Five reasons to get excited about DiRT Rally 2.0, coming to PS4 in February 2019

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Five reasons to get excited about DiRT Rally 2.0, coming to PS4 in February 2019

Find out what to expect from the return of Codemasters’ acclaimed racer

Last week at Codemasters, we had the joy of finally announcing DiRT Rally 2.0 to the world! Since the critically acclaimed DiRT Rally came out three years ago, our community have been itching to get back into the driving seat of the ‘Dark Souls of racing’.

Now the cat’s finally out of the bag, we’re so excited to start talking about what the game will feature and what we’ve done to make it the most authentic off-road racing experience yet.

While there a whole host of amazing things we want to talk about, here are the top headlines from the announcement:

1. Stunning new locations

DiRT Rally 2.0 will take you on a tour of the most challenging and beautiful off-road racing environments in the world. Whether it’s the twisting technical stages in New Zealand, the narrow, rocky dangers of Argentina, or the fast and flowing sandy stages of Poland, you’ll need to work hard to keep your wheels on the road.

DiRT Rally 2.0

2. Rallycross returns – with more circuits!

DiRT Rally 2.0 is the official licensed game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship and will launch with the first eight rounds of the World RX Championship! It only gets better though – after the game releases we’ll be dropping more circuits into the game as the season progresses.

DiRT Rally 2.0

Players will also be able to commandeer the Audi S1 RX and the Volkswagen Polo R for the first time in game – and with an acceleration of 0-100kph in less than two seconds (that’s faster than an F1 car!), they offer some serious horsepower to tame.

3. We’ve got a real life rally driver on board

We’ve had a secret weapon in our arsenal for DiRT Rally 2.0 – and that weapon is real life rally driver and off-road esports champion Jon Armstrong. He’s been with us in the development studio every day, helping us tweak and finesse the new handling model for maximum authenticity.

Rally driver Ryan Champion has also been working with the development team to capture that real life rally feeling too, so we’ve got some experienced high calibre experts helping us on our handling.

4. We’ve introduced a new GT class

Not only do we have some brand-new rally cars as well as some returning classics, but we’ve also added a completely new class to proceedings. The brand spanking GT class brings some serious muscle to the DiRT games, with tarmac-attacking beasts like the 911 RGT Rally Spec joining the ranks of the rally icons you all know and love.

DiRT Rally 2.0

5. The launch is just the beginning

While we’re super excited to get DiRT Rally 2.0 into players’ hands in February, the fun doesn’t stop there. We have big plans to provide on-going support to the title, whether that be through cars, tracks, or community requests! It’s an extraordinarily exciting time for off-road racers, and we hope you can join us for the road ahead.

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  • Is it going to support VR?

  • Are there going to be 2 handling models (with 1 more gamer friendly) a la dirt 4? I love rally games but just don’t have the time to sink into them like that anymore – sometimes I don’t game 2/3 weeks at a time. I know the ‘hardcore’ gamers will simply reply “git gud” or some equally witty thing, but if you’re providing the experience they want for them what’s the problem with providing an option to make it more accessibe for others to enjoy the game!

    • I only game a hour a week and still enjoy the better game of the two as in dirt rally… i hate dirt4 its not anything playable, not realistic, not fun and nothing exciting. So dont blame you can’t put time in it… blame the fact you just can’t drive that well

    • I really hope so. The first Dirty Rally was impossible to win, no fun at all, total waist of money. I loved Dirt 4 however, because of the easy mode they added. I just want to drive and win, not fail all the time.

    • you just suck at driving man.

    • @dant99 from what I understand (and I could be wrong) Dirt rally is targeted towards sim racers and Dirt 4 (along with its variants) is more for the arcade style. Its just the way it is.

      I personally dread the challenge of Dirt Rally while I play it. I’ve got this historic car that keeps bouncing off the road in Wales & I’ve now given up on it . However, I cruise through the German stages like a boss, coz I find them really easy & smooth.

      But Dirt 4 is where I’ve spent hours in the rally mode. I hardly play online in any game, but Dirt 4 online modes are something I’ve tried out. A bit of a comfort zone in my books.

      Gaming should be fun no matter what your level. Just pick what suits you.

    • @anniejonline – that’s the great thing about opinions, to me being able to drive a car really fast, sideways around corners pretty much out the box was fun!

      @hilaveli – that’s a shame. I much preferred the handcrafted courses of dirt rally (even though there were only essentially 4 per country as the short ones were just sections of the long ones) to the bland and uninspired generated ones of dirt 4. Add to that the fact they’re actually doing something with the wrx license and adding all the circuits from the championship and it is something I want to play! I also feel your pain with Wales and also Finland ?. I’m also quick at Germany and Monte Carlo and not too bad at Greece and Sweden as like you I find I’m good at the smoother stages

    • It took a lot of practice, but that was what was so rewarding about it. It’s not a casual arcade racer. You need to GITGUD mate!

  • Is there a possibility of a demo?

  • افتحو بلستيشني يا محنز

    • The few loud remaining VR users not buying it isn’t exactly going to dent sales. Especially not enough to offset the cost of extra development.

      Unless it breaks 10-20 million headset sales (somehow) less and less developers are going to bother with it and it will circle even lower down the toilet.

  • No psvr support = no buy for me.

  • Dirt Rally is the only game I have bought and sold twice! Once before I had a G29 as I couldn’t play it with the pad and again when I couldn’t play it with the G29 either!

    I get it’s a hardcore rally racer but like the guy above I don’t have the time to sink 100 hours into mastering it but would like to play it as the Yankee aimed Dirt annoys me when not racing…

  • I’ve been a huge fan of this series since the first Colin McRae game on the PS1. I’ve bought and loved every single game since, and will be getting this one as soon as I can. Such a brilliant series, can’t wait!

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