Here are the visual overhauls you’ll enjoy in upcoming JPRG remaster Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition

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Here are the visual overhauls you’ll enjoy in upcoming JPRG remaster Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition

How tr-Ace is updating the PS3 original's in-game textures and cinematics

Resonance of Fate, originally released in 2010, has been remastered to a 4K/HD Edition. You can now immerse yourself in stunningly remastered graphics while traversing this devastated earth and engaging in acrobatic gun battles.

With the 4K resolution, you’ll be able to better experience how the fate of the world has changed, a theme of humanity that may be at their twilight. The acclaimed battle system that lets you take control of layered strategies with dynamic movement. All this while listening to the fantastic score created by Sakuraba and Kohei Tanaka.

This was a challenging project for us since not only did we remaster it as an HD version, but we fully committed to taking it to 4K resolution. In order to make the pre-rendered movies 4K, we had to utilize ‘deep learning’ with our proprietary technology in order to up-rez. We also strove to maintain 60 frames per second at 4K resolution.

We took special care with the textures to improve their quality. Take a look at the hair (in the below screenshot) carefully to get a sense of this. Not only did we make Leane’s better, but check out Vashyron’s silky locks as well. We also all really enjoyed being able to see the expressions on the characters as they are traversing the environment.

While working on the remaster, it really brought back how atmospheric the original game was, so we really made an effort to retain that by showing how the passage of time affects the backgrounds, fog effects, light sources and shadows, and reworking the camera angles. The stellar quality of the original movies really shine through with the improved resolutions.


We also made sure to fix some old bugs and improved the load times to make for a better game playing experience. It’s a remaster that still has over 100 hours of gameplay with a dynamic, engaging battle system that we hope you’ll enjoy. We’ve enjoyed remastering a game that allows players to have their own play style, customisation and ingenuity to get through the game.

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