Introducing the PlayStation Classic, with 20 pre-installed games

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Introducing the PlayStation Classic, with 20 pre-installed games

Miniaturised version of iconic console includes two controllers, releases 3rd December

Almost 25 years ago, the original PlayStation was introduced to the world. Developed by then Sony Computer Entertainment, it was the first home console in video game history to ship 100 million units worldwide, offering consumers a chance to play games with real-time 3D rendered graphics in their own homes.

Today, we are so excited to announce that we are bringing back the original PlayStation experience in a new miniaturised version – PlayStation Classic! The console will come preloaded with 20 classic titles, including fan-favourites such as Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation, and it emulates the original’s look and feel by featuring the same controllers and similar packaging.

PlayStation Classic

Long-time fans will appreciate the nostalgia that comes with rediscovering the games they know and love, while gamers who might be new to the platform can enjoy the groundbreaking PlayStation console experience that started it all. All of the preloaded games will be playable in their original format.

PlayStation Classic

Each unit will also come with an HDMI cable to connect to your TV, alongside two controllers for local multiplayer within compatible titles. PlayStation Classic will be available for €99.99 (RRP) on 3rd December, 2018 – a historic date for all of us at PlayStation.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for the full line-up of titles coming to PlayStation Classic. There are more fan favourites, and we can’t wait to share more details in the coming months.

Do you have any favourite original PlayStation memories? Please share in the comments below!

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  • Final Fantasy IX please!!!!

  • Gran Turismo and Ape Escape are a must.

  • Since the complete list of games hasn’t been announced, how about wishes? I’d like to see the 1997 (1998 in the EU) Ghost In The Shell game by Exact and Production I.G. It’s nigh-impossible to find anywhere nowadays…

  • nice. hope we get a full list of games soon

    • If they don’t add Re1-3 and MGS it will be a crime lol

    • Yeah I hope for Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2, and maybe if people want it enough Resident Evil 3 aswell.

      Castlevania Symphony of the Night is a must since a lot of people love that game and since this is a Classic console, the best classic games have to be on it! ^.^

    • Good point but looking at RE2 remaster on the doorstep and open war between Kojima and Konami. No chance for those =(

    • I think the fact that RE1&RE2 have re-makes is even a bigger reason to give us the Original Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2, since this is a CLASSIC system after all!

      …and if there’s still some extra slot left, then Resident Evil 3 aswell, but RE1&RE2 are a must!

      Resident Evil 1,2,3, are a true PS Classic series also Final Fantasy VII,VIII,IX.

      Since the PlayStation Classic costs around €99, I think we should get the best PlayStation games in that 20. ^.^

      It would be a big hit for sure, everyone would want one even if not for themselves, for their kids, to show them the awesome games they have grown up with, lots of adults don’t even have a gaming system anymore, so they can’t show it to their kids on a PS4 or something like that throught PSN store or anything like it.

      This standalone PlayStation Classic could be the ultimate game collection of the Sony PlayStation era! ^.^

    • Let’s hope for silent hill, legacy of kain: soul reaver and tony hawk’s pro skater 2 ^^

    • Dude, yes.

    • I’m looking forward to get the PlayStation Classic (Europe)! ^.^

      My PlayStation Classic game suggestions:

      No1: Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

      No2: Resident Evil 1.

      No3: Resident Evil 2.

      No4: Resident Evil 3.

      No5: Final Fantasy VII.

      No6: Final Fantasy VIII.

      No7: Final Fantasy IX.

      No8: Metal Gear Solid.

      No9: Gran Turismo 1.

      No10: Wipeout 3.

      No12: Destruction Derby 2.

      No13: Silent Hill 1.

      No14: Tenchu Birth of the Stealth Assassins.

      No15: The Legend of Dragoon.

      Since the PlayStation Classic costs around €99, I think we should get the best PlayStation games in that 20.

      This standalone PlayStation Classic could be the ultimate game collection of the Sony PlayStation era! ^.^

  • @DarkSonicPT – No analogue sticks so can’t see that being one of them

  • Not that it’s a deal breaker but I am curious if we will be able to download more games to external or onboard storage. Also is there any trophy support or PSN connectivity? It would be great to share the retro stuff with a new generation of gamers on PSN.

    • MGS, Gran Turismo, PaRappa, Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider 2, Syphon Filter, Wipeout 2097 & Silent Hill would be great

    • Probably not internet enabled but fingers crossed

    • For more authenticity I’d say no to internet connection.

    • Yes to all of these. Esp MGS Silent Hill and Syphon Filter!

    • you are VERY optimistic. but this is VERY unlikely to happen.. because.. for 99€, why go through the hassle of adding WiFi connectivity and adding trophies to the games?

      It’ll more likely be a simple “dumb” box a la NES Mini and SNES Mini classics.

