Battlefield V’s single-player anthology War Stories lets you experience WW2 from multiple perspectives

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Battlefield V’s single-player anthology War Stories lets you experience WW2 from multiple perspectives

Get to grips with the shooter's mechanics, classes and more with a collection of stories told from multiple sides of the war

In addition to massive multiplayer warfare, Battlefield V lets you experience World War 2 through the eyes of men and women who helped change the world forever. War Stories are an anthology of single-player tales that will take you on a global journey – from the frozen mountains of Norway to the searing deserts of North Africa. Each story is unique, unexpected, and unforgettable.

The Battlefield V team’s goal was to avoid the familiar portrayals of WW2, breaking fresh ground and bringing unknown stories to light. The focus is on “different voices, different nationalities, and different adventures” according to Eric Holmes, the War Stories design director at DICE.

This new anthology of War Stories is introduced by Mark Strong, who lends his familiar voice to the prologue and trailer and help sets the tone for Battlefield V. As Strong put it, “There is an attempt to create an emotion in the player and viewer that accesses how we feel about war in general, what it does to people, what it means, even though it has, in terms of gameplay, elements of thrill about it, of excitement and danger.”

Your war stories

What will you be able to play at launch (or shortly after)? The Prologue will give you a great introduction to the world of Battlefield V as you take on the roles of multiple World War 2 characters and sample the Classes, vehicles, and weapons you’ll experience in the game.

Under No Flag is an amazing redemption story set in the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Section. Tirailleur focuses on the Senegalese units of the French Colonial Forces and their battles in the south of France. The Last Tiger (scheduled for December of 2018) takes a look at the waning days of the war from the perspective of a Tiger tank crew.

And then there’s Nordlys, set during the occupation of Norway in 1940. The German army is building something dangerous in the blisteringly cold mountains. Something secret, something that could change the course of the war. And it’s up to you to stop them.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this War Story and what you’ll face in the land of the Northern Lights.

The coldest war

Step into the boots of a young Norwegian resistance fighter, rising up against German forces both to help free her country from occupation and to save her captured mother. She will have to brave the numbing cold of an arctic winter and face overwhelming odds to succeed.

Discover the German force’s plans are plotting at the heavy water plant, sabotage their plans, and free your mother – but most importantly, don’t get caught.

Strike hard, move fast

While there are multiple ways for you to achieve your goals in Nordlys and complete this critical mission, the keys will be stealth, intelligence, and the use of very precise (and quiet) weapons.

Your character’s expertise on skis will keep her one step ahead of the enemy, and allow her to sneak past their forts and patrols. Her single-shot weapons will require more precision but are less likely to raise any alarms. Your pair of throwing knives, easily hurled as you speed past enemies, will make sure they never know what hit them.

Make too much noise by failing to wipe out or sneak past the German forces you encounter, and you’ll soon find yourself up against even greater odds. Don’t give enemies a chance to call in reinforcements, or you’ll face far tougher fights.

And remember, keep moving. Your greatest foe is the surrounding frozen landscape, and hypothermia will end your resistance just as effectively as a bullet.

Are you ready to fight for your home, your family, and your people in this untold story of World War 2?

Deploy on PS4 starting 15th November for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and 20th November for the Battlefield V Standard Edition.

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  • An entire DICE patented 2 hour campaign mode??? NOW I’m on board, I wasn’t the past 5 years but NOW, for the first time this gen, take my money DICE and EA. And on the amazingly bland Frostbite engine where every game and human character look identical? It must be my birthday.

    But in all seriousness

  • What’s this smell? Oh, Electronic Farts let another one go.

  • I feel like mainstream military and war games tend to proselytize on behalf of state mythology and connect the citizen’s identity to the national imaginary and its military power fantasies.

  • Read another interview on another site, and must say. The people working at DICE seems so extremly out of sync with their fan base.

    Saying thing like when it came to the choice (and critic), of implementing women in the frontline fighting.

    That this only made them more stronger as a team, and that maaany had come to praise them for doing so.

    (Let me guess, but I dont think the people doing so, is the people bying the game)

  • I paid for the deluxe edition. Love campaign modes. But what the *** is this DICE? Why in the *** are you not trying to challenge cod at a DDAY story. Let’s bring out the actual history books here for your one armed frontline woman LOOKIN ***;French get nearly wiped off the *** map as the Germans push acrods France and storm Paris. Even forcing British forces OFF the **** continent back to Great Britain. (Dunkirk) With the urgent call for restrategy by Stalin in an effort to get allied forces to add pressure to the Germans by getting into NW Europe as the Soviets focus on the Eastern front. The US launched DDAY later on and surely enough this TURNED THE TIDE of war in Europe. Making the Germans go on the defensive putting pressure on all of their supplies and troop power on each of their fronts. American, Canadian, British were key contributors as well as 9 other countries played a role on dday. All of which had incredible stories of adversity and courage in the mist of all …

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  • Awesome, loved the short stories in BF 1 :) And multiplayer BF beat CoD every day of the week in my book, I need vehicles and big maps :)

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