Borderlands 2 VR brings Pandora closer to your eyeballs than ever before on 14th December

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Borderlands 2 VR brings Pandora closer to your eyeballs than ever before on 14th December

Gearbox Producer Brian Burleson explains what it takes to bring the acclaimed classic shooter to PlayStation VR

Hello, travelers! Today marks the first day that we can finally talk about Borderlands 2 VR! – It’s a moment we think will have fans joy-puking their faces off.

It all starts 14th December, when Borderlands 2 VR launches on PS VR. And we didn’t just cram Borderlands into a headset and call it a day – we did copious research into how VR plays best to update the experience so you can now fully sink your eyes into the wild and mayhem-filled world of Pandora with new VR-specific mechanics and skills!

Borderlands 2 VR

As soon as we brought the game to PS4 as part of The Handsome Collection in 2016, our brains immediately began cranking on how we could bring the experience to VR and take advantage of PS VR’s capabilities. We all have spent years immersed in the world and these characters, so we were excited to utilize the PS VR to bring everyone in even deeper.

The biggest new feature of Borderlands 2 VR is our take on bullet-time, called “BAMF Time” (or “BadAss Mega Fun Time” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing).

Activating BAMF Time will give you the speed and reflexes of a rabid skag, allowing you to dodge bullets, pull off 360 no-scope headshots, and even use your Action Skill to fight off hordes of bandits, bullymongs, and whatever else Pandora might throw at you.

Borderlands 2 VRBorderlands 2 VR

The original four playable Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2 are back, along with their special abilities and BAMF-modified skill trees. We added in BAMF Time upgrades to previous abilities, like Zer0’s “Death Mark,” which marks targets for additional damage but now also restores two seconds of BAMF Time per marked kill.

And since Borderlands 2 VR is a single-player experience, we updated previous skills that relied on a co-op partner, such as Maya’s “Res” ability, which now is called “Empathy” – causing Phaselock to deplete half your current health, damaging enemies based on how much health you lost, and doubling healing during BAMF Time.

Another new twist you’ll find in Borderlands 2 VR is the fact that for the first time ever, you’ll be driving vehicles and racking up the roadkill count from a first-person perspective.

While accelerating and steering with the joystick, Players will be able to aim the vehicle’s guns with their headset. Experience first-hand the sublime exhilaration of driving one way and looking another! Lose yourself in the roar of the engine, the Pandoran landscape, the wind and viscera in your hair as you mow down your enemies—all from the comfort of your own home!

Borderlands 2 VR Borderlands 2 VRBorderlands 2 VR

We first introduced the lawless and chaotic world of Pandora with Borderlands in 2009; and with Borderlands 2 in 2012, we set out to deliver more guns, more action, and even more awesome. The response from the community was overwhelming and humbling. We think it’s that mix of action, humour, style, and heart that added up to Borderlands’ own brand of fun.

To now bring that spicy special sauce up-close-and-personal in a VR world, it’s beyond what we could have ever hoped for all those years ago.

Borderlands 2 VR launches on 14th December! We’re excited to go back home to Pandora for the holidays, and we hope you are too. All aboard the poop train!

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  • Will BL2 VR support the Aim controller?

    • Please say yes, would be such a missed opportunity ;(

    • Unfortunately, this looks like a Move game, which is the worst option when it comes to action-filled FPS games. Teleporting breaks immersion and is super clunky, and turning using the buttons, whether it’s click turning or smooth turning, always feels terrible in fast paced games.

      Sony really needs to release a set of reworked motion controllers with analog sticks. I understand that it’s risky to release even more peripherals for an already expensive peripheral, but I think current PSVR owners are at a point now, where they’re willing to pay for the upgrade, or to at least have the option.

    • It sucks that we need to ask whether a big studio’s PSVR FPS title will be using the PSVR FPS controller. DOOM VFR managed to hack it in at the last moment once they started paying attention, but did a very poor job of it.

    • Its definitely not a move game, to quote directly from the blog post:

      “While accelerating and steering with the joystick, Players will be able to aim the vehicle’s guns with their headset.”

      Therefore the game will be definitely supporting at least the standard PS4 controller.

    • Whether you can use a controller or not it’s definitely including Move – just look at the picture above in this article of Maya’s skill tree – there’s a Move controller depicted on screen

  • Aim controller support is a must for this game!

  • Borderlands on PSVR without Aim support, and without Co-Op will feel very dated since Firewall came out. Even Evasion has that covered, despite the rest of the game being weak. Why it is generally the bigger studios that have mediocre ambitions for VR shooters. Clearly a lot of effort goes in, but to make a first person shooter on PSVR, and ignore the PSVR first person shooter peripheral is very stupid. To strip Co-Op out of Borderlands is equally stupid.

  • Why is this not an update to those who allready own all borderlands games available on PS4?

    • Don’t know, because they worked on it for two years and needs mney to do so ?

      Are you asking them to work for free because you already bought the “original” one ?

      The only game that did it is Wipeout, because some peoples just wanted to work for free on it in the team, so they did~

  • This is great news! I’ve no regrets buying a v1 PSVR headset as the breadth of titles just keeps growing. The only problem I have is the backlog of VR games I still haven’t got round to playing yet (Skyrim VR is like a time sink).

  • Looks more interesting than the tech demos you guys got so far, but again it’s a years old game that everyone already finished and I’d still prefer to play it the traditional way.

    • Firewall, Astro Bot, Wipeout Omega, Farpoint, Moss, Sprint Vector, Resident Evil 7, Rez Infinite, Skyrim, Dirt Rally, Battlezone etc. are not ‘tech demos’..

  • With all dlc or only Borderlands 2?

  • PSN only or there will be a retail (physical) release as well?

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