Here’s the full list of PS4-exclusive content waiting for you in Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Here’s the full list of PS4-exclusive content waiting for you in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Including new armour sets, a wild new Exotic weapon, a new ship and a new Strike

With Destiny 2: Forsaken just around the corner, Guardians across the galaxy are hungry for information about the new gear they’ll get their hands on and the locales they’ll get to explore.

We’re here today to take a look at everything coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in Forsaken: an additional armour set for each class, a wild new Exotic weapon, a ship, and an all-new Strike set in the Tangled Shore.

Here’s the full rundown of what to expect:

Forsaken exclusive Exotic weapon

First up we have the Wavesplitter, a fascinating new Exotic from the makers of Coldheart. It’s the latest in City Age technology, using focused sonic waves to superheat electrons into a devastating energy beam (some even say it could be used as a musical instrument).

The weapon has three power levels that oscillate while the trigger is held down that are communicated to the Guardian through various indicators; from laser thickness, sound effects and a meter on the weapon.

The Wavesplitter can be powered up to maximum for a short period when an Orb of Light has been collected to devastate the enemy.

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Forsaken exclusive Strike

Broodhold is the new PlayStation-exclusive strike for all Guardian’s willing to delve into the depths of the Tangled Shore and eradicate the Hive infestation. Guardians will have to fight through a crashed Hive Tombship skirmishing with Thralls, Acolytes and Knights until you face the Hive Brood Queen.

Destiny 2: Forsaken

The Queen will alternate between physical and shadow form using different abilities in each state. Guardians will have to stay alert to avoid her physical attacks, making smart use of cover and positioning. During her shadow form, you’ll have to stay on the move to avoid being poisoned

Forsaken exclusive armour

  • Titans will receive the new Mimetic Savior armour
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken

  • Hunters will don the Red Moon Phantom
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken

  • Warlocks will earn the Thorium Holt armour
  • Destiny 2: Forsaken

    Time to don your new armour, Guardians, and take the fight to the Tangled shore.

    Forsaken exclusive Ship

    Finally, PS4 players will uncover the Exclusive Ship the Great Beyond. It comes from an undiscovered country from which no explorer has ever returned… until now.

    Destiny 2: Forsaken

    Arm up, Guardians, the hunt is on!

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  • I don’t intend to add the vanilla game to my library. It’s currently £7.85 at shopto and I didn’t bite and funnily enough I can’t be bothered even as a plus game. Played and enjoyed D1, but the lockout for players who didn’t purchase the dlc actually made me not want to support you by buying it and this was when The Taken King was released.

    I’d rather have a handful of diarrhea and clap than support you ?

    But good luck with it.

  • First giving this train wreck for “free” and then when the new update drops locking everybody out again, unless they buy that new overpriced update. I assume, THIS IS FOR THE PAYERS.

    • What’s worse is that it isn’t possible to buy Forsaken DLC if you don’t own all previous DLC.

    • True and disappointing at the same time. I haven’t seen anything like this before, it’s way beyond pathetic.. ?

      And even worse, the fact that Bungie is still developing ‘games’ instead of being shut down.

    • I think you can blame activision for the greed,look at call of duty blops 4 and you’ll see they force dlc bundles instead of separate options.

  • @KaneTheGoth That’s either a witty remark or a very telling psychological projection. 

  • Why was there no store update this week? I’m missing my Neo Geo fix.

    • Yep, still no update. I wonder if they will put it at all this week. Quite a few great games that could use some exposure.

      Or maybe abandoned it 100% starting a few days ago.

  • I’d rather play Call of Duty.

  • Titan Armour is like “DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!!”

  • So the “new gun” is yet another reskin of coldheart and prometheus lense, the new ship looks exactly like the one I used (and I did not play past first expansion) but those armor truly looks like its unfinished, the best armor to represent destiny 2. So glad I got out when I did.

  • Really looking forward to this expansion, but the exclusive stuff hurts the xbox players too much.

  • The titan looks like cardbord box costume ! Iam not a fan of ps4 players getting more stuff than xbox just give us a timed exclusive you made the content we should all get it eventually I will see how the real reviews are before jumping back in but count me Intressted

  • Funny thing is all this “exclusive” stuff is supposed to pull people to the playstation side. All it does to me is [DELETED] me off that they’re cutting pc and X1 players out of content. I don’t give a crap if my game has stuff theirs don’t. The experience should be the same accross this board. This benefits no one and hurts the player base. X1 owners aren’t gonna say ok better buy a PS4. They’re gonna say I won’t buy this game it has missing content.

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