New on PlayStation Store this week: Red Dead Redemption 2, Castlevania Requiem, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Red Dead Redemption 2, Castlevania Requiem, more

Plus My Hero One’s Justice, Resonance of Fate: 4K/HD Edition and more

It’s been an incredible year for gamers, and this week is no exception! Give into your rebellious side as you join a band of wild west outlaws, hunt down Dracula and his minions in a pair of classic platformers or don a flashy hero costume and do battle with iconic manga characters.

These fantastic games pretty much speak for themselves, so let’s jump straight into it!

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Unholster your gun and prepare to live out your wildest gunslinger fantasies in this highly anticipated action adventure from Rockstar Games. Step into the shoes of outlaw Arthur Morgan of the Van der Linde gang, and attempt to survive life on the run after a botched heist.

2. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood

Revisit two of the greatest side-scrolling platformers of all time on PlayStation Store this week. Journey through Dracula’s treacherous castle in Rondo of Blood as Richter Belmont, the descendant of a famous vampire hunter clan. Then shapeshift your way through the classic Symphony of the Night as Dracula’s son, Alucard.

3. My Hero: One’s Justice

Be a righteous hero of justice or channel your dark side as a havoc-wreaking villain in Bandai Namco’s new 3D arena fighter. Choose from a roster of iconic characters and work with your sidekicks to lay waste to the opposition.

4. Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition

Resonance of Fate

Tri-Ace’s Resonance of Fate has gotten a complete HD overhaul, so get ready to launch yourself into battle like a majestic gun-wielding acrobat – while trying to survive in a world that’s on the brink of ruin.

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  • I’m gonna replay me some classic Castlevania – Symphony of the Night and enjoy the Black Cat DLC for Spider-Man I already paid for. :D If I have the time, cos I’m incredibly busy this week but yeah. :D

  • Rocksmith dlc for this week is 80’s mix song pack VI featuring Poison, A-Ha and Georgia satellites.

  • Played Resonance of Fate on PS3. It’s quite good, so I’ll eventually get it for PS4.

    Very tempted about My Hero, but I’m not sure if it looks polished enough for me to get it full price.

    • I played it at Eurogamer Expo last month. The game is fun, though its pretty simple if that turns you off.

    • I appreciate your reply.

      Yeah, it does look fun and generally, I don’t mind simple games, but if it’s full price with only a few characters and not many modes, then it’s a tough decision, even though I like My Hero Academia a lot.

    • Resonance is a great game, wish I could play it, theyve botched the release and forgotten to put it up.

    • You gotta be kidding me first we get a delay from the 18 to today that was barely announced and now its still not up.

    • Hopefull Resonance of Fate will be released in all countries in Europe soon. Really wanted to play this game and then they just don’t release it in every country

  • Today it’s been 4 months without any new Aca neogeo releases. For the Playstation that is, Xbox and Switch has gotten a steady flow of new titles. From now on i’m gonna buy those titles on Xbox, i’m tired of waiting for them to come out on Ps4.

    • Not playstation fault it’s the company sales them . Switch hasn’t got anymore of them as well

    • Since june 21st the Switch has gotten 18 aca neogeo titles according to hamster’s website. (In Europe).

    • I second that its becoming more & more clearer that Sony Eu has ended there life Span but you can open a Japan account where they Still Available they have a English version add for the Asian terrorizes so its fairly localized i don,t mean to be to insensitive i would not know about your country

  • Great Week, MudRunner American Wilds DLC and RDR2 are already waiting on the hard drive to be played.

    • Ok, so you’re one of the guys who regularly bash EA for scummy business practices, but will you do the same thing to Rockstar when they add MTX to this? Remember, this game is owned by a publisher run by the parent company, Take-Two Interactive. Please don’t forget the fact we’re dealing with a publisher that, like EA pulls off with their annual sports titles (and sadly their well known IPs), gets away with monetizing both the NBA2K franchise (V-currency MTX) and Grand Theft Auto V (Shark Cards plus other GTA Online additional in-game purchases).

      Both EA and Take-Two’s CEO’s like to make up garbage PR statements about how they think “loot boxes aren’t gambling” or something like that. 2K Games even begged the residents of Belgium to contact their government officials to appeal banning loot boxes from their country. Not only does that greatly reinforce the fact that they are such a money-lusting company, but no gamer living in that nation was dumb enough to do that in the first place. If you were to bring up that situation to a logical person with a high IQ and a solid noggin, I guarantee you they will respond saying “2K was asking Belgian residents to rip them off”. Of course, this is not what Take-Two actually said to them, but it doesn’t take an arm and a leg to know that’s what they implied.

    • I get a great game here (60h big single player content), which is well worth the price. I do not play (or invest money) in their shabby pay2win gta (and most likely future rdr2) multiplayer crap nor do I buy or play their other chock-full of loot crates/ micro-transactions games like the 2K series. And I stopped supporting EA years ago.

    • I think the massive fact you forget is that Rockstar make ground breaking innovative and above all else incredible video games, EA stopped making games of any decent quality over ten years ago.

  • Tri-ace announced the revised release day of 23rd October for Resonance of Fate, and now you’re listing it as Tuesday the 25th which doesn’t even exist so when exactly is it releasing, Tuesday or Thursday?

    • Well doesn’t matter to me. Apparently Sweden isn’t in on the PS4 version but the PS3 is still there. ??‍♂️

    • Im more concerned about the fact it says “(Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland & UK)”. Does that mean its not actually releasing in entire of EU or is it only releasing in those regions on that date instead of the 23rd? (Whatever it is since the date seem wrong in general, and won’t get an answer).