    • Don’t you dare leave out Re1 and 3 lol

    • Yeah, Resident Evil 1,2,3, are a true PS Classic series also Final Fantasy VII,VIII,IX.

      I know that there is a re-make for RE1 and soon a re-make for RE2, but that’s just even more reason to put the CLASSIC original Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation Classic!

      I really hope these great games make it to the final 20 in Europe!

    • Definitely Syphon Filter

    • Syphon Filter

      Twisted Metal


      Nightmare Creatures

    • They’ve already said no – these 20 and that’s it.

    • It would be soo awesome if Sony would say in DEC 3 at PlayStation Classic launch “Surprise! 25 games in total! Have a merry Christmas everyone!” ^.^

    • I am a huge fan of old consoles and would also like to know if you are going to apply more of the recent PS console capabilities of buy/downloading games to the PS classic mini. I didn’t see anything about if it will be able to read discs but it looks like it will with the disc lid. If it can read discs what generation PS console games with it be able to read, ex:PS1, and/or PS2 and/or PS3 and/or PS4

    • It wont be able to read any disks because it’s smaller than a CD and the “open” button just opens a software menu to switch disk images.

    • I doubt it, there won’t be much storage inside. Probably 16GB to fit 20 games, there won’t be room for anything else. I don’t think this will even connect to the internet. Its a missed opportunity, they could have had an SD card slot and wifi to get new games and even allow online multiplayer. It’d cost a bit more maybe, but not much.

    • If you didn’t realise, there’s a panel in the back shown in the video that very clearly opens. It more than likely contains some kind of memory expansion.

  • Oh come on surely you can post the exact list. This is fairly critical information on a console you can’t just add extra games to. I’m not paying £90 for a compendium of frankly forgettable PS1 games. If the above is what you’re starting with, I’m worried that the rest is just filler… Surely if it had anything more iconic it would be in the initial line up?

    Hey hopefully you’re going to prove me wrong and absolutely smash this out the park, but right now I’m wary until I see the full list…

    • I think the most likely reason that they’re holding back the full list is to get another round of articles when they do announce it. It’s free publicity.

      I don’t think most of the other games are going to be filler. There are going to be big gaps in the library due to licensing (so some big-name racing games, games with licensed soundtracks and sports games are going to be missing) but you can probably expect the library to consist of a genre-diverse selection of 20 mostly-popular games.

  • Just don’t do like your competitor and underestimate demand

    • Yeah I hope there will be plenty for all of us! ^.^

      My PlayStation Classic game suggestions (Europe).

      Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

      Resident Evil 1.

      Resident Evil 2.

      Gran Turismo 1.

      Wipeout 3.

      Destruction Derby 2.

  • Metal Gear Solid please and the ability to download old games would be brilliant!

  • So, is this why you kept from releasing Tekken 3 as a PSOne Classic on PSN?

    • Some perspective on this is necessary. Sony probably only started thinking about making this machine a few years ago. It’s not the reason why PSOne games aren’t playable on PS4 and it’s certainly not the reason why individual PSOne games weren’t released on PS3 a decade ago.

    • Sony don’t own Tekken.

      Sony can’t just rip a game and put it on the store for sale. They have to get permission off the publisher or who ever own the rights.

    • There’s an enhanced graphics version for the dreamcast… its sweeet!

    • Yeah, was it the Bleamcast? Something like that…. I vaguely remember it…

  • But why use the original controllers instead of the Dual Shock? There is a reason the original controller was replaced. The lack of analog sticks makes it hard to play fully 3d games.

    Maybe this is done to cut costs? The original controller should be much cheaper…

  • The real reason why PSone classics were never made available on the PS4 ;)

  • So this is why the PS4 is the only PS device that can’t run PS1 games, not even PS1 games bought from the PS Store that even the PSP can? Sigh.

    Oh well, I suppose it might be a purchase if it includes Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Suikoden, Suikoden II, Brave Fencer Musashi, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate and Xenogears.

  • Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil 2 & Tomb Raider II seem like an obviously choice!

    Abe’s Oddysee, WipeOut 2097, G-Police and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver would be additional nice to haves.

  • Ace Combat, Silent Hill, Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider 2 is all I neeeeeeeeeddddddddd

  • Oh, i most definitely will, thank you

  • Let it be know: If it has Wipeout 2097 = it will be bought.

  • Spider-man (2000)???

  • Metal gear solid 1,final fantasy 8 and defo clock tower 1 since to play that game,itll cost i 200 bucks lol

  • Ohhhh and any of the mega man games too ;-)

  • The lack of Analouge Sticks is embarrassing…even there are Analouge Games such RR Type 4 on the Device.

  • Is this junk is why PS4 can’t play PS1 games?

