Destiny 2 and God of War III: Remastered are your PlayStation Plus games for September

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Destiny 2 and God of War III: Remastered are your PlayStation Plus games for September

Here They Lie and Knowledge is Power also remain as bonus titles all month long

So, hands up, who’s dying their pyjama’s red and blue and running around the house with cans of silly string? Us too. Yes, Marvel’s Spider-Man is now mere days away from launch and we’re just as excited as you.

That said, here at PlayStation Blog we have to keep our cool, because we’ve also got a slew of brand-new PlayStation Plus titles to unveil and boy, is this month a big one.

Let’s take a look at September’s games:

Destiny 2

It’s been just shy of year since Bungie’s fantastic follow-up to sci-fi shooter Destiny hit PlayStation 4 and, as the first anniversary rolls around, we’re very excited to announce that Destiny 2 is joining PlayStation Plus today.

A thoughtful evolution of the 2014 smash hit, Destiny 2 brings together retooled core systems, new sub-classes, armour and progression paths, and an explosive new cinematic campaign.

With the last city on Earth overrun and The Traveller in bondage, it’ll be up to a few plucky Guardians to reclaim the power of the light and send new big-bad Ghaul and his Red Legion packing.

If you not had a chance to experience Destiny 2 yet, now is the perfect time to jump in: a massive expansion, dubbed ‘Forsaken’, is poised to launch next week, bringing new story quests, multiplayer modes and more. Time to get up to speed, Guardian!

As an added bonus, on 1st September all Destiny 2 players can play Forsaken’s newest game mode, Gambit, free for 24 hours. This all-new hybrid 4v4 mode combines the best of PVE an PVP. Two teams of four race to summon a Primeval boss and be the first to take it down. Disrupt the other team by sending enemies to their side or invade directly with one of your own players.

God of War III: Remastered*

Before he put down roots in the snowy wilds of Midgard, legendary Dad-of-Boy Kratos used to spend his days facing off against the Olympian pantheon in the sun-kissed climes of ancient Greece.

It was a quest for bloody retribution that came to a head in the critically-acclaimed God of War III, wherein, having put almost the entirety of Greek mythology to the sword, Kratos finally came face-to-face with his greatest adversary Zeus.

Those who’ve played 2018’s God of War might already be spoiled on the outcome of that particular confrontation, but if you’ve never tried any of Kratos’ original adventures, then this is not to be missed.

Thoroughly polished-up for PS4, God of War III: Remastered represents a high-point for the series’ original formula, combining colossal set pieces with tight, brutal combat, stunning visual design, and a huge selection of puzzles and platforming challenges.

God of War III: Remastered will be available to download from 4th September.

PS Plus bonus titles

Last month, we beefed up our monthly offering with two bonus titles to download on PS4: Knowledge is Power for PlayLink and Here They Lie for PlayStation VR. We’re happy to announce that both titles remain in the PlayStation Plus line up throughout September – so if you missed them last month, don’t panic!

Knowledge is Power

The perfect game for those long, lazy summer evenings, Knowledge is Power pits up to six players against one another in a race to the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge. Inch your way up by answering questions, completing tasks and occasionally trying to trip-up your fellow contestants, all in the name of jolly-good fun. And you can put those Dualshock controllers down – as a Playlink title, Knowledge is Power needs nothing but your handy smart phone.

Here They Lie

An excellent test of nerve for those with gumption, Here They Lie is a surreal, unsettling journey through an otherworldly realm filled with strange, malevolent creatures and unpredictable environments.

Brave its horrors and you’ll uncover a mystery buried at the heart of this feverish nightmare and perhaps answers to questions you’d dared not even ask – and you thought you’d sweated enough this summer!

Anything else?

As with previous months, we’ll be adding in two games apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita, three of which – thanks to the magic of Cross-Buy – you’ll also be able to download on PS4. The final line-up then, looks like this:

As mentioned above, Destiny 2 will be available to download today. All other titles will be available to download on 4th September. Until then, you still have a few days left to pick up last month’s games .

And that’s it – we’ll be back next month with more. In the meantime, let us know how you get on with this month’s titles over on Twitter and Facebook.

*Quick note: God of War III: Remastered is not available in the Middle East. PS Plus members there will be able to download rodent-themed, real-time strategy game Tooth and Tail instead.

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  • Was actually on the fence to buy Destiny 2, pretty damn cool!

  • It is possible to play Here they lie without VR.

    • It took half a second to copy and paste your question into google to return an answer and the answer is YES, it’s VR compatible not VR required, it even states this on the PlayStation store.

