Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for PS4

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for PS4

Download Rockstar's epic from PlayStation Store before 29th October to claim extra gear and cash to use in-game

We are excited to announce that Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available worldwide for PlayStation 4.

From Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America at the dawn of the modern age.

Download Red Dead Redemption 2 from PlayStation Store by 29th October and you’ll also get the pre-order bonuses including The War Horse, The Outlaw Survival Kit and bonus cash for Story mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will also include access to Red Dead Online. Launching initially as a public beta this November, Red Dead Online is the evolution of the classic multiplayer experience in the original Red Dead Redemption, blending narrative with competitive and cooperative gameplay in fun new ways.

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  • PS4 Pro version looks blurry, I know its not native 4K but I’ve played several checkerboard games that all looked sharp compared to this, playing on a 65″ 4K HDR Samsung.

    • It’s not blurry, it’s called anti-aliasing, which removes sharp, jaggy edges.

    • Anti aliasing shouldn’t look blurry, especially not at HD or above resolutions.

    • This isn’t an anti aliasing issue at all, it’s a poor execution of checkerboard rendering, many games have done it very well like HZD and GoW but even non exclusives like AC Origins and Odyssey or Battlefield 1 or Far Cry 5 or For Honor didn’t run at true 4K but all still looked great on a big tv.

      Even some gaming websites have remarked about the bad implementation of 4K checkerboard rendering in RDR2 for PS4 Pro.

      Maybe they added some FXAA as a post process but it doesn’t look like that imho, I wish it was tho as that would be simple to fix.

    • I think its just first 30 minuetes of the game which is blurry, (because of air condition), after that it is sharp for me!

    • Yeah I noticed the haze/mist in the first area and hoped it was just atmospherics that but I see it in everything else too unfortunately ☹️, don’t get me wrong, I’m still playing and still enjoying it but can’t help noticing the blurryness, on day 1 it actually gave me a headache as I think my eyes were trying to focus the image and couldn’t lol ?

    • I’ve not seen it first hand, but I have seen a multitude of posts online mentioning the blurriness on the Pro version.

    • Well, the game still looks amazing, does it really matter?

      Most gamers are so shallow now in that they only care about graphics.

    • It does but I’d happily lose some details or view distance for a nice clear image ??

    • Yeah, I can confirm this. Turning off the HDR fixed the issue for me but the Sdr version looks worse so there is a trade off…

      Why they added the blurryness is beyond me. People have amazing tvs these days, soften and blurry fx are unnecessary. I would also add that the dynamic resolution is pretty annoying, it goes down to 1080p when Im alone in the wilderness, why?

      Rockstar dropped the ball on this game and Playstation is not getting their moneys worth on this deal, the pro version runs badly too.

      Its irritating because they took 8 years to make this sometimes ps3 looking game, it is slow and very boring at times… Look at AC Odyssey, it looks incredible on pro and has twice the mpcs running arround and characters dont look like ps2.

      Dont buy this until the pro version is patched. Its a great game thats runs like a Bethesda game if you know what I mean.

    • Westerns are meant to be slow-paced though, the main story is around 60 hours long so it doesn’t need to show everything in the first few hours. Red Dead Redemption 2’s graphics are some of the best of any multiplatform game on PS4, plus it’s a very large open-world game so some sacrifices in visuals have to be made if you don’t want to play at 12fps.

  • Playstation giving incentives to try beating sales records. It probably will, everyone is playing

    • Strangely I’m not blown away by it like I expected, last 2 games I bought (Spiderman and AC Odyssey) I played tons, completed them both and got the platinums but although I played RDR2 most of Friday I could easily play something else today and return to it in a few days time, it’s a good game but just hasn’t hooked me like I thought it would.

      (I am distracted a little with the graphics as I mentioned in my post above so maybe that has spoiled it a little for me, not sure)

    • Maybe it’s like Horizon was for me, slow start put soon starts to pick up.

    • Not blown away either, its a great game, just below AC Odyssey. Far from Game of the year 2018.

  • There’s something wrong with the HDR in this game.

    • Turn it off, Rockstar are noobs when it comes to HDR.

      Dear Rockstar,

      please take a full day at Guerrilla games or at Insomniac and learn how to make HDR pop out. Play these games and see where you went wrong.

      I remember when Rockstar cojldnt do a bad choice but I see now that they are out of touch almost like Nintendo is.

