Your essential guide to team-based multiplayer shooter Firewall: Zero Hour, out 29th August for PS VR

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Your essential guide to team-based multiplayer shooter Firewall: Zero Hour, out 29th August for PS VR

New videos detail tips and tricks for the game's thrilling 4v4 tactical action ahead of this month's release

Hi all, it’s Damoun Shabestari here, Game Director on Firewall Zero Hour. Stoked that we’re less than one month away from release day!

To recap – we’re the developers behind Firewall Zero Hour, the 4v4 team-based tactical shooter built from the ground up for PS VR*. In Firewall Zero Hour, players must use teamwork, strategy and an arsenal of equipment to either acquire or protect a laptop full of sensitive data. Firewall Zero Hour drops 29th August 2018, exclusively for PS VR on the PlayStation 4 system!

We know our fans have been chomping at the bit for more Firewall Zero Hour news, and we’re excited to share some juicy tidbits with you today. Below, we introduce the first two videos in a series we call Firewall Zero Hour 101.

1. Gameplay basics, tips & tricks and introducing the cast

Learn from the creative team behind Firewall Zero Hour, and how we set out to create exactly what we dreamed of playing in PSVR: a multiplayer VR FPS** that anyone could pick up and play! You’ll also find gameplay basics, tips & tricks, and catch a glimpse of the backstories for Contractors Okoro, Skip, and Texas.

2. Firewall 101: VR immersion

Delve into the uniqueness of Firewall Zero Hour as a VR game, and our desire to harness the power of PSVR and the PS Aim Controller for unprecedented immersion in multiplayer FPS.

Firewall Zero Hour is built from the ground up for PS VR, and is compatible with both the PS VR Aim controller and Dualshock 4 controller.

You’ll experience gameplay features found only with PSVR, from wielding your PS Aim Controller to ‘blind fire’ around corners, to using the wrist tablet mini-map seen on your arm in-game, and to hearing the crystal-clear directional audio of your teammates all around you in a match.

As always, there’s a strong emphasis on communication in Firewall Zero Hour–verbal coordination with your teammates is a key element to your success!

We’ll be coming at you next week with more Firewall Zero Hour 101 videos, so you can get thinking about your game strategy whether you’re on the Attacking side or Defending side. Keep your eyes peeled, Contractors. We know nothing gets by you.

To stay up-to-date on the latest news about Firewall Zero Hour, follow us on Twitter or learn more here.

*An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including single player training mode.

**PS Plus is required for Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.

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  • No Hellblade for PSVR?? Sony?? I m so disappointed! I will move on to HTC vive soon, today was a bad day…

    • The devs of Hellblade don’t want to bring it to PSVR. Instead they’re making the hardware requirements for the game extremely high so they don’t have to optimise as much.

    • also, Ninja Theory was recently acquired by Microsoft. you won’t see any of their games coming to Playstation again lol.

    • Yep, I guess also somehow Microsoft support VR on PC to compete with PSVR, and easily they start to catch my attention as PS fanboy. More powerful consul and better and cheaper VR games on PC. Its impossible that I buy next Gen of PSVR. Vive is more expensive but at least they support it better than what Sony does. I can’t believe how Sony is poorly supporting PSVR.

    • Do not fantasize.. Hellblade is a very demanding game and its trivial almost impossible to run on regular ps4 (VR). But on the PS VR there are such exclusive games as RE7, the Persistence, The Inpatient, Wipeout Omega and Her The Lie, Skyrim VR was released half a year earlier.. Astro Bot and Trover Saves The Universe are expected. Sony of course it would be nice to even better support the PS VR, but they are doing it no worse than HTC.

      PS. сорян за кривой английский)

    • -Ignore- Posting via old profile it seems

  • Will this game be playable with a move controller? I don’t have an aim controller, & while one of the videos shows someone using a dualshock, I can see myself struggling to play using that.

    • Aim or DS4 only, though some of the devs claim they prefer DS4 (might be PR speak).

    • Good to know, thanks. I’ll wait until I’ve managed to get an aim controller before picking up the game.

    • There is an Aim bundle for this game which would allow you to get the controller at a heavy discount, although it might sell out if you don’t pre-order the bundle. Otherwise you might have to pick up a Bravo Team bundle (use the controller for Farpoint instead though).

  • I hope there’ll be a demo version of the game/open beta to entice ppl. Really, every game should have a demo version considering the nature of VR.

  • Will Firewall Zero have proper centralized servers for online play instead of the host-guest / peer-to-peer system that games like Farpoint are architected? As the physical distance between players increased, the online gaming experience diminished.

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