This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: FIFA 19, Life is Strange 2, Hollow Knight, more

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This week’s PlayStation Store highlights: FIFA 19, Life is Strange 2, Hollow Knight, more

Plus, pre-orders go live for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

This week’s PlayStation Store releases include not one but two returning sporting mainstays, a sequel to a critically-acclaimed story-driven adventure, top-notch platforming action and tense strategy. In other words, a release window that’ll suit most tastes.

This week’s PlayStation Store highlights

1. FIFA 19

EA Sports’ footie franchise returns to the digital pitch this week. Those who can’t wait to Friday can get three days early access by pre-ordering the Ultimate or Champions Edition – the game will be ready to play from tomorrow!

2. Life is Strange 2

DOTNOD rightly received critical acclaim for the first season of its edgy story-driven adventure. For the follow-up, its focusing on new characters and multiple locales. Join the story from the start as episode 1 launches this Wednesday.

3. Creed: Rise to Glory

Live the inspirational story of Adonis Creed as he’s trained by the legendary Rocky Balboa to rise up from boxing amateur to champion, battling increasingly tough competition in the ring. If you tire of the fight against AI, put on your gloves/lift up your PS Move controllers and face off against real-life players.

4. Valkyria Chronicles 4

After taking the portable console road for the first two sequels, Sega’s tactical strategy franchise has marched back to home territory for its fourth mainline entry. This time, the development team have eschewed fantastical heroes and instead focused on a group of everyday soldiers trying to survive on a global battlefield.

5. Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition

A dazzlingly polished action platformer with a labyrinthine map to explore and a hefty amount of unlockable abilities to track down, Hollow Knight should sit in any genre fan’s collection. Expect to lose countless hours to uncovering its many secrets.

This week’s new pre-orders

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Namco Bandai’s arcade flight sim series is soaring onto PS4. Pre-order the Deluxe Edition to get the Season Pass, aircraft skins and exclusive aircraft. Also, PS Plus members get 10% off the pre-order.

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  • And now everyone wonders what will happen with the 2 remaining episodes of the Walking Dead…

    • We know, We are being shafted. Shame TTG couldn’t do the decent thing and fold before release. It would have saved us all the hassle. We ain’t getting a penny. I feel sorry for the platform holders who will now have to deal with unreasonable people.

    • Sony allready said they refund people that contact them for it (as soon as they confirmed with TTG that they wont finish the season) so stop saying nonsense.

    • I just asked askplaystation. Itnturns out if the final episodes aren’t delivered we will get a refund if requested. I did not see Sony say they will refund any where before getting that reply so calm down chap. Not everyone lives online

  • Don,t they like Australians or something ? the only thing for me is the dragonz add-on other than that it a complete an utter joke this week Apart from fifa 2019 i going to buy a physical disc copy for my Nephews xmas present

  • Can’t wait for Hollow Knight. 1st game i’ve preordered in a long time and also booked a day of work to play it

  • No Ace Combat 5 as a bonus if you pre-order Ace Combat 7 ? Was it a hoax or what ?

    • You do get Ace Combat 5 and you get it regardless of your preorder being digital or physical. The only thing is it wasn’t called A e Combat 5 in Europe, it was called Ace Combat: Squadron Leader, which you’ll see in the PS Store description under the preorder bonuses.

    • @ZeroAbbadon

      Thanks for clearing that up for me :) I only read AC5 allover internet and I havent played any Ace Combat after 4 so I’m not really up to date with the last 2. Thats why I wanted to get the edition with 5 so I can play that one too. Just a little sad that VR is a little add-on in the end. Though we would get 12-15 VR missions as they said just after the reveal, but now it’s like.. 2-3 mission tops ? :(

  • Looking forward to Think of the Children. From what I’ve seen, anyone who enjoyed Overcooked should check it out.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a nice game. Also the western marketing is a bit weird as it claims that it’s lacking “fantastical” stuff and just a gritty war tale (which made it sound really, really dull) but it’s still got the fun imaginative stuff the other games had and different emotions other than “sad”. It also has some nice refinements over the previous (first) game.

    Though, time for another reminder to everyone to not buy Tekken 7 unless it’s really, really cheap. It’s an overly expensive contentless shell of a game (oh and an unfinished first season pass and buggy/tedious online) made by a lying director who breaks more promises than a 6 year old child left alone with a jar of cookies.

    • You would think that when a six year old is left with cookies there is only one promise to be broken “did you/will you take a cookie?” “No”. But yeah, a pox on tekken 7.

    • “Did you take a cookie?” – “No”

      “Is that chocolate round your mouth?” “No”

      “How many cookies did you eat?” – “One”

      “Did you break the jar?” – “No”

      “Are they your chocolaty hand prints on the wall?” – “No”

      “What happened to all the other cookies?”

      etc. (those are more lies, but he’s better at those than this 6 year old)

  • Anyone know if the eps of Life Is Strange 2 can be bought seperte when each is released ?. As i will never ever make the mistake of buying a full season pass up front again for any episodic games due to Telltale.

  • Hollow knight for me. That game looks amazing, been waiting forever for an announcement

    since it was only pc and then vita…

    Was waiting to play on my couch xD

  • Hollow Knight was an instant buy for me. Already played it on Steam, but wanted to pay for it once more. Will surely play it again, now on PS4, after I beat DQ XI

  • Timespinner tempts me and maybe that Fire Pro Wrestling. Can’t see anything else on the list that interests me much.

  • Still no Pixel Ripped 1989 in the EU store. The game had a release date on the 31st of July, got delayed, was finally announced to be out last week, which was a lie, and still no sign/word of it since What is going on!?

  • Hollow Knight looks like fun, i promised myself to take deeper dive into the indies and platformers simple old school games.. And i think this game is great place to start..

  • Cool, I forgot that I preordered Hollow Knight. Do preorders automatically download? I already added it to my download queue via the web store but I was just wondering. Either way it’s all good.

  • “After taking the portable console road for the first two sequels, Sega’s tactical strategy franchise has marched back to home territory for its fourth mainline entry.”

    Makes sense you wouldn’t mention the Switch version here, but, yeah…

    Also; Start listing the Rocksmith DLC!

  • I would love to support the developers of ‘This is the Police 2’ but it’s just too overpriced. Hollow Knight is a good game but not as good as any metrodivia games out there. For players who are going to buy it: collect a bunch of currency in the game to be able to buy the compass, it will make game a lot easier. You won’t get lost.

  • Was Labyrinth of Refrain delayed? Physical stores are still saying it releases on Friday and I have Valkyria Chronicles 4 to tide me over, but it’s confusing to say the least.

  • Timespinner looks great, I will definitely buy it for my Vita, and after finishing the game I’m currently playing on my PS4, I will 100% buy Valkyria Chronicles 4 (physical copy of course) I loved the first one

  • Let’s go! Valkyria Chronicles is back.

  • And you’re still missing the Store highlights from week 35 (the one with Yakuza Kiwami 2).

  • Is Valthirian Arc Hero School Story really being released today? It’s still not in the store, and it was also in the blog weekly list last week so I’m wondering if something’s wrong.

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