God of War, COD WWII, Far Cry 5 and more join PlayStation Store’s massive Summer Sale

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God of War, COD WWII, Far Cry 5 and more join PlayStation Store’s massive Summer Sale

Second wave of big PS4 games join the hundreds of titles already discounted in our digital sale

Today PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale welcomes even more games as our digital discount promotion expands further!

Joining Summer Sale today are a horde of heavy hitters and critically-acclaimed games. Take an epic yet deeply personal journey in Santa Monica’s God of War; enjoy a wild adventure through the heart of America in Far Cry 5; get your boots on the ground and storm through Call of Duty WWII’s incredible campaign and intense multiplayer.

These and many more games are now discounted on PlayStation Store. Once again, the selection of titles is so huge we can only run a selection here to whet your appetite. For the full, extensive list of discounts, head on over to PlayStation Store and start browsing.


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  • “and many more?”

    It’s not as if you have a difficult job, here. Just list all the games that are getting discounts rather than forcing us to go searching through the sale pages trying to find the new sales.

    • You’re saying you don’t know how to click the link in the text (head on over to PlayStation Store and start browsing) which leads directly to the list of discounted games in the store?

      And you alo don’t know how to, once in the store, select Deals and then Summer Sale?

      By the way, as was mentioned in the text, the list is toooo long to display here. Check the link: 773 results!

    • Is there a way to see which games have been added? I think that is what NightRanma wants to see.

    • @freddy-280108 The list that is linked, is to everything in the sale so far including the new items added. The new items added do certainly not total 773. No, NOBODY has time to go through a list off 773 items on a page that will only list 10 damn things at a time to try and figure out what was there already and what has just been added to it. It would have been very easy to just list the 50 or so items here.

      Read the text of his comment next time, before saying such things.

  • Best part is the new games are not even added into the sale on the web store when this article was released so without a full list you can’t even find them

  • *checks wishlist*

    darn, still nothing. Has Steamworld Dig 2 eeever been in a sale? :O

  • I own most of these on various systems, so nothing for me to buy.

    Out of 70 games on my wishlist, almost none is on sale.

  • Still nothing to really tempt me. Most of the games have been cheaper in other sales or can be bought elsewhere right now for less.

  • Last God of War was amazing i was never really into the God of War series and this lastest one was special.Same thing with Far Cry 5 i was never fan of that series until now i guess it the themes that thosse games tackle, there is something unique and special to draw non fan player to the series and thats what makes this two games special…

  • Sony sales


  • ; بمساعدتي لتفعيل plus PlayStation هل من احد يقدر

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