New on PlayStation Store this week: SoulCalibur VI, Lego DC Super Villains and more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: SoulCalibur VI, Lego DC Super Villains and more

Plus Starlink: Battle for Atlas also releases this week

Whether you want to play the conquering hero or cause chaos as the villain, PlayStation Store has something for you in the action-packed week ahead.

Prove your worth as a warrior on the stages of history, blast your way across the galaxy in epic space battles, or channel your inner super-villain (without the risk of getting into real trouble).

1. SoulCalibur VI

Grab your weapon of choice and get ready for a fight! Bandai Namco’s SoulCalibur VI is the epic return of the famous fighting franchise. Battle across stunning 16th-century stages and kick butt from a robust roster of both familiar and new characters, each with their own unique weapons and combat styles.

2. Lego DC Super-Villains

It’s good to be bad. Lego has given us a huge selection of colourful characters to play such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Deathstroke. Embrace your mischievous side as you solve puzzles, battle whacky enemies, and pull some pranks in your quest to become the greatest super-villain ever.

3. Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Board your starship and soar into battle to save Atlas from the clutches of Grax and his Forgotten Legion. Starlink: Battle for Atlas lets you build a unique craft to explore a living star system full of enchanting planets. Assemble your crew and get ready to send some evil space robots flying.

This week’s new demos

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Have you yet to check out the critically-acclaimed PS VR platforming hero? Now’s the perfect time to find out whether you want to join Astro Bot on his mission thanks to a two-level demo, offering a sample of Japan Studio’s unique take on the genre.

This week’s new pre-orders

A handful of impending new releases are now available for pre-order:

  • Tetris Effect (release date: 9th November 2018)
  • Left Alive (release date: 5th March 2019)
  • Borderlands 2 VR (release date: 14th December 2018)

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  • Two things:

    (1) Burly Men at Sea: Maestro Beard Edition has been out for over a year. What is it doing in this update?

    (2) Whoever created the Tetris Effect listing appears to have accidentally set the price at double what it should be, can this be fixed please

  • Sort the links out, you ain’t gonna sell jack with broken links and links to just the game not the DLC!!!

  • Huh, is the preorder bonus for Resonance of Fate HD exclusive to Japan? It’s strange that there has been no mention of the game at all.

  • Not much for me this week but cheers for the on-time update this time. :D

  • I thought the resonance of fate remake was out this week?

    (web site says 18th)

  • By the way “Borderlands 2 VR (release date: 14th December 2019)” seems a bit of a long wait for people wanting that game unless you meant 2018?

    edit: cool you fixed it. :)

  • You don’t have to let every game ever on PSN you know Sony. Genuinely good games are getting lost in the shuffle. Surely It’s in everyone’s best interest (yours as a business and ours as customers) to improve your quality control.

  • Soul Calibur and Tira for me. So are we not getting anymore ACA NeoGeo games? Meh, I’ll just pick up the ones Sony E.U. doesn’t realise on the Switch I’m getting at Christmas.

  • These are bad times for PS4 games lately. I don’t know what the last good release was or what’s the next one going to be, Fallout76 looks to be rather bland and boring as well and I don’t care about Red Dead. I guess AAA devs have moved on to PS5 already since it’s said to come out in 2020, and Sony isn’t even holding PSX this year because they got nothing worth announcing.

    Meanwhile, Senran Kagura, one of the games I was looking forward to, is getting censored in the west. Apparently it’s ok for kids to throw gas grenades at each other while being desensitized to violence by games that glorify, celebrate and romanticize the cruelties of war, but groping anime breasts needs to be censored ?

    • You’re upset that you can’t “Grope” anime breasts. I’m glad Sony have censored that, it’s perverted. I won’t even ask the age of said groping victim. As for not having any good games 2018 has been phenomenal. Dragon Quest XI has dominated my play time. Spiderman was great, Tomb Raider was passable and Astro bot is why VR was invented.

      As for Red Dead clearly quality goes over your head, that or your hanging on the words of some exhausted gamestop employees. The reports coming out of the studio of people working 100 hour weeks just to hear people say it looks boring.

      Widen your scope fella, you might find gaming isn’t an elitist pursuit but a fun one.

    • I’m glad Playstation censored this needlessly perverted series.

    • Did you even read your comment before sending it?

    • I understand how some people, especially women, may feel offended by a game like Senran Kagura, but ‘perverted’ seems exaggerated. It’s innocent and mindless fun. I just don’t think that censorship is warranted or needed. If you’re a concerned parent, you’re not gonna buy this game for your kid and if your kid is old enough for you to trust him to buy what he wants and you don’t control his PS4, than he’s most likely old enough to use his phone or tablet to look up all kind of stuff online, waaaaay more ‘perverted’ than Senran Kagura. Not that it matters, it’s natural and called puberty.

      Sony is acting to please specific interest groups and get on Mom’s good side. Nevermind the fact that they have all those war games and loot boxes on their platform, both may very well have a long term social impact. So why are they cool with distributing “World War 2 Happy Hour, as narrated by the U.S.”? Where’s the social responisbility when it comes to fostering gambling addictions in kids by letting them spend their allowance on flashy loot boxes full of pixel crap? Yeah, ain’t gonna happen, cause that’s their bread and butter, since they get a piece of every game, loot box and DLC sold.

      So instead they put up the axe against a niche game. Player backlash will be minimal and they can earn themselves some brownie points with conservative groups across the pond, where gambling, guns and killing people aren’t a problem as long as everybody keeps their clothes on. Give me a break. Where’s the harm in putting cartoon hands on an anime bikini girl to make her giggle?