  • It is? Might check it out 6 years later like I did the last one. It got 10s across the board like the last one though so I know its not the “greatest game of all time” lol or for me, not the even greatest game of one quarter of 2018 either then.

  • Can you do something about the feed notifications spamming by this game?

    I keep getting the same notifications that someone “started playing the game”. Which is fine, but it sends the same “started playing the game” every hour they play over and over and over.

  • Game is just amazing.

  • The game looks stunning. I’m one of the people who have a pro but not a 4K tv. So i’m Not leaning on the half way house fake 4K the pro produces. I’m just getting the finest possible image quality on a 1080p. Performance is solid. HDR apparently isn’t very well done but then I don’t have that. Next gen will be 4K time…

  • Greatest game of all time!

  • Never seen a game as beautiful as this!

  • The detail is amazing and the world in it feels alive like never before and it’s amazing in so many ways but I have been having trouble with the controls… I don’t know if it’s because it’s my first real Rockstar experience on ps4 (played gta5 on ps4 a bit but already played it so much on ps3, and I don’t remember having this problem there) but the controls feel really awkward to me… I’ve been messing around with it for 2 days now and if I change anything from default it feels even weirder, and on default it feels slow and ‘floaty’ (similar to Rockstar animations in general). I think it may be related to those aim/look acceleration and dead zone tinkering options, as I’ve had similar trouble with games that offered those kind of options. I’ve always felt the dead zone on PS4 joysticks felt a little awkward but in this game it feels really weird. When I play in the default camera mode (that shows only his upper body) it feels the most ‘natural’ (though too slow) to me and it feels like the camera was made for that option; but when I play on my prefered camera mode (the one after default that shows the entire character including the legs) or anything else, the controls feel even more off somehow… Normally I just put the sensitivity on the highest and that works for me, but on PS4 I’ve experienced a lot of trouble with that and dead zones etc. and in this game it seems even more prevalent. I miss the days where the only options I had were general sensitivity and I only had to max it out to get it feeling right…

    • Try to lower the deadzone until 0, and then raise the other 3 or 2 bars a little bit up. I’m playing Cod and RDR2 aiming is so slow for me after that. With these options, you can aim much faster.

    • Oh yea thx, I don’t think I actually tried putting the dead zone lower yet, only been increasing things above default :p And I’ve pretty much been playing BF1 for the last half year too (always on max sensitivity too and in BF it’s crazy fast) so that might have something to do with it as well, that’s it’s just a matter of getting accustomed to it… Don’t know really. It’s far from unplayable or anything but doesn’t feel quite right to me so far.

      EDIT : Ok I’ve been trying out different combinations for hours on end and finally seem to have found something that works better. For some reason the Camera Follow Level seems to be the culprit or at least an accomplice. Eventhough it should only have an effect while moving, I definitely feel the difference in levels even while standing still and free looking. Putting it on low follow level (high is default) makes the general free looking controls feel a bit less awkward in my experience. It’s extremely subtle and honestly I’m not even sure myself whether I’m imagining it or not. On the downside I have less control and awareness during horse rides and sprinting but free looking is far more important than those.

  • Please fix the Ps4 pro version.

    Looks great the 15 first minutes when the console is fresh then the dynamic resolution starts ruining the game little by little. Embarrassing as rockstar has a flawless reputation and the fact that Sony let them release this is just false advertising. Also the HDR needs a fix Rockstar, take a lesson from sony studios please.

  • Hi rockstar I’m so glad that you haven’t Censored the game or bullied from a certain platform holder.

    I bought the ultimate edition for what I seen, I haven’t play much is a good looking game. I’m looking doing the challenges.

  • Guess i am the only one thats not playing it i was never into the wild west u would rather spend that amount of money on Ghost of Tsushima when it comes out. But i hope everyone who waited for this game is having a great time

  • It’s out, is it? Interesting… ?

  • Have to say I’m actually disappointed by this game, yes it’s probably the most beautiful game I have ever played but, the controls are SO bad, and I mean bad. They kill the whole game for me.

  • On the fence for this un. Should have loved the 1st(ticked all the right boxes) but just didnt gel with me. Have a feeling this will be the same. Hope all those who have stuffed this in there respective saddlebags enjoy the mosseing…………..CONVINCE ME TO BUY IT YOU SLACK JAWWED YOKELS.


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