How Astro Bot Rescue Mission uses PS VR to elevate its spectacular boss fights

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How Astro Bot Rescue Mission uses PS VR to elevate its spectacular boss fights

Japan Studio is leveraging PS VR's ability to manipulate perspective to make its battles even more epic

Hi everybody, this is Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director of Astro Bot Rescue Mission over at JAPAN Studio. I hope you guys are getting ready for our new action platformer landing on PS VR on 2nd October. Not long to wait now!

Today I’m back to share with you one of my favourite aspects of Astro Bot Rescue Mission: enemies and big, bad bosses!

Any great action game needs its roster of bad guys and we put extra care into designing enemies that complement the VR gameplay to create a thrilling action platforming game.

In the video below, I catch up with Tuyen Ngo, the Programmer behind the bosses, as well as Sebastian and Jamie, respectively Art Director and Lead Animator who gave them life.

You and Astro will come across a wide range of enemies from cannon fodder lashing at Astro to more advanced enemies, such as electric, splitters, spiky, stompers all requiring various techniques to defeat. Though they are deadly foes, they all benefit from a precise character design making them feel very tangible in VR.

As a VR player, you also exist in this world in first person and larger enemies will not hesitate to attack you, occasionally causing damage to your visor or blocking the view, exposing Astro to new dangers. Using your body, you will need to dodge incoming attacks by leaning, distribute a few headbutts, and use your deadly Dualshock 4 gadgets to put an end to them.

And of course, bosses will stand in your way at the end of every world. These bosses are huge and create an amazing sense of scale in VR. Defeating them will not be a small affair though and your platforming and gadget skills will be put at use. Every one of them features a unique finale with a special mention for the final boss. And you’ll have to play to find out!

That’s all from me! Enjoy this video and we’ll see you very soon with more Astro news as we near launch on 2nd October!

See you around!

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  • Any promotional bundles to tie in with the release? (Starter pack + game?)

  • Is it just me, or does this looks like first propper big PSVR game? I mean considering length, clean graphics, using VR for more than just expanding FOV and even the gameplay looks solid.

  • Hi Nicolas or any of Japan team! I asked in the last Astro bot thread a few concerns I had and NOBODY responded. As i said there this could be huge but given the tracking on what i played at a demo booth if it keeps going off it will put people off. I am going to ask you what i put it the last thread also.

    • The final game is fine.

      What you played was a DEMO in a public place with lots of light based interference, demos to not represent the state of the final product.

  • I really hope you reply or someone replies to this. I hardly see any replies anymore.

    Hi Nicolas. Can I just give you some constructive feedback? After playing this at the recent insomnic63 game festival i was very impressed and see this as the Mario of playstation! However i was very frustrated the amount of times i had to get the person demonstrating this to me to reset the tracking, the joypad needed to be placed in a virtual joypad that you see but it would not do what i wanted because the tracking had gone out and the camera thought the joypad was elsewhere. It has so much potential this title as being a PSVR seller but if you dont get this correct and given i was experiencing this at a stand where potentially i would maybe of been getting my first try of astro bot or even PSVR as a whole this could of lost you a sale of both! I very much wanted to say this was perfect except for a few tweaks but its the tracking that lets it down. I hope this is something you can fix with software and hope its not just a hardware failure. I wish you the highest success with this but i feel if you dont tweak this its going to let you and PSVR down and a missed huge opportunity this will become. I hope you can give me some re-assurance because this WAS a day one purchase for me but right now its , wait and see after trying it, at the show. I know settings can be adjusted etc but this was also a failing (however not as bad) with playroom VR demo. I would consider you are marketing this to a family audience and you should do, but how are you going to get over the 12 yr old recommendation tag of VR? 

  • You’d think that a show was probably the worse place to try it given the reliance on lighting etc, unless it was in a carefully controlled area? Have you tried the demo in the VR Playroom this was based on? If that works OK for you (or others if you don’t have a set yet) then you’d think the full game would too.

  • Can I still get the pre-order bonuses with a physical copy of the game? I am really into collecting physical copies but I want the pre-order stuff too.?

  • It makes me feel sick and dizzy when I’m moving forward and the helmet annoys the hell out of me. I’m gutted about that as the effect of actually being there is amazing and it’s a fantastic game. Anybody notice Astrobot doing the Carlton Fresh Prince dance on the main title screen?

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