    • OMG if it doesnt release in czech republic im gonna raise hell. Its late, its more expensive and its not even in the whole region? This is a complete travesty and the lack of transparency and information is just completely unacceptable. Had I known this, I would have bought the game on steam last week. Jesus what is this.

    • @Rawans probably means only those countries. Done so before. I’m kinda upset. Especially since it’s been released before.

    • @Rildiz It doesnt even say that key word ONLY. There is one other game where it lists countries and ONLY. They cant even get their newsletter consistent. Dont even get me started on Tuesday 25th. The games official twitter said tuesday so whats going on.

      I cant believe this, honestly.

  • Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams (Not in Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Netherlands …..

    why not ?????

    (Wales Interactive VR Bundle = Time carnage VR and Dont know twice VR) for people who were wondering

  • RDR2 for me can’t wait play game two discs if that true Rockstar games RDR2 going outsell that crappy game cod black opes 4 which that got less content when RDR2 got way way more content can’t wait to play .

    • Did you just compare RDR2 , only single player, with CoD, only multiplayer? How, and why? Why do people keep doing this, I dont get it, why does it matter what other people play? I havent played the new CoD and I doubt you have played it either? And less content, all I have read is that Black Ops 4 got tons of content and more coming?

    • RDR2’s single player only? the online feature of the first game was the only half decent entertaining thing about it.

      ah it’s not. there’s a Red Dead Online coming.

    • You must be trolling.

    • Unfortunately Maaden_Swe there’s no such thing as a single-player only Rockstar game any more. I suppose there never will be again, not when Rockstar are probably making more money with their shark card microtransactions than they have from any of their single-player games.

    • It is actually easy to compare, Rockstar make amazing quality games, Activision just make terrible games. Videogames do not have to be the same genre to be comparable, quality shines through!

  • October 25th isnt tuesday. I just wanna play the game man….who runs this site…

  • Dakar 18 came out almost a month ago… RDR2 for me!

  • So has Sony Eu failed to formal announce that The Arcade Archives & its parent Neo Geo Archives has final been removed from the European i don,t understand this Rubbish that They where being released like hamsters then suddenly disappeared Has Microsoft,s European Branch brought the full rights that prevents Sony EU releasing them.It Seems incredible Strange that they from one a week then to six in one Month then to none at all & that they keep appearing on the Japanese Store I am somewhat confused

    • Removed? I still see plenty of them in my PSN wishlist as still being available for purchase.

    • What a bunch of lies. I literally wrote “arcade archives” in the Store like 30 seconds ago and i’m getting 42 results. “aca neogeo” is literally giving me 66 results. Try harder next time?

    • I was referring about the more recent titles that have appeared on Xbox one & Switch the fact remains that the existing could be removed in the near future if Sony EU feel the need

  • Red Dead II reminds me of my trip to Amsterdam. A flat map with a bunch of weed and everybody is excited bout the horse

  • Also what will happen to the resonance of fate preorder bonuses? Are we just shafted as always here in EU? Paying extra for lesser services…

  • Nobody gonna play “PAW Patrol is on a roll!” ? Just love that name

    Im excited about Pipe, really dont know why, its really ugly looking, but I just wanna try it out, see if they got the controls nailed like it needs to be.

    Also think Im gonna wait for RDR2, I dont really feel like it right now, gonna wait until its winter and lots of snow outside

  • This weeks Store Highlights Not Available just about every country but why is it the same countries that get targeted every time Australia being the favorite

  • Spider-Man DLC is available right now. Downloading. Nah I’m not gonna go to bed just yet. I have a date with Black Cat. :D

  • Please fix the download queue for PS3 and Vita content in the web browser Store.

  • rdr2 is the only game that matters

  • RESONANCE OF FATE 4K/HD EDITION (Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland & UK)

    They don’t want our money or something?

  • OK, what the heck is up with that Resonance of Fate release?! I was really looking forward to play it last week. Now I was looking forward playing it tonight. But apparantly it is in Limbo now for half of Europe. More info please!

    • Bsed on the fact that the blog says Tuesday 25th and it’s slap bang in the middle of the 23rd releases and says the 25th leads me to believe the release date was changed at the very last minute and they had to hastily change the blog.

    • Wouldve been nice to, like, tell us. Ive also been waiting for the game. How hard is it to release something on time?

  • Having a US account must be nice. Not only do they actually get more games on time, but also for cheaper. Looking at Soul calibur VI, its 60 dollars hey thats alright. In the czech store is 80 mothertrucking dollars. Why? I have no clue.

    Good riddance europe I will make my purchases elsewhere, this has been the proverbial last straw.

    Also good job at censoring video games from Japan.

  • Where the hell is Resonance of Fate? We already had to wait an extra week and now you just haven’t put it on the store? What is actually going on?

  • Can you please inform users of release date changes first? Seen this happen far too many times, and now Resonance of Fate was mysteriously changed from Tuesday 23rd October, to Tuesday 25th October (lol) to Thursday 25th October.

    I’m fully aware that release date changes are out of your hands, but informing people totally isn’t.

  • Remember when they would actually answer on issues on here and blog posts had less errors? Good times

    • Oh yeah. Gold old days, back with Jawad or Fred. They may not have been answering everything, or be allowed to, but at least they had a presence and answered some questions. This is just embarrassing at this point. Even the NA blog gets SOME answers now and then.

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