to remove that kind of content from their games even in Japan!

    Even if you do not care about Japanese niche games, you should still be cautious. It may start in a small niche subgenre of games, that most people do not even know exist, but they may enforce rules on creativity in ANY game being sold on their platform. If you care about free artistic expression and you are against censorship, please share the news amongst like-minded playstation fans!

    • It’s not just niche anime games anymore. They’ve already forced censorship on breast physics in Warriors Orochi 4 and all japanese developers have to send their games to America for approval now, no matter what game and for which market.

      Sony has sold out to cultural imperialism.

    • Because some US games media and forums. You know that forum that bans free speech. Are offended by every single thing, which THEY don’t approve. ( Far cry 5 gamespot) You know the same minority who start witchhunts on twitter and other social media.

    • Dont be sorry. Sony aren’t. It’s a case of like it or lump it.

    • It is not censorship. In free market a private company has a full right to sell what and how they want. That’s how capitalism works.

      You can always buy your hentai games on Steam or elsewhere if you really want. I am happy that Sony actually curates the content available on their store, as opposed to Valve where they basically let every piece of garbage to be sold as long as they get their 30% cut.

    • I feel like this will be like Fortnite, they’ Cave in eventually

    • Even tough they have full right to do so, it does not mean they should. Nobody had any problem with risqe games untill now and many people bought into Playstation, because it was heaven for niche games that one could not play anywhere else. If I did not care about Playstation, I would not be trying to raise awareness about this, but I do. I grew up with Playstation hardware and still prefer it over other platforms. Seeing as they are forcing their ideology on games, they did not have any problems with up untill recently is upsetting for many fans.

      And I am all for curating low quality content from the platform, but having games like Life of Black Tiger, Skylight Freerange 2 and countless asset flip beat-em-ups does not set the bar too high. (altough I have to agree, that there is much less junk than on Steam)

    • @Kub

      Having to remove content like it was the case in Senran Kagura is literally censorship. Not letting a game release on their platform is not necessarily censorship depending on the reasons. In the case of Omega Labyrinth Z it was pretty much ready to release (a localisation mind you, already on platform) when they got told “no” so that as well is pretty much censorship as well.

      Mind you, these games aren’t hardcore (“hentai”) in the slightest, it’s just plain fanservice stuff that’s been around for ages on Sony’s platforms (including previous titles of the series). Games like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 1 or GTAV have more explicit stuff than them.

      Nintendo has been criticised for censorship for a long time so it’s bizarre that Sony would go this way.

      E: Just to add. It would be such a shame to see smaller developers abandon the platform completely because of the new policies regarding submitting the game.

    • The labyrinth game wasn’t allowed because you were actively molesting explicitly underage (for Europe/US) girls. Not because of some prudish “censorship” against “adult” content or them stopping “creative freedom”. In GoW everyone is an adult.

      But any form of age rating is also “censorship”. Censorship is a thing when you’re a company who lives within the laws and legal structure of society. “They’re censoring molesting children today, tomorrow they’ll be censoring everything” doesn’t really work as they’re only censoring illegal to depict things.

      Also the breast physics are still in place in Orochi (and soul calibur). At least they were yesterday..

    • @Misery

      From what I’ve seen most of the fanservice is about breast expansion and little do with molesting – a lot of basic fanservice stuff, really. Also like I said, the localisation was only stopped at the last minute before releasing so they did bunch of work for nothing. Are you mixing it with Senran Kagura? (and I must remind that the same feature that had to be censored has already been in previous games(!) – uncensored). Also to note is that Senran Kagura girls are mostly 16-18 with two 21 and one character who is 15 (in the censored game). XSEED actually had to deal with this stuff previously and as I recall they just hid the ages (or just upped some) because you really can’t tell what age the fictional characters are.

      You should also check out gal*gun that’s on PS4 uncensored. This is just a completely new out of the blue policy that doesn’t really have anything to do with laws. Or have some laws recently changed so that the previous titles were fine as to now they’re not? We also have plenty of Japanese games with fanservice outfits for young characters that seem to be completely fine.

      Age rating is not censorship. Age rating is just a guideline. Millions of kids have played GTA despite the 18+ tag, likewise for CoD, BF and whatnot.

      And as a sidenote, Omega Labyrinth is hopping over to Switch in hopes of getting localised uncensored and if not that, then Steam where it will most definitely be uncensored (so I guess laws won’t apply to them, or something).

    • I’ll be getting switch then. Sony you can ram your censorship.

  • gonna get that Duke Nukem addon for Bulletstorm..

    see you next month, when we get to complain again

  • I’m pleased they’re getting rid of the PS3 and Vita stuff as it’s usually rubbish now.

    • Well in an ideal world they could just give us decent games and not garbage, especially considering they raised the price.

      But yeah at this point who cares, hardly gonna miss them when they’re like this

  • Already own Kiwami but it’s still great to see it on Plus. More people deserve to play these games.

  • They’re both really fun games. Too bad I’ve already played them but great for anyone that hasn’t.

  • Sorry Sony, but we knew about them already a month now, after the leak…. Ups, better be more careful next time.

  • It is unbelievable that graphic content is not allowed yet others are allowed in Asia. Even some US stuff gets censored in EU. It’s a snowflake regime. Stop all graphic content then but hold on, that means it will impact on your biggest games and your income for all the executives. Disgusting

  • Too many months in a row I feel like I have to comment on the PlayStation plus. Another Month of games I already own from release. Please Sony for those who just want the online stuff etc without the free games offer us PlayStation plus for like £20 for a year. I don’t want the free games. I buy on day of release.