      Edit: Can’t have a little joke around without someone being crusty. I do understand that it isn’t a question, before we get anymore of THOSE guys, you know the ones.

    • He’s not asking if it is, but correcting the blog post above where it says VR required.

    • took me a while before I realised you were right.

    • the game came out on ps plus last month. It’s not new. I played the first two chapters without VR, so the answear is yea.

      EDIT: Ok, he was just correcting the blog post. Noice

    • Yes you can play it in 2d

  • Destiny 2??? Really?

    If what happened to destiny 1, happens to this game, vanilla game is useless. If you want to play it, you’ll most likely have to buy all DLCs. Nice try bungie, but I won’t fall for that.

    • People gonna have the game like a week, then if you like it buy the DLC :D

    • It is happening to this. Come next week the base game is gonna be completely useless, similar to 1, and you’ll need to fork out double the money to actually get the content. It’s a pathetic last attempt at getting players back since the game has been bleeding players for a while now.

    • Yesss. When I bought the first Destiny for what I thought was a deal, the next week a DLC pack for 50% more than I paid came out making everything in that game useless..

    • Yep, they pretty much confirm that in the article:

      “If you not had a chance to experience Destiny 2 yet, now is the perfect time to jump in: a massive expansion, dubbed ‘Forsaken’, is poised to launch next week…”

    • Not true. Check out this overview of all the new stuff it was and is going to be updated with.

      Of course stuff in the Forsaken expansion and the annual passes requires you to buy it, but there’s still a lot of stuff being put into vanilla. Everything not marked with a asterisk is available for all.

  • Althrough i’m dissapointed, i think it’s a great month for many other people.

  • Wow, I’ve already got GOW, QUBE and Sparkle 2, guess I’ll give Foul Play a spin…

  • Two great choices. Best lineup ever? Unfortunately I already own them both. Sigh.

  • Yay more cross-buy padding from PS3 and Vita

    • Yup, very disappointed with those tbh! Would have liked to see some quality games for PS3 these last few months, what a shame!

  • Not bothered about Destiny 2 but I know a lot of people will be happy with that. Not played GoW 3 since it was released so thank you very much. Also Another World I’ve not played since Megadrive so I’ll be looking forward to that. Not a bad month at all.

  • No fricking way.. Best Plus line up this generation, easily worth the 12 month subscription this month alone.

  • if only i could get a once-per-lifetime ability to switch stores….

  • QUBE and Another World are excellent games, GoW 3 ain’t too bad either, so that’s it for the games I already own.

    As for Destiny 2, I played last month during the free weekend and compared to the first game it was pretty lame. Also, I guess it’s useless without all the expansions that will cost you what, 100 EUR? I mean the base game is currently 10 EUR at Amazon.

  • wow ! what a month

  • Was wanting to get around playing GOW3 after the 2018 one, and now is the perfect time. Also, Qube is a great puzzle game and shouldn’t be overlooked

  • great lineup will play this games but I got question you made effect for ps plus list but you couldn’t do playstation store list what you do every week. Still playstation blog getting worst everyweek shame on you playstation Europe but great ps plus line up .

  • Kind of shocked, I didn’t expect activision to let destiny 2 go for free. It’s great but you can finish it pretty fast. The end game isn’t really worth sticking around for. I’m more excited about GOW. A good game I don’t already own :D.

  • Another PS4 port of a PS3 game? Why?

  • Playstation Plus gets a lot of grief throughout the year….Not every month will please everyone…But this month, I do not currently have any of the titles… So my annual subscription has been worth every penny. I’ve been a plus member since it started, and am one happy customer. Back of Net …. Thanks Sony !!!!

  • Destiny 2, I wouldn’t even play it for free lol. Still, Xbone has BC and yet PS4 owners still got SEVEN PS4 games this month with PS Plus. Mental. I guess its good no matter what way you look at it. :)

  • Is Destiny coming with all DLCs?It better do

  • I hate myself for buying destiny, for believing marketing cra. Will not pay for anything labeled “Bungie” or “Activision” ever. I think, the same goes to Anthem or Division 2.

  • Wow. Destiny 2 is basically a scam because you need all the dlcs which cost more than the base game itself and I truly wonder who at this point haven’t played God of War 3. PS3 and Vita titles suck too. This is one of the worst months I’ve ever seen.

  • A nice month I guess. Despite all the hate, I wouldn’t mind checking out the further story of Destiny 2. Also, it’s already free on PSN.

