6 advanced tactics for dominating the battlefield in PS VR tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour

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6 advanced tactics for dominating the battlefield in PS VR tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour

Developer First Contact Entertainment hails its growing community and shares expert tips

Hi guys, it’s Shabs here from First Contact Entertainment – the developers behind Firewall Zero Hour, the PS VR-exclusive 4v4 tactical shooter!*

It’s been almost two months since launch, and what a ride it’s been! In the time since then, we have received so much awesome feedback from the amazing PS VR community.

We have loved seeing all of your hilarious videos, showcasing your many styles of gameplay, teamwork, and communication.

From sleuthing out signal modifiers together, to crazy grenade hi-jinks, to entire matches being played with pre-organised team rules like “knife-play only” – we absolutely enjoy seeing every minute of your creativity!

We’ve been listening closely to your feedback along the way. Since launch, we’ve released new updates to the game, improving things like matchmaking wait times, squad matchmaking, and the customisation with Crypto process.

We are working on continued improvements to the game such as dealing with AFK players, weapon offset options, anti-aliasing for PS4 Pro, and more.

Firewall Zero HourFirewall Zero Hour


We also launched our first DLC this week, featuring brand new cosmetics like weapon skins, face paints, and trinkets. Check it out below! We think you’ll especially be into the Halloween face paint, which will be free for PS Plus members** and available to download for a limited time only (23/10 to 1/11).

Next, we are excited to share with you some of our team’s favourite tactics for the game, in a new episode of Firewall Zero Hour 101: Advanced Techniques. See below:

Additionally, we wanted to list out some of our other favourite strategies that did not make it into the Advanced Techniques video. Perhaps you’ve already been experimenting with some of these, if not, we highly recommend you do:

  1. As a Defender, coordinate with your team to equip both signal modifiers and doorblockers, in a map that lets you get real sneaky with them. You can influence an enemies path using door blockers.
  2. One favorite custom loadout is set-up from a medic support approach. In this loadout, you bring in a Revive Pistol with Smoke Grenades. If you have a friendly who is need of a revive, pop a Smoke Grenade and then target your downed teammate with the Revive Pistol. This increases the likelihood of your teammate having a chance to take cover, using the smoke as concealment after being revived.
  3. Experiment with setting out a mine and then setting out another mine a few feet away, so that when an enemy passes near one of the mines and hears it beeping, they run away from the first mine and accidentally run into the second mine. Boom.
  4. Having Nala on your team (whose Primary Skill of Ghost inhibits the setting off mines), is an effective counter strategy against any Contractor on the opposing team that may have equipped the Instant Karma skill. With Instant Karma equipped, a player’s corpse is rigged with an armed proximity mine.
  5. Flanking can be a crucial strategy when timed right. Pulling off an effective flank requires a combination of communication, teamwork, and timing. If you are trying to pull off a flank, and you need your teammates to make some noise and pull the enemies attention elsewhere, let them know; it could mean the difference between a win, and a loss.
  6. Okoro, whose Primary Skill of Heavy Duty resists explosive damage, is a powerful component of any team. And when you add Bullet Sponge to him as a Secondary Skill, he is extremely useful to a Defending team.

Thanks again for playing the game and making the launch such an amazing experience. We are committed to supporting Firewall Zero Hour long-term with continued updates and DLC. Keep sending us your feedback on our official Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. See you online, Contractors!

Firewall Zero Hour

*An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including Single Player Training Mode. An active PS Plus membership is required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.

**Halloween face paint available only for active PS Plus members

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  • I love this game.wish I was better at it! Hopefully these tips will help. Is there plans for an offline mode?

  • Awesome game. Keep up the good work. Please, please, please sort out the host migration and notifying the player who’s hosting!

    Also, contractor editing, and adding squad members from the game lobby would be cool ?

  • Advanced technique #7 Turn your mic on, its built into your headset so no excuses.

  • If FCE implement best of 3/5 round matches, sort out the host issue, and maybe add something like a firing range in the lobby to keep people occupied while waiting, then I think this could be a GOTY contender.

  • Game needs improving on the shooting, animations, VR sensors & put in rounds so the waiting isn’t so bad, once you die you’ll go back to the lobby.. Some people just end up AFK & don’t get back in time because of long waits caused by lobby after each quick game.

    Shooting / animations / VR sensors, I know the game is going for realistic so weapons hit the wall etc..

    But god I hate aiming down sights in this game, even in the video in this article its like your just blind firing from the hip.. The red dot is so god damn annoying, only really works after few moments of messing around trying to find where your aiming down sights / no where near aiming down sights IRL. So your holding your Aim Controller at the same spot relative to the VR headset, take a step back & the game will track that the gun is further away from you.. More annoying is just at random the tracking of the aim controller will just go sideways on you. Long with gun being to high, low, little movements to look down sight / a lot of adjustment to see the red dot correctly..

    The gun/DS4 tracking is really what puts me off this game at this time, just wishing for say 2 move controllers hell even bring back the Navi controller Sony in give it full motion tracking. Well game is pretty damn awesome, just needs some improvements.

    Overall, I feel PSVR is best as a sitting experience, standing up in FW:ZH I didn’t really notice any advange other than getting a tiny bit motion sickness when standing at rare moments. While also feeling like a chore standing up playing a game where a decent amount of time is waiting / lobby.

    Not like leaning a bit further does anything so sitting down in this game = best experience but tracking needs work in the game as all other titles work perfectly fine that I’ve tried. / VR set up at the start, aim gun at hip, aim gun down sights etc.. would help I think.

    Love me some good PVP VR experiences so keep up the good work, hope to see some awesome improvements to this title.

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