Online brawler Absolver’s upcoming Downfall DLC includes procedurally-generated dungeon

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Online brawler Absolver’s upcoming Downfall DLC includes procedurally-generated dungeon

New expansion, out 25th September, lets you earn new gear in boss-filled mines & temples

Hello Prospects and Absolvers! The team at Sloclap has been unusually quiet these last few months but that’s all due to the work on Absolver: Downfall – the new, free expansion for Absolver which we’re happy to announce will be coming on 25th September.

The expansion is rather robust with something for both the PvE and PvP players in our community that might have been playing from the start last year or just started their journey to absolution last month when Absolver was featured as a PS Plus title.

New Downfall game mode

The most prominent new element in Absolver: Downfall is the new Downfall game mode that takes players in solo or cooperative runs down the Adalian Mines, on a quest to battle Arcell and his corrupted Prospects.


Players will collect Gleam from infected Prospects and transform it into rewards in the form of experience and gear. The more Gleam you capture, the more powerful you become in your struggle to defeat the Corrupted, and eventually Arcell himself.

Each run through the Mines and Temples is a unique path through a variety of challenges and situations, facing upgraded enemies with improved AI, and three epic boss fights.


New combat style

The other headline piece of the expansion is the Faejin combat style, taking its inspiration from Bruce Lee’s famous Jeet Kune Do.

This new combat style is more complex than others and experienced Absolvers will need to balance the fluidly powered offense with different defensive abilities that shift with your stance. Faejin will feature three dozen different attacks for bare hands, wargloves, and sword combat.


Absolver: Downfall rounds out the expansion content with the introduction of School Challenges. School Challenges will include reworked School Leaderboards, which will allow School members to compete with each other through rankings updated at the end of each Season, and up to three specific reward for each ranking category!

Absolver: Downfall will also feature new equipment sets, as well as two prestige variants of existing sets, all found in the Essence Shop and unlockable with Gleam and Fragments, both of which will be looted in the Downfall game mode.

Fantastic new masks, weapons, emotes and PvP intros can all be found in the new expansion when it hits on 25th September!

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  • Finally something interesting. I don’t know how popular the game is in pvp. But single is all good, means I can take my time and play at my own pace. Same with For Honor. Read that it’s free as well. This is fantastic news!

  • I really enjoyed the combat of this game but the idea of farming bosses to prestige and get currency for cosmetics was way too dull a concept for me.

    The PVP was fun but it still felt like a grind. The devs have an amazing combat system which has made me feel a rush from PVP that simply isn’t available anywhere else. However it wasn’t something I wanted to play long term. I may look into it again now there’s this new DLC coming but I’m not overly hopeful it’ll keep my interest long term.

  • Worst p+ game ever I would rather eat my arm than play this.

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