  • I don’t like Destinty and I already got God of War 3 Remastered but that’s ok. I got enough to play and Spider-Man is out next week and I’m currently still playing new game + on PS4 God of War so I’m good. :)

  • The month is not as good as it looks.

    Destiny 2 have struggled since release, because it’s a barebone game that requires paid overpriced DLC to be a game.

    God of War 3 is just a remaster of a PS3 game most owns anyway.

    Due to poor Destiny 2 sales, the game and DLC were dumped to 18 bucks on Xbox One on last summer sale. 22 bucks on PS4 summer sale.

    For me it’s a terrible month. the only game i don’t have is “Foul Play”.

    • You guys really whine no matter what :)

    • Destiny 2 were flamed since release, because it changed too much and is worse than Destiny 1.

      Thats why the player base have been so weak in the game.

    • You might have already played a game but that doesn’t mean everyone else has. Having God of War III on PlayStation Plus right now is a smart move, because of the new God of War game on PS4 there will be increased interest in previous games in the series from new fans. There are plenty of people who don’t play a game as soon as it’s released, or don’t get around to it until later for some other reason.

      So many games these days are large open-world games that take ages to finish so it’ll be a while before I get around to playing any other game. That’s nothing to do with the quality of those other games, I just don’t have time for them right now.

  • Going by the last few months of PS3 titles, I’m guessing Sony doesn’t care about making the final year of PS3 PS+ titles memorable. Where are all the great PS3 action adventure games? here are barely worth any ones time

  • Sadly the only game on this list I want I already bought…Sparkle 2.

    It’s only 6 months before removing PS3 and PS Vita games from plus so couldn’t you offer better selection of titles until then?

    If plus is going to be old AAA titles then I’m not interested. I don’t care about playing online so where is the incentive for a plus sub? The only positive is that by including titles I am not interested in lessens the load of soldiering through over 7 years of plus backlog.

  • Another PlayStation Plus month goes bye and another month where I already own the games from there actual release date. It’s great for people who obviously don’t own these games but what about the players who do? I have brought every major release and not so major release games on there day of release so I know it’s gna be hard for Sony to put games in that you may not have which are high calibre games. Can’t we have two separate PS Plus subscriptions. 1-where we pay just for the online and the features etc cloud save etc etc and it would be cheaper. 2- the full package ,online etc the free games etc. Just an idea Sony.

    • If you buy all the games you want to play as soon as they come out, then that’s going to make it much more likely you’ll already have the games that come to PlayStation Plus. That’s just the way it works. Sony could go back to having Plus games that people who buy every AAA game day one are unlikely to have, but then other people would go back to complaining about PlayStation Plus having too many indie games.

  • You’re not right in head if you think this is a good month, Destiny 2 which was already poor and now even worse with the update yesterday which removed a lot of stuff mainly for the base game, seriously whats the point? Its worthless! Gow 3 a game I played 8 years ago on my PS3… Great. The rest are just randomly picked from the bargain bin an will be played by hardly anyone. Absolutely terrible month.

  • Destiny 2 is free right now on the store if ya want it.

    By the way thanks for vastly improving the search function on the PS4 store. The old one was clumsy as heck and this new one is very slick and easy and fast. :)

  • Can’t believe a slot was wasted on that Destiny trash.

  • Not complaining here, figured I should say that first.

    It’sa good month all round but sadly the only games I don’t already have are sparkle 2 because I don’t like the gameplay and another world because I wasn’t interested in it 20 years ago and nothing has changed.

    Hopefully next month will be better for me, win some, lose some.

  • God of war Hype

    destiny 2

  • It would be better if they added free DLC for Warframe to PSN+ instead as it’s a superior game and have far more content than Destiny 2 for free.

    Remember most of Destiny 2 game modes is locked behind paywall. I’m guessing here, but as much as 80% of Destiny 2 could be disabled without paid DLC.

    Destiny 2 base game is worthless.

  • For some reason Destiny 2 is already available in the ps plus games listing as I looked earlier this week and it wasn’t there so I have claimed it.

  • Ok so it’s a demo of Destiny 2 then, since the expansion will sort that out in a week’s time and a few cheap games…. Not impressed for the subs we pay and since it’s not optional if you want to play online games why not call it what it is…a confidence trick and it’s about time you just admitted it. Good cheap games, yes but still it’s a wolf masquerading as a sheep, just a flossy one. You could have chosen any of the old AAA games that your marketing men are still trying to wring the blood out of, but you chose to temp us into a money pit of DLC with D2 and throw in a few retro games that most people paid full price for the first time around (yes even Another World…. I’m that old) or bought in a sale on the store or can pick up a second hand copy of……for peanuts. Bravo???☹️

  • I’ll be knee deep in Dragon Quest XI to give a doo dah about Destiny anything. What am I saying paint drying Sim coupd be out on the 4th and I would rather play that then anything from Activision.