    I’ve got a mini PS1 anyways.. it’s called the PSTV and lets me download a load of PS1 games from the store and plays PSP games and a lot of Vita games too. Why on earth would I want to buy this limited brick where the choice of games are defined by what you consider classics? I absolutely hate Final Fantasy VII. There’s plenty other PS1 games I love and already paid for as PS1 classics on the store.

    And no analogue sticks for Ridge Racer Type 4? ick

    • Nostaglia. I looked at Nintendo super fans who went mental over the NES and SNES mini and couldn’t understand it. Now I can. In 1997 age 11 I got one of these and it transformed my life. (Going from master system and Megadrive/CD to PSOne was insane).

    • I had NES, SNES and PS1 and am heavily into retrogaming but the minis/classics versions are just overpriced crippled junk designed to cash in on that nostalgia but not really over anything special to make up for those limitations. The only way to get the most out of them is by hacking them and by that point you may as well be playing on a small PC/Laptop that can emulate all sorts of systems and get any game you want and use any controller you want (I can’t even go back to PS1 controllers after the Dual Shock 4… I tried using an original DS1 at the Computer Museum in Cambridge on Saturday to play Spyro on PS1 and the controller was so uncomfortable now I’m used to so much better) and have full control of it all to suit your own needs and play-styles.

    • He hates FFVII he says :””)

    • yeah? It was a tedious ugly game back then and even moreso now. Never liked turn based random battle RPGs, certainly none with low poly 3d models and PS1 3D has dated really, really badly. I can understand fans of it wanting the supposed remake with all new updated assets but the original is an eyesore like many PS1 games are these days. Castlevania – Symphony of the Night is my fave PS1 game and that still looks as good as it did then because decent 2D graphics age more gracefully than 90’s 3D.

    • I think you are missing the point in this release. If i just wanted to play PS1 titles i would do so in other consoles and hanhelds. This isn’t the point though :)

      Most of PS1 3D dated bad indeed but i, as a potential buyer, like that particular 3D. And i most certainly love the gameplay and the feel of having a “digital” PS1 again

    • FF VII isn’t “turn based” (like Dragon Quest).

      Your personal opinion of FF VII doesn’t matter, it was one of the biggest selling PS1 games and established JRPGs in the west as mainstream titles and “sold the Playstation” (and was constantly praised for it’s graphics/production values).

      The remake probably will be trash however.

    • How is final fantasy VII not turn based? I don’t understand!

    • Because you don’t take turns in that game, if you don’t input any commands the enemy will attack you again and again.

    • I was thinking more that unannounced titles need to include decent number of multiplayer titles otherwise second controller is almost pointless. Needs 5-6 multiplayer games at least. Crash Team Racing perhaps…

    • Is that not a choice in the settings though (active or wait)?

    • Turn based is where you take “turns”. So everyone takes their turn to do something and it repeats in the next round (like Dragon Quest/FF Tactics or even Xcom).

      FF VII uses an “active time” system, where you can do an action when your bar fills up.

  • Conscience?

    You dare to speak to me of conscience.

    Only when you have felt the full gravity of choice should you dare question my judgement.

    Make it happen.

  • Does it include an AC adapter?

  • Oh hey, an overpriced nostalgia cash-in doubling as a lame reason for not being able to play that stuff on the PS4.

    Never go full Nintendo.

    • it’s not really overpriced though. £60 for 20 games (that’s £3 per game) and £30 for the hardware isn’t that much, especially when you consider numerous PS1 games cost a just a bit more than £3 and the PS1 itself is going for around £40 these days. It’s actually cheaper to buy this over a second hand system and second hand games.

    • that second hand system can play hundreds more games though many of which you can find cheap in charity shops these days.

    • You cant easily buy a 2nd hand console and games cheaply in new zealand. I say that this is a very welcome addition to the playstation family, though i will say that having analogue controllers would be better than having the all digital controllers

  • Is a pre-order already set, or do we need to wait for the final details in order to have it up on random stores ? Thanks!

  • I would want Suikoden 1 and 2. And also Breath of Fire 3. :D

  • Hogs of War and Dino Crisis and I’ll be a happy chappy

  • Nice little surprise. But I’ve still got the real thing :) What I would ABSOLUTELY die over is a beautiful, traditional controller like that which works on PS4. The only thing I’d really want from the DS4 is the headphone jack… That baby just feels like it was born for my own personal hands and I’ve loved it more than I can describe, the controller was always the main reason Playstation has my loyalty. I don’t have very tall hands and had a pinky broken (which still unables me to fully close my hand on the lower part of that big DS4 handle and makes me lose out on some of the grip and control).

