SoulCalibur VI’s PS4 network test goes live this weekend

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SoulCalibur VI’s PS4 network test goes live this weekend

5 gameplay tips to help you survive your first steps onto the stage of history

Unless you’ve been living under a (sizeable) rock these past few months, there is a reasonable chance you’ve heard about SoulCalibur VI. The legendary weapon-based 3D fighting game returns this fall with a new installment, launching on 19th October worldwide!

Ready to swing a mighty sword? You’ll be given the chance to prove that your soul (still) burns by testing the Rank Match mode during a network test, kicking off on 28th September at 4pm BST / 5pm CEST!

This server stress test will be your opportunity to get your hands on an early version of the game, hone your skills before launch and help us fine tune the online experience.

You won’t need to have access to PS Plus but you will need to have a working PSN account to download the client, and an internet connection to play online. The client will be available to download from PlayStation Store on 27th September.

Whether you’ll be stepping on the stage of history for the first time or not, here are a few things to know before you start picking fights online:

Choose your warrior wisely

It’s okay to have a favourite, but it’s also a good idea to experiment with more than one character to figure out which fighting style suits you best! SoulCalibur VI characters all use unique weapons with specific properties, and should be approached differently.

If you’re more into close-range combat, consider giving fighters like Mitsurugi and Talim a chance. Characters like Voldo and Maxi may take a little more practice to master than, maybe, Sophitia or Xianghua, but can deal serious damage in the right hands.

Take the time to test and learn different styles to figure out how to become the deadliest of opponents!

SoulCalibur VI

Master the basics of combat

Before trying to pull off special moves and combos, be sure to master the basics of combat: learn your character’s move set and alternate different attacks to prevent your adversary from figuring out your strategy.

SoulCalibur’s gameplay relies on three forces: horizontal attacks, vertical attacks and kicks. This triangle system works like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors – vertical attacks beat horizontal attacks, horizontal attacks beat kicks and kicks beat vertical attacks. However, good timing is what makes this system work!

Speaking of timing: a well-timed side step can be highly effective to block some attacks and avoid taking too much damage. If you’re on the receiving end of an air combo, make sure to press a directional button to change the trajectory of your fall to reduce the amount of hits you receive.

SoulCalibur VI

Strike back with reversal edge

If you’re up against an experienced opponent, this new mechanic might come in handy: intended as a defensive option, Reversal Edge is executed by pressing and holding one button to block oncoming attacks.

If it lands, you will enter a slow motion sequence during which you’ll engage in a single-button exchange with your opponent. Reversal Edge provides the opportunity to slow the pace down and reset the situation without tipping the scales too far. However, keep in mind that you can’t use this mechanic against break attacks or unblockable attacks (otherwise they wouldn’t be called “unblockable”, right?).

Unleash badass special moves

Break attacks are powerful moves that produce blue lightning when executed. They can’t be blocked with Reversal Edge or repelled with a Guard Impact, but they need to be planned carefully as they are slow to land.

To deal heavy damage, you can also execute Lethal Hits, a new mechanic introduced in SOULCALIBUR VI: once you have a good understanding of your character, and if you meet specific conditions, you’ll be able to trigger a devastating hit that will send your adversary flying. Critical Edge is another powerful and theatrical way to inflict pain: once your Soul Gauge allows you to perform it, this character-specific move will bring your opponent to their knees.

SoulCalibur VI

Come back stronger

If this is going to be your first time playing SOULCALIBUR VI, you’ll probably want to jump right into it with some good old button mashing instead of following this guide. If you have beginner’s luck, you might actually steal a few victories that way!

But if you spend more time flying or lying on the ground than delivering blows during this Network Test, don’t worry: SoulCalibur VI comes out on 19th October. You’ll have plenty of time to train and show them whose soul burns the most.

The SoulCalibur VI Network Test will start on September 28th, 4pm BST / 5pm CEST and end on 1st October, 4am BST / 5am CEST. Please note that, as it is meant to be a stress test, servers may be unavailable at times during the week-end.

Download the Network Test guide for PS4.

SoulCalibur VI

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  • Can’t wait!

    The link to the guide is missing :)

  • This game looks really good , it feels very good when i see people doing combos and [DELETED], i wish if i can be good in fighting games

    • fighting the computer on hard after a few training sessions helps, also try to replicate combos people do in tournaments then make your own

  • I can’t imagine anyone is going to buy this game …

    • Wy not? Soul Calibur is a popular series and this looks like the best one since 3!

    • Been stale for a very long time

    • Its literally had one not so great entry in its 20 year history (I don’t count that [DELETED] free to play version on PS3)

    • Well, the thing that makes me uneasy is the casual relation it has with Tekken, and how terrible and unfinished Tekken 7 was, along with the long list of lies that director told.

      Though, thankfully it’s two different teams, and it at least has more modes than Tekken 7 and more content (with more apparently coming). I’m cautiously trusting the developer to deliver, and hope they actually do, though the lack of an interesting new character (so far) and only 2 new people (as opposed to the usual 5-10) is a little concerning, as even IV and V delivered interesting characters (Hilde/Viola).

  • Edit: Nevermind, I found it. Can’t wait!

  • how are you supposed to train if the only available mode is ranked online? I get that they want to test the servers but instantly forcing people online whitout any sort of tutorial for the basics seems a bit weird. Well, i searching for opponents since 10 minutes and cant find anyone anyways so it doenst really matter in the end.

  • I am waiting for the full game on the October 19th i download the Beta version from the E U store it just came up Beta not Available.However the game looks rather re-refreshing from the last 2 i hope they decide to bundle it with the Original Soul-Cali-bur as a down-load bonus

  • The beta was awful. Found 2 games in about 45mins and they were pretty laggy.

    • Soo, basically Tekken 7 all over again.

      Online in every fighting game has always been different shades of bad that can sometimes be ignored if the wind blows well. To be honest, the only way any fighting game works properly is offline vs, online is just for messing around hoping the lag is decent and the opponent (if you can find one) isn’t cheap/boring/useless/a disconnector/a ragequiter/cheating/lag switching/etc (or just to play casually with friends).

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