Astro Bot Rescue Mission is available tomorrow on PlayStation VR

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission is available tomorrow on PlayStation VR

Japan Studio’s critically acclaimed platform adventure lifts off this week

Hello cosmic friends! This is Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director of Astro Bot Rescue Mission over at Japan Studio. We’re very excited to announce that Astro Bot Rescue Mission is available tomorrow!

As more and more PlayStation fans join Astro’s epic VR adventure, it’s a great time to revisit the genesis of the project.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, ASOBI Team released The Playroom VR, a compilation of multilayer games free to download for all PS VR users. The game received praise and one mini game in particular caught the attention of the gamers: a simple platformer called “Robot Rescue.” The reactions were very positive with many of you asking for a full game. And after 18 months of trying new ideas, hard work, and a dose of fun, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is live on PS VR!

Astro Bot Rescue Mission Astro Bot Rescue MissionAstro Bot Rescue Mission

Our motivation for creating this one is to show that VR is great for 3rd person action games. As we prototyped various ways to play in VR, we felt the platforming genre definitely had potential to grow and evolve within VR.

In this video, I join three of the old timers from Team ASOBI: Takumi (Lead Programmer), Gento (Lead Designer) and Seb (Art Director) for a ride down memory lane, looking at the origins of Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

We hope you enjoy this video and I want to thank each and every one of you for showing your support over the past months. It made a huge difference. This one is for you!

If you want to experience platforming re-invented for VR, head out to the PS Store to get your copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission here now!

Thank you all and speak again soon!

Astro Bot Rescue MissionAstro Bot Rescue Mission
Astro Bot Rescue Mission Astro Bot Rescue MissionAstro Bot Rescue Mission

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  • This game always looked promising – but those review scores are real head turners.


  • hopefully the game will gather some hype and interest in PSVR so I can find a buyer for this garbage toy.

    btw, thanks sony for dropping the price a 100 quid and releasing a revision soon after the initial launch. but that seems to be a trend with Playstation. early adopters are idiots anyway, right?

  • byteflare – no one forced you to buy psvr did they? It is good that Sony dropped the price as it meant more people bought one and therefore more games are made. I sold my version 1 headset and bought version 2 without loosing much money.

    This game looks awesome, cannot wait.

    • “No one forced you to buy” is about as anti-consumer as you can get. But you’re right and I’ve learned my lesson by now. Should I buy a PS5 it will be no sooner than 1 year after launch.

      Look, I’m happy you didn’t lose ‘too much’ money. I for one feel like I’ve lost about 400 eur, and that’s not even counting the money spent on shovelware games that don’t offer any value besides “oh it’s VR”, which ‘no one forced me to buy’ as well, but be real, of course I’ll buy games for my shiny new 400eur toy.

      As for new, eventually better games: the problem is that the PS4 simply isn’t good enough, we’re looking at a console from 2013. Yes, PS4 Pro is slightly stronger, but devs need to ensure their games run at a consistent 90Hz on the base PS4. Maybe Sony should have beefed up the breakout box and sell it at a higher price, but then it would have been too expensive for many. There’s a reason why Elite Dangerous and Talos Principle aren’t coming to PSVR, those devs have quality standards. A cute little robot platformer won’t change the fact that PSVR is being held back by the base PS4. Besides, the headset and its resolution aren’t exactly state of the art either.

      I’m not saying VR is dead, but PSVR with its bulky, uncomfortable headset, its low resolution and the camera/move controller setup just ain’t it for me. I’ll probably get a proper GPU for my newly built PC down the line and then I’ll be able to enjoy quality games at high res, fast refresh rates and with actual motion sensors. PSVR is too cheap to be good, I feel like all I got for 400eur was a bit of novelty, nausea and headaches.

    • @byteflare While I understand you might feel like you’ve wasted money, as VR clearly isn’t for you, I feel I should warn you as an owner of both PC and PlayStation VR. You mention that the PSVR is uncomfortable, but it is by far more comfortable than the PC headsets, and if you expect a revolutionary change in graphic fidelity, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Screen door effects are much more prevalent, and God-ray effects, which are non-existent on PSVR, are a constant issue with PC HMDs.

      Furthermore, the fact that the PSVR has to support one single platform makes it much easier to optimise for, as there are far fewer variables to take into account for the devs. On the PC side a lot of tweaking needs to be done on a per-game basis, and some games never run nearly as well as on the PS, due to the hardware combinations of some PC rigs.

      Stating that Elite Dangerous and Talos Principle can’t run on PSVR is also completely false, and anyone who has played RE7 and other big games in PSVR will tell you the same. Yes it requires the devs to optimise for the system, which can be tricky to very difficult, but it is by no means impossible to bring these graphically mediocre games to PSVR in an acceptable to good quality. This is more a case of smaller dev teams deeming it too costly, or the fact that they lack the required skills, to bring their games to PSVR.

      I respect that you don’t feel that PSVR lives up to your expectations, VR isn’t for everyone in its current state, but don’t go expecting miracles on the Oculus or Vive.

  • This game is sheer class! Not only that but the graphics especially on PRO are the best i have ever encountered on PSVR the water effect alone makes you near enough makes you feel like you should hold your breath lol. The graphics and unique ways of play including using your joypad as a water hose, a shurrican star thrower, and a catapult, among many others. Above all this game is FUN something that Nintendo have said that deters them from venturing into this medium. Asobi team you have excelled yourself with this release i knew that this was going to be special with the 2 year old demo on playroom VR but my god its even beat my expectations. I look forward to DLC now and hopefully a sequel. I know that everyone that see’s this is going to fall in love with this charming game. Nintendo you better pull your socks up if you want to get close to this!

  • One word INCREDIBLE!

  • I’m only interested in the Rick & Morty vr game, so no chance I’ll buy an headset… who knows 12 months from now though, more games like this might make me invest

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