    So having the traditional controller design to work on PS4 would be a heavensent for me… I would love to see it with the headphone jack intact and the joystick deadzone changed accordingly, but other than that I wouldn’t want anything changed. The DS4 surely is my favourite model around now, but nothing will ever top that iconic, traditional controller for me. The smaller size and handles, the rounded joysticks, lighter weight and less redundant without the touchpad, quicker shoulder buttons getting priority over triggers, honestly everything other than the headphone jack I like better :)

    Srry for going a bit offtopic but a controller is just as important, more so even imo, than a console and the two are intwined and this is kind of a console post so… :) Would LOVE to see this kind of thing done for a controller as well. Nobody else seems to come up with the idea so I thought I might suggest it :)

    • If Sony just allowed dinput (driverless) USB controllers to work on the PS4 (like the PS3), then you could use any generation Playstation controller with it (and a cheap adapter).

      Of course that would allow people to use DS3s, which they don’t want, but would be a simple fix.

    • Only loons would want the DS3. It’s fighting with the N64 and joycons for the worst mainstream controller award.

    • DS3 when compared with the Wii weirdness or horrible old 360 controller?

      The 360 controller was (still) awful in every way, from the silly gamecube layout, to the lack of a comfortable way to hold the controller for long periods (if you don’t have stubby fingers and flabby jelly palms), to the barely functional dpad, cheap rubbish buttons and sticks, AA batteries, etc, etc. What makes it worse is they’ve kept the same terrible controller for 3 generations.

      The DS3 had a few minor issues (the L2/R2 being weird and the grips being too short) but there’s no way it would be on the list of “worst controllers”. You have years of Nintendo’s questionable/terrible output, Microsoft’s lazy junk, all the 16 bit console hand torture devices and before to contend with.

    • @MrEibmoz I am absolutely flabbergasted by your comment lol! You just called out my two all time favourite controllers (DS3 and N64) as the worst, and you’re calling me a loon? :o

      Guess it really all comes down to personal preference. Like Princess considering the short DS3 grips something bad, while it’s the exact opposite for me. My least fav controllers are still Xbox and WiiU.

  • Wip3out is a must!

  • WISHLIST: Einhander, Tenchu, Rollcage, GT2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Raystorm, Rage Racer, MDK.

  • Im lowkey upset because we can’t download any games on it

  • Final Fantasy 8 is musthave game

  • Looks fun but only 20 games? No one’s going to be fully satisfied with the choices. Why not just let it read discs? Or will we be able to download more?

    • Probably because they wanted to make it smaller than a CD, for some reason. Though it’s weird it cant use PSN based PS1 games (it even has a USB port)..

  • Unbelievable. My dreams come true.


    • Well let’s hope they make enough systems for everyone and ship them in time so we get them in time before Christmas! ^.^

  • That price and no analogue pad… deal breaker

  • This is so exciting! i just hope you are able to download more emulators for the console or be able to swap out games you don’t particularly enjoy. Personally i would love to be ale to play Rage Racer and Soulblade again to relive my childhood

  • The real question is if Europe will get the PAL or NTSC versions of the games. If it’s the PAL version then it’s a pass, can’t be bothered to play the games in slow motion.

  • If Metal Gear Solid isnt on it then Im not interested. Hated Ridge Racer

  • This isn’t quite what those who request “backwards compatible” year in/year out meant.

    Also as someone who collects original PS1 games. I’m super hyped for the prices to jump 10x. #sarcasm

  • Will it has texture filtering like ps2 and ps3 BC let you do? PS games looked awful without it.

  • Is there any way to pre-order it here in the UK? I’d like to get hold of one before the scalpers snatch them up and triple the price.

  • Jumping Flash yes, what a game. Silent Hill, MGS, Rival Schools, Tekken 3, Resident Evil 2 are just a few I need on this

  • Kula World, please, and I’ll buy it!

    • Its a great game. And it’s already on the PS Store. You are better off getting a PSTV; then you can buy your favourites choosing from over 100 PS1 games! Plus loads of fantastic PSP and Vita games ?

  • Resi Evil 1,2,3 and Destruction Derby please

    • With 20 games they aren’t gonna put 3 resi games on it are they. Resi 3 would make the most sense at 1 and 2 have been remade resently (2 in a matter of months anyway!)

    • All the more reason to put Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2 in the final 20, because this is a CLASSIC console, and it really should include the original Classic Resident Evil series 1,2,3.

    • I think the fact that RE1&RE2 have re-makes is even a bigger reason to give us the Original Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2, since this is a CLASSIC system after all! ^.^

  • This is really cool althought i would love it if you make PS4 run games from PS3, PS2 and that you can buy PS1 games from Store or download it via voucher codes. But this is also nice for thosse who havent played the original PlayStation and thosse original classic games that havent had their HD, Remasterd or Remake versions…

  • Armageddon ,thrill kill,metal gear,fighting force

    • Armageddon like Worms or Armageddon like Apocalypse with Bruce Willis game? If the second one just remind me, wasn’t it designed for dual shock? If yes, no chance for that.

      I’d add Loaded and Rapid Racer ;)

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