Multiplayer tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour is out today on PlayStation VR

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Multiplayer tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour is out today on PlayStation VR

Squad up and put your teamwork to the test in this new PS VR exclusive

In Firewall Zero Hour, you’ll play as a mercenary Contractor, hired by an anonymous handler to either protect or obtain highly sensitive information found on a laptop hidden in controversial locations across the globe*.

You’re hired as part of a team of four Contractors, who must attack or defend against another team of four Contractors. Whether playing on the attacking team or defending team, communication with your teammates is key to surviving in this world of intense firefights and unpredictable outcomes**.

You’ll strategize with your teammates, make quick tactical choices and use an arsenal of equipment to successfully complete your Contracts. Every time you fulfill a Contract, you get paid in Crypto, which you can use to customize your Contractors.

Firewall Zero Hour

To sum it up, we made Firewall Zero Hour to be the tactical 4v4 multiplayer FPS that we always dreamed of playing in VR. It’s been a labor of love for our studio full of FPS fanatics :-)

All in all, we’re beyond excited to hear the PlayStation VR community’s feedback, and eager to see all the gameplay styles, strategies, and tactics you come up with!

Firewall Zero Hour Firewall Zero HourFirewall Zero Hour

You might be wondering what’s next for Firewall Zero Hour. While there is a vast number of things to unlock, levels to achieve, and unpredictable gameplay to be had in the game starting today, we are also focused on supporting the game post-launch with additional content.

But for now, get ready for more how-to’s from the studio, regarding tips & tricks for loadouts, progression, customization, and advanced techniques. And don’t forget join the Firewall Zero Hour PSN community to meet other Contractors eager to squad up.

See you in the game, Contractors!

Firewall Zero HourFirewall Zero Hour

*An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including Single Player Training Mode.
**PS Plus is required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.

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  • The sheer incompetence of this blog is shameful, and disrespectful to loyal European PlayStation fans. No SCEE, Firewall isn’t out today, it’s out tomorrow. Maybe you’d know this if you had been bothered to post a store update this week, but hey, you got away with being 24 hours late last week, so why even bother, right? It’s not like responding to peoples’ comments is important either. Please shut down this blog and fire everyone involved.

    • Dude chill it’s just videogames, yes the post should have noted the 29 August release date but it doesn’t take Einstein to realise this was also posted on the U.S blog. Relax and take a deep breath…….that’s much better.

    • The state of this blog has been declining rapidly the past couple of months, and I’m simply pointing out, that this isn’t an acceptable way to treat a vast amount of your customer base. Your attitude of “chilling” is part of the reason we are where we are with the current state of the blog, and nothing is going to change unless we speak up.

      The fact that this was posted on the US blog further cements the fact that the EU blog is dead. The employees can only be bothered to do a quick copy/paste of various press releases they get handed, and don’t even bother checking dates. We might as well just all go over to the US blog, as the information posted there is as, if not more, accurate than what gets slapped up on this page.

      You may enjoy being treated like a second rate customer, but I sure don’t. SCEE is so far behind on services accross the EU, and posts like this, and the lack of a simple store update on time twice in a row, show how the company truly sees us: as an afterthought.

    • Kind of want them to stop putting up features almost exclusively about VR shovelware, playlink shovelware and the current “exclusive”. As much as some people might appreciate the 567th article about GoWs use of the square button, everyone has heard of it, and most people would have bought it by now. There’s a pile of games that get completely ignored or don’t even turn up in the weekly releases.

    • You are assuming people read both – I don’t-income here for my news, as little as there is.

      If it is expected that everyone be aware of what’s posted on the US blog, then why bother with this one at all?

      It’s not a big ask to be timely and factual in blog posts that exist to inform their playerbase of upcoming game releases etc.

      So I completly understand why someone would expect some level of professionalism and why they would raise the point and leave feedback if the writers here continued to let down their base.

      To you or seems obvious that this was a copy/paste from the US site, so would it not also be obvious to the person posting it?

  • Weird. Mine (with Aim) got delivered on Saturday. Haven’t opened it yet though

  • My copy is in the post, can’t wait to give it a go. I’ve watched some streams and the feedback seems to be pretty positive.

  • This game is awesome

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