    Uhm, I bought God Of War 3 on release can I have the rat game instead :P

    *I know I can’t.

  • Is it true the platinum trophy is locked behind a DLC paywall for Destiny 2? Thats a bit poor form if so. You shouldn’t have to purchase DLC to be eligible for a platinum….

    • I believe Bungie had to change that back with Curse of Osiris I think.

      The trophy that was getting messed with was the one to complete Prestige version of Nightfall/Raid at that time, they pushed the power required for them to the standard of the DLC. However took down the Prestige Leviathian Raid to base game again.

      So you can get the trophies. Just now you have to do the Prestige Raid. Before you could do the Prestige Nightfall which is much easier imo.

  • WOW! I think, most of the people who owns a PS4, has these games already. I really hope Sony will do a PS+ service which only gives you discounts and access for the multiplayer. 9 months almost passed, and I can count on one of my hands how many games I played from the plus offering.

  • Well can’t say that it’s a big month for me personally. Already got several of the games. Not a bad month really, just not the big offering for me though.

    One thing is maybe the year one DLC’s of Destiny should be included. The base game is shallow honestly. Also it’s kinda much the DLC’s cost if you want them all. I personally will wait with Forsaken if I ever get it. I’m not even sure I want to bother with it. Bungie became way too greedy compared to what they deliver.

    Destiny 2 is not “bad”. It just lacks content. Or well it has been improving quite a bit so that’s a plus. Though I think Bungie needs to face reality, yes the DLC’s adds content which is great, however it’s arguable if some of that content maybe should have been in the base game. It just felt so bareboned back at launch.

    Let’s see maybe these new changes that also happens to base game because of Forsaken may lighten up things. Hope so for all the new people who get to experience it.

  • As someone who has never played Destiny i am looking foward to playing it i was just thinking about getting my hands on standard version of the game to play coop story with my friends i heard thats possible.And who knows if i like it i will maybe expand it thought DLC’s that are already out or the upcoming one’s like Forsaken. All and all amazing month for PlayStation Plus members..

  • This line up is pretty cool and I don’t expect the forsaken dlc for destiny 2 to be free either but will previous dlc be free or will it just be base game?

    I have vanilla destiny 2 and I’ve been meaning to get back into it but at this point I don’t think the expansions are worth paying for anymore so I’d really enjoy if curse of Osiris and the other (war mind?) were also free.

  • I don’t really think that you should allow games that require a ton of extra dlc to be able to properly play to be ps+ games. Especially when all you’re doing is helping one of the worst companies in gaming activision, falsely inflate their player counts.

    I’ll be playing some Vita next month at least!

    • If that ease your mind, im not going to downlad Destiny, with or without DLC i think that game is crap. I would rather grab Doom as ps+

  • So, I have a very important question to Matthew Groizard.

    What about us?? because defiantly GoW 3 will be banned in our KSA Store.

    What is the replacement??

  • “It’s been just shy of year since Bungie’s fantastic follow-up” LOL It was a flop on arrival with only a rabid fanbase who were hopeful for more of what we were given in the prior game to be expanded upon. I’m glad I waited but here they get you with the week before the expansion. They know how to play the players. Not going to act like I wasn’t waiting to jump in though.

  • Destiny 2..LOL Sony is so stupid. D2? Does Sony even know this piece of crap game even is locked behind 80% paywall?

    As we know on this site. Sony is retarded as ****.

  • Just when you thought PlayStation couldn’t get any better

    Another amazing selection of games I don’t know how they do it.

    I’m playing Project Cars 2, God Of War, Metal Gear V, Mad Max, Watchdogs 2, watching Netflix and Sky, to be honest I can’t afford not to have a PlayStation hahaaaa.

    Thanks alot very much appreciated once again.

  • If we get Tooth and Tail .. i will never renew my Plus Subscription …

    first mafia 3 and know this .. replaced by another useless strategy game that nobody want ..

    SONY ME mocking us as usual … like are u really serious ..

  • holy f$£knut$ nice selection

  • So if Destiny 2 is downloadable now (still August), surely this should be considered to be bonus content for August and we should get another game instead of Destiny 2 in September…?

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