  • Little better than last month but those fillers like roundabout,burly men, etc. is pure trash.

  • Fine I guess. Don’t like FPS games but enjoyed Bulletstorm when I had it on PS3 (which it too was a PS Plus freebie) so may replay that. I’m not into Yakuza at all. Tried them, didn’t like them.

  • Oooh. I had a friend telling me to check out Bulletstorm just last week – this is like a sign from Ra :) Thanks, looking forward to this month’s games!

  • Nice PS4 games but why PS3 always gets bad stuff ???!

  • Bulletstorm is brilliant, enjoy all those who haven’t played it. I myself will be looking forward to Yakuza, never tried that before. And I almost bought Burly Men a little while back, glad I waited now! Nice month.

  • Quite honestly think it’s disgusting how sonys approach to getting rid of ps3 and vita titles is: “Let’s give them the worst titles possible so they won’t care when we get rid of them.”

    Do they think we’re stupid? It’s so obvious that this is what they are doing. A decent company that cared about its user base would go: “Ok, ps3 and vita titles are going, sorry about that, but let’s give you some great titles so we can end on a high.”

  • Remember when we used to get decent Vita games, seems like such a long time ago now…

    Seriously Sony, how about rewarding those of use who stuck by the system with a few AAA titles before you remove it from +, it can’t be like they are flying off the store front at this point. A couple of decent RPGS or something would be a fitting way to end the systems tenure don’t you think.

    • I dunno about that. I love my Vita but i can’t stand RPGs. :P

    • JRPGS/RPGS are the games that come to mind when thinking about Vita for me, but there are plenty of other choices that would be just as acceptable if you can think of any that haven’t already been on +. DQ Builders, Danganrompa or Shovel Knight maybe…or some shmups would also work.

  • PS3 is trash as usual. It’s far from as good as Xbox 360 offerings. Also. These PS3 games isn’t even to keep forever, while the far better games on Xbox 360 is free to keep forever. Even the upgraded 360 games for Xbox One X is free to keep forever.

    Xbox 360 got Dante’s Inferno and Assassins Creed (Custom upgraded to run at native 4K etc.)

    You never see UBI, EA etc. upgrading PS3 games for PS4 Pro for free.

  • Nice to see a month’s notice on these games even if it was an accident or not….nothing is more annoying than having just purchased a game to see it appear on the free listing a few days later. Nice games this time I’m actually looking forward to playing both the PS4 and even a PS3 game! Gasp! Now keep this up sony and you might just make up for the last 2 years of meh.

  • Despite a glitch or ten I had a lot fun with roundabout on the vita.

  • Excited to play Yakuza for the first time i always put that series on hold and now as part of PlayStation plus i will finally see whats what. And who knows maybe this series will have another fan after trying it..

  • i would like to get bulletstorm as this months free game but it wants to charge me £34.99 for it, even though i have playstation plus membership, how come???

  • Seriously Sony, getting tired of old PS3 titles given the PS4 treatment and you give em to us for free on the Plus. Most have already played these Remastered titles back on the PS3 and Bulletstorm was a free PS3 title also. You increased the price of plus and for this? As others have noticed the PS3 & Vita titles are nearly always terrible now and show no sign of improving. We don’t even get major PS3/Vita sales anymore either. What people don’t realise is when they do remove PS3 and Vita titles from the Plus, they have no obligation to give us 6 free games anymore. Read the small print PSN users, they can change the conditions of Plus at any time. So in reality they can just give us 2 PS4 titles per month and that’s it. All i see is a money making company who just wanna be even more greedy as time passes on.

  • Oh, dear Sony… It is because I loved you that I feel the need to keep stressing your errors in this and not be another complacent fanboy. Now bear with my deficient english and for the big picture, let’s say there are two groups represented here : PS+ lovers, and PS+ haters. The fair thing to do would be to seperate online costs from that PS+ subscription. The current model is entirely advantageous to the PS+ lover (who is gonna get PS+ regardless and essentially gets online free with it) and entirely discriminative against the PS+ hater (who is forced to subscribe to PS+ to get to play online).

    So instead of making the PS+ lover dish out an extra cost for seperate online, they’re making the PS+ hater pay for that difference by forcing online on them exclusively via PS+, an entirely unrelated rental service that makes up most of the combined cost… Months, years on end. How do they not see the error in that? And gamers, how is it that we keep being okay with this discriminative behaviour but make a fuss out of optional lootboxes or what not? Please wake up and make them mend the errors of their ways. Because clearly they’re not going to get to their senses by themselves, the ill-gotten and petty PS+ profits made sure of that. We’ve seen the power of social media today, so it’s up to us really to keep this industry and these companies in check.

  • Well, i’m certainly a little bit peeved right now. I just not too long ago went and bought the disc version of Yakuza Kiwami online. If i would’ve known sooner that it is on PS Plus, i would’ve only bought just Kiwami 2 (i bought both at the same time). Currently downloading the digital version as a base, for whenever the ordered games arrived on Post.

    • I really hate to say this but they let slip about ps4 games a month ago so if you ordered it in the last few weeks it’s your fault for not looking online as it was reported by a lot of places

  • I can’t add in the basket Burly Men at Sea… Neither of the choose a version options .. won’t work ! I tried PlayStation App .. desktop version … I can’t add it to the basket.

  • Wow, so bulletstorm does not work. Why give us a game that you can’t play online? Shocking *slow clap*

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