Save on 100+ PS4 horror games in PlayStation Store’s Halloween discounts, starting today

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Save on 100+ PS4 horror games in PlayStation Store’s Halloween discounts, starting today

Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, Dead Cells, Prey and Doom are among the deals

If you’re anything like us, poor weather and the increasingly brief appearance of daylight are welcome excuse to settle in for an epic evening of gaming. And as the nights draw long and the Halloween season slowly creeps upon us, PlayStation Store has suggestions for how to turn your gaming delights into PS4 frights.

Over a hundred of them, in fact, thanks to our new Halloween promotion, starting today and running until 2nd November 2018.

Favour sci-fi horror? Try Prey, The Persistence or Alien: Isolation. Got a taste for the supernatural? Look to The Evil Within 2, Here They Lie or The Inpatient. Got an appetite for unholy destruction? Slice and dice in Dead Cells, slaughter demonic hordes in Doom or kick the undead in the face in Dying Light.

Halloween Sale

See below for the full list of titles discounted in the promotion, then click through to PlayStation Store for regional pricing.

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  • Hitman a Horror game? Was hoping for Ethan Carter, Kona or 7 Days To Die… Nothing here for me this time around, although discounts aren’t live yet so waiting to see the price for RE7.

  • Shout-out for SOMA. This is totally worth your time.

    (There’s a lot on that list worth your time, but SOMA was an unexpected delight).

  • TL;DR: It sucks that early adopters / supporters of games get shafted on DLC. It would be nice if PSN allowed “upgrades” for digital purchases to the current bundle packs (so, e.g., the cost of the DLC didn’t grossly outweigh the price of the bundle packs).

    I wish there was a better way of purchasing add-ons for existing games you’ve bought (in this case, XCOM 2). Pricing is for the NZ store.

    XCOM 2: $26.95, but I own this. Go me!

    XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe: $34.95 (not available for purchase as I have the base game). This includes almost $50 of DLC for a cost delta of $8. How can I “upgrade” my copy of XCOM 2, instead of being penalized for being an early adopter?

    XCOM 2 Collection: $57.95 (again, not available for purchase). This includes over $70 of DLC for a cost delta of $31. Also can’t be “upgraded” to. My option to get WotC and DLC is to buy unbundled at a significant markup.

    (Ref: during this sale, XCOM 2 War of the Chosen: $25.95. Resistance Warrior Pack, Anarchy’s Children, Alien Hunters, Shen’s Last Gift: 7.95+7.95+15.95+15.95=$47.80).

    • Agreed, there should always be an upgrade option

    • And that is exactly why i’m not purchasing Prey from this promotion. The digital deluxe edition will eventually be on sale and it will be cheaper than purchasing separately the base game and dlc (during a sale).

    • TBH I’d be happy to just delete the old games from my library and re-buy the packs. The bundles are cheaper than the DLC alone.

      I guess the devs of XCOM 2 will never get more of my money – I’m not paying extra now because I was dumb enough to support ’em earlier in the game’s lifecycle.

  • According to PSprices Celeste is half off and Ys VIII is £15.99 which is pretty good. So there seems to be a few more things on offer

    • Those are in the below ??€ sales, which are kind of always there but add and remove games basically every week. Worth checking those sales out basically every week.

  • Waiting for them to go live to check it out

  • God Eater II only £12 and it includes the first one and that one is cross buy?! Now that’s the kind of deal that will sway me to buy digital, good job and thank you. ?

  • hm not much on my wishlist here i haven’t already got but i’ll have a proper look through later. Am mostly here for the indie stuffs anyways. May finally get Celeste.

    • I bought Celeste the last time it was on sale. Instant regret….that I hadn’t bought it sooner and at full price, syke!

      A masterclass in platforming, pure fun and one of my top 2 games this year, next to the other game about climbing a mountain, God of War.

      And if Celeste doesn’t at least win Best Soundtrack this year at the Game Awards, I’m going to make a comment about how Celeste should have won Best Soundtrack at the Game Awards.

    • heh fair enough. I’m just a lil worried it may be the type of platformer that causes my anxiety to get all silly and difficult.

      And yes God of War was awesome too. :)

    • @byteflare same! Well, I played Celeste on the Switch but it’s an amazing game. Platforming at its best!

    • @Carnivius: I think you’ll be fine. It’s incredibly well designed so that dying instantly resets you and only by a couple of seconds, so you try a lot and eventually tricky passages click and you find yourself on the other side, thinking “what, I did it?” lol

      @warensembler: it was actually the game that convinced me I should get a Switch. Once I have one, I’ll buy Celeste again, and then I’ll take it with me everywhere until I 100% the game :D

    • i played celeste on friend’s laptop last night and nah i can’t deal with it. it’s nice but it’s the far too twitchy kind of platformer i cannot play due to my anxiety issues and shaky hands.

  • Hey, you know, there’s this one other platform you had, called Vita. There are games for it, too, you know. Would it be too radical of an idea to, I don’t know, include those games in a festive sale, too?

  • Hmmm, might pick up RE4 and 5 again, problem though is that its broketober

  • I wanted to play Dark Souls 3 for a long time already and it looks like they have the best discount for the Deluxe Edition so far. Should I purchase it now or should I wait as it could be discounted even under 20 euros in the near future?

    • It’s always going to be cheaper at some point, I guess, but 21 for the Deluxe Edition with the DLC is totally worth it IMHO.

    • Yeah, that makes sense, thanks. I really hope it’s more like Bloodborne, which is my favorite game, then DS2, at which I plain suck at even now. I much more prefer when online co-op aid is more easier to get by, whenever I get stuck. In DS2 this option is quite tedious, while in Bloodborne just works superbly.

    • Go for deluxe+you should get nice themes.

  • gonna get Deadlight DC for 4eur. Tired of waiting for it to come to PS+

  • Life is Strange BtS? Really? :D (I love the game, I just don’t see it as a “Halloween-themed” game :P

  • Here’s hoping the US gets the sale!

  • I love that I can’t buy the prey/dishonored 2 bundle simply because I’ve tried the demos of both.

  • Is there going to be a US Halloween sale???

  • Love these sales, it’s like the DFS sale but every month lol

  • Everyone must buy ALIEN ISOLATION :)

  • Ummmmmm its November now…this still shows on the front page. Have folks just abandoned the blog

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