      The only thing that’s perverted is the way our culture is heading. All praise Captain America ,Star Wars, Call of Duty, guns and glory, but beware them cartoony female breasts? Our museums are full of paintings and antique statues that show naked humans. Why should it all of a sudden be perverted to depict sexuality in art?

    • Aren’t the girls in that silly game all schoolgirls rather than adult women? That’s kinda messed up. I know they’re kinda weird in japan with that stuff but come on…

      Can’t say I care about Fallout or Red Dead either but there’s much better games on PS4 than one that lets you play out creepy perv fantasies.

    • Firstly, I want to preface this by stating I am only talking about LEGAL content.

      Censorship is never a good thing. Having a person watch something, and then decide wether YOU are allowed to watch it or not, is incredibly patronising. I’ll never understand how so many can be complacent with having other people dictate to them what they’re not allowed to watch.

      By all means, add an 18 rating to the game. I don’t mean PEGI, I’m talking about a proper 18 classification. I am 100% for age ratings. I will NEVER be in-line with having another adult tell me what I (as an adult) can and cannot watch though. Ever.

      Make up your own minds, and be responsible for what you’re offended by; it’s not up to other people to modify their way of thinking to appease what you personally find offensive. Don’t like something? Simple — don’t watch it. But don’t force what YOU want onto other people to stop them from seeing something, just because you, as an individual, are not happy with it.

    • @link1983, since your long comment didn’t show yesterday (only the ‘perverted’ one): it’s not about whether or not I can play that part of the game. I didt’n care for it in Estival Versus, it’s merley about it getting censored. It starts there and suddenly it’s Widowmaker who needs to be adjusted to please people who dond’t play the game in the first place.

      As far as the rest of your comment, I wonder what 1983 stands for in your name, since your acting like a child. Opinions gonna vary, everything is subjective, and I don’t care what games you or gamestop employees like or are interested in, I’m speaking for myself. Sad I have to explain that to an adult. You may want to read your last sentence there, and maybe try living by what you say, ‘fella’.

      @Carnivus: no they’re not. They’re simply big busty anime girls, which triggers some people apparently.

    • Yeah… big busty underage anime schoolgirls… and at least one goth loli. Sounds pretty pervy to me.

    • I don’t know what’s more disturbing about this post… thinking any Senran Kagura game is actually good, pretending there are no good games coming out (There are. Every week.) to try and highlight that you think this or actually complaining about the removal of a game mode that literally consists of nothing but dressing up the game’s characters (ALL underage girls fyi) and molesting them.

    • once your excellency has come to a decission, and is ready to come of their high horse to pass the final judgement, please let me know.

      anyways, the comment highlights one of the main problems in this discussion: your honor likely never played any of those filthy games themself, are latching on what they’ve heard and keep exaggerating.

    • I played Shinovi Versus on Vita, so I know exactly what these games are about. Not a bit of exaggeration there.

  • Lego DC villains for me this week. My son and I love playing these games.

    • let us know how it is. I bought Lego Batman 2 on PS3 a few years ago and finished it within 3 days (platinum) cos I was super addicted. I bought Lego Batman 3 in sale a couple months ago and I’ve barely played it much cos it just didn’t hook me at all. Dunno if it the game itself or maybe I just bored with the lego games (never been much of a Lego fan other than a bunch of sets when I was a kid).

    • It’s the game itself, like you I’ve played both 2 and 3.

      I felt the game had way to much traveling between the world map and levels often confusing at times.

      Once I had cleared the story I enjoyed the game much better but you shouldn’t have to get that far in to enjoy the game.

    • cheers. :)

  • Nothing on I want this week and just let you know nba playgrounds 1 not on store anymore since I think 2k told take off the store

  • Fix the Rocksmith DLC and start adding it to these updates.

  • Nothing of interest but I’m good with that. Pushing to clear my backlog and making room for Red Dead or Fallout

    Rocksmith DLC for this week is Brad Paisley Song Pack with mud on the tires, ticks & whiskey lullaby. Don’t know why they never get listed here.

  • Waiting patiently to pre-order Team Sonic Racing…

  • What’s the difference between the regular theHunter: Call of the Wild – 2019 Edition, and the one they seem to be getting in Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine?

  • Please fix the download queue for PS3 and Vita content in the web browser Store.

    • yes please, i have the same problem. and also the issue where, when you already have something in the basket and add something new it sometimes removes an item from your basket.

    • Oh, glad i’m not the only one to have the “basket” issue. It’s hard to explain, but it does exist, i.e. you see 10 items you want to get in the cart/basked, you put the first, then the second, then the third… and then at the fourth one, it removes one of the previous ones, and so on. There’s also another issue where you get one extra wishlisted item despite not having anything in the Wishlist. It happened THREE TIMES during the last few months/years, it was fixed but always returned.

  • Looking forward to Sinner and Soul Calibur.

    Any chance you guys could actually start putting some effort into making sure you list every game coming out in these updates though? You’re missing at least one title a week now (This week being Resonance of Fate). It’s not like it’s complex work or anything we’re talking about here.

    • Things seem to worse by the day for Sony EU not entirely bad release line up this week but can,t sign into my psn account because of there new cookies keep on clicking them but still can,t sign in this seems like troubled time for Sony EU But the worse about it not much seems to be getting which leaves a lot users frustrated but overrule Sony EU seems to be in Disarray

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