Marvel’s Spider-Man swings into stores today for PS4

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Marvel’s Spider-Man swings into stores today for PS4

Insomniac Games celebrates the launch of its amazing Super Hero adventure

I didn’t expect it to be so hard to type, “Marvel’s Spider-Man is launching worldwide!” The process of bringing our unique interpretation of Peter Parker’s world to life has been so consuming for us at Insomniac Games, it feels almost strange to see the game released into the wild.

We’re excited, proud, and yes, a little nervous too. The nerves are merely a reflection of how much we’ve loved collaborating with Marvel Games and our longtime friends at PlayStation on such a beloved character as Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the game!

During our development odyssey, the team has written countless lines of dialogue and code, and we’ve traveled across the globe spanning nearly every continent promoting the game.

Several Insomniacs brought new children into the world during game production and have since lovingly taught them about Spider-Man’s virtues, introducing an entirely new generation of fans to the webwall-crawler. And speaking of parents, during this process we were so fortunate to be able to meet and spend time with one of the fathers of Spider-Man, the one-and-only Mr. Stan Lee!

The last few weeks leading up to launch have been such a wonderful ride, and it all culminated last night with two spectacular events. The first being our TV spot that aired on NBC during the kickoff of the 2018 NFL season. As a huge gridiron fan, it was surreal to hear the legendary sports announcer Al Michaels introduce Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The second was our “Countdown to Launch” livestream, which was an absolute blast. There were a ton of interviews with so many amazing people that worked on the game, plus some new content, including this behind-the-scenes look at the music from the TV commercial. The music from our composer John Paesano is a giant piece of what brings the heard of this game to life, and we’re excited to show you a glimpse of how it comes together.

If you want to catch the full livestream, it’s archived here:

Finally, I must mention this adorable iOS sticker pack that is based on the stickers you can access in our in-game Photo Mode* – which is SO MUCH FUN! We hope you check out both and send us your best selfies from high atop Marvel’s Manhattan.

Marvel's Spider-Man: iOS Sticker Pack

That’s enough from me! On behalf of EVERYONE at Insomniac Games, thank you for joining us on this amazing, spectacular journey developing Marvel’s Spider-Man these last few years.

The reason we make games and have done so for nearly 25 years is to create positive and lasting impressions in people’s lives. We hope we accomplished that for you.


Marvel's Spider-Man

*Photo Mode available via patch version 1.04 and later. Internet connection required for update.

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  • Installing right now

  • I’m nearing the end of the game now and personally it’s been pretty underwhelming, it feels nice to swing about and the graphics are gorgeous (HDR lighting really makes it shine) but the plots really safe and boring and the combats just Arkham again but in a Spidey skin.

    I think it’s more a personal problem but I do regret getting this day one and not cheaper in a few months :/

    • Yeah, same. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an rather enjoyable game, certainly more so than the last Spider-Man game released 4 years ago. But the plot so far been pretty uninteresting, and too often the game feels like a Arkham wannabe instead of having it’s own strong identity. Heck, during a side quest you even have to line up two parts of motives so it looks just right from your perspective, just like the riddler stuff. If I would desribe it in one word I would say it’s “safe”.

    • How in god’s name is Spider-Man a Batman wannabe? Batman games implemented a spider sense so you can counter hits in battle, not the other way round.

  • A modern coming-of-age story based on the Hollywood reboots of the cartoon series that was loosely based on the comic books written by a man who was influenced by the literature of his time.

    It’s basically The Catcher in the Rye 2k18 – but it’s all flash and no substance. Eat up before it gets cold.

  • This game is my dream come true! I just can’t put it down.

  • It’s damn addictive. Probably my 2nd fave game of the year (after the sublime God of War) and really can’t see anything else beating it at least ths year I am loving it muchly. Thanks Insomniac for making me care about Spider-Man again after the Amazing Spider-Man movies and MCU ‘Iron Man Jr’ versions did their best to make me hate it. Best comic book game ever by far too (No, i frickin’ hated the Arkham games, tedious things. First one was passable, but City and Knight were a total chore of boredom and sluggishness and trying to hard to look ‘edgy’ character re-designs)

  • Spider-Man is so amazing, I love it! It’s one of my favorite games, up there with Detroit: Become Human and God of War Thank you Sony!

  • Sony stole this year from everyone else by giving us this amazing exclusive games that we can only play on PlayStation and for that thank you… PlayStation really is the best place to play…

  • Stop with fanboy comments, you guys starting to sound like a cult.. Thanks Sony for this, thanks Sony for that… Nothing bad was written, just realistic opinion about one game..

  • Marvel’s Spider Man : Miles – New Spider Man l PS4 Pro

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