Boxing tie-in Creed: Rise to Glory gets PvP mode when it hits PlayStation VR on 25th September

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Boxing tie-in Creed: Rise to Glory gets PvP mode when it hits PlayStation VR on 25th September

Plus, 10 tips for going toe-to-toe with the best in Survios' new sports game

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce Creed: Rise to Glory will be launching 25th September with an online PvP mode*, where you’ll be able to settle the score with friends or challenge unassuming contenders in Quick Match.

This PS VR boxing experience features intense 1:1 boxing gameplay set against the rich backdrop of the Creed film universe. With a Career mode charting the ascent of Adonis Creed as he trains with Rocky Balboa and additional Freeplay and Training Montages, Creed: Rise to Glory has plenty of options for when you feel like raising your gloves.

Before you step into the ring, we decided to ask our devs what advice they have for PS VR players ahead of next week’s launch.

10 tips to make you a champion in the ring



  1. Practice makes perfect – The knowledge you gain in training exercises will prepare you for the fight ahead. For instance, the treadmill exercise gives you a solid idea of how much effort you should be putting into knockdown recovery.
  2. Vary your punches and approach – The best boxers are strategic on when and where they swing. Take advantage of short openings or trigger powerful combos.
  3. Know when to defend – Blocking and fast reaction times are crucial to a clean KO. Sometimes it’s better to stay on defense and wait out attacks, or time a perfect dodge and catch your opponent off guard.
  4. Keep an eye on your gloves – The lower your stamina, the longer it takes for your stamina to start recovering. Take a breather and block a few hits while your gloves are still orange and before they flash red. Pacing is everything.
  5. Put some muscle behind it – The more effort you put into your swings and movements, the more that gets translated in game. Harder hits will cause more damage, faster strides will increase running speed. But be careful! Don’t overextend or overexert. Know your limits (and your playspace**)!
  6. Dodging for stamina – In single-player modes, triggering a slow-motion dodge will recover the player’s stamina–perfect for lining up a powerful punch or quick combo.
  7. Always block in PvP – Make sure to block your opponents hits as much as you can! A successful block in PvP Mode gives you some stamina back. Likewise, if you hit when your opponent is blocking, your stamina will get drained.
  8. Read the opponent – When the opponent rears back for a power hit, be prepared to either dodge or block using both hands. While blocking is safer, the hit will drain your stamina on impact and you’ll lose the opportunity to counter the swing.
  9. The third knockdown – If you make it back on your feet from a third knockdown, take caution: the next knockdown comes quickly, and there is no recovering from it.
  10. Stay (not) thirsty – VR boxing is not an idle pastime. Please make sure to stay hydrated, and occasionally check the status of your headset. Take frequent breaks and keep a towel nearby!


We can’t wait to share what we’ve created with the PlayStation community. This is a title we as a company were excited to take on to bring our own spin to the VR boxing genre. We’ll be continuing to refine the player experience post-launch, and would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks again for your interest in Creed: Rise to Glory, and we’ll see you in the ring 25th September.

*PS Plus is required for online play.

**As with any VR title, we highly advise playspace awareness and assume no responsibility for what may ensue outside the playspace area. This includes but is not limited to: broken televisions, controllers, light bulbs and/or windows, drywall repairs, medical bills or noise complaints. Standard practice. Good luck.

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  • From being with VR from the beginning, it’s an experience you will never understand if you are not playing it. Boxing games are not my thing, but in VR …. Hell Yes !!! This will be added to my collection as I am sure will be another truly amazing experience. VR is the future, don’t miss out. I am so glad I was here from the start, because to start with it took a while for my head to get use to it…. but now I can play for hours without any issue in any type of game…. and boy this looks like a whole lot of fun !!!

    • VR was “the future” in the 80s…and “the future” in the 90s…and even before. It didn’t work out then for many of the same reasons, but, are we on a new future yet or is it still the same one??

      However, it’s not hard to not miss out, can just buy one of the pile of “barely used” ones on ebay/amazon for cheap.

  • Is this game VR only? I am a huge fan of the old EA Fight Night games, and genuinely gutted they stopped that series, and have been desperate for a boxing game ever since. Would love to play this, but don’t have VR. Anyone know if there’s a non-VR mode?

  • I was already interested when I heard about this game, but PvP is definitely what’ll make me get it as soon as it releases.

    I was just waiting for a PS VR boxing game that’s more serious and realistic.

    I wish there was the ability to move around the ring and an option to turn off slow-motion though.

  • I am afraid this is VR only, i too have been waiting for a new fight night but in VR it will be even better that using analog sticks.

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