Mafia III and Dead by Daylight are your PlayStation Plus games for August

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Mafia III and Dead by Daylight are your PlayStation Plus games for August

And download Knowledge is Power and Here They Lie as special PS Plus bonus titles

If you’re sat reading this in naught but your underwear, with a bag of ice tucked under each arm and an electric fan whispering sweet nothings in your general direction then please know that we don’t blame you, friend – we really don’t.

As the scorching summer continues to roast much of the northern hemisphere, here at PlayStation we’ve been using the good weather as an excuse to celebrate all things PlayStation Plus.

Continuing the Summer of Plus, this week members can pick-up extra savings in our massive Summer Sale, grab some cheeky freebies for Fortnite, Fallout Shelter and H1Z1: Battle Royale and next week, you’ll be able to download two additional bonus titles alongside your usual monthly games.

And on the subject of monthly games, it’s that time again. Here are the titles you can download from 7th August:

Mafia III

First up this month, we’re heading back to the not-so-swinging ’60s of America’s inner-city ‘Deep South’ for a brutal story of criminal enterprise, family feuds and bitter racial tensions.

As returning African-American war veteran Lincoln Clay, it’ll be up to you to cut a trail of destruction through the seedy underworld of New Bordeaux – a re-imagined version of New Orleans -settling scores with old rivals, forging new alliances and building a criminal empire.

A slick open-world action adventure that combines driving, shoot-outs and exploration, Mafia III’s refreshingly different setting and tight scripting make for a tense and immersive experience.

Dead by Daylight

Staying with a distinctly cinematic theme, this month’s second title takes a hot slice of ’80s pulp horror and mixes it with modern asymmetric multiplayer to create one of the most unique online experiences on PS4.

The set-up is straight-forward: four players enter a nightmarish online arena and must work together to escape a fifth player, a lone maniacal killer whose job it is to dispatch them before they can escape.

What mixes up each round is the variety of players you’re matched with. Their motivations – (are they out for themselves or the whole team?), their evasion skills and approach to collaboration makes all the difference.

The cherry on the top? You can play as – or indeed, run like hell from – iconic big screen charmers like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface – as if childhood nightmares hadn’t scarred you enough!

PS Plus Bonus titles

As part of the Summer of Plus we’re also throwing in two additional titles to keep you busy this month, one for PlayLink and another for PlayStation VR.

Knowledge is Power

The perfect game for those long, lazy summer evenings, Knowledge is Power pits up to six players against one another in a race to the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge. Inch your way up by answering questions, completing tasks and occasionally trying to trip up your fellow contestants, all in the name of jolly-good fun.

And you can put those Dualshock controllers down – as a Playlink title, Knowledge is Power needs nothing but your handy smart phone.

Here They Lie

Dark psychological horror meets the unparalleled immersion of PlayStation VR – what could possibly go wrong?

An excellent test of nerve for those with gumption, Here They Lie is a surreal, unsettling journey through an otherworldly realm filled with strange, malevolent creatures and unpredictable environments.

Brave its horrors and you’ll uncover a mystery buried at the heart of this feverish nightmare and perhaps answers to questions you’d dared not even ask – and you thought you’d sweated enough this summer!

Anything else?

As usual, we’ll be adding two additional games for both PS3 and PS Vita to the line-up. The final roster looks like this:

All these will be available to download from 7th August – that leaves you a full week to grab any of last month’s PS Plus titles you might have missed:

And that’s all, folks – let us know how you get on with August’s games over on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll catch you next month!

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  • Hmm well, what to say. Mafia isn’t bad. i’ll dust off my vita for space hulk though.

  • Hi, PlayStation Blog Europe!

    Do you guys post what’s coming to IGC at end of the day just because it’s easier to ignore comments?

    Please, take your time to reply.

    • It’s because it’s announced at the same time in the US so we have to wait there’re awoken because of the time difference

    • All comments bar yours seem to be mostly positive. What’s the matter? You don’t like having TWO extra games this month? What would have been a better (and realistic) selection in your eyes?

    • American people are so lazy. Sleeping until late in the afternoon (GMT). That aside, the PSN blog people don’t seem to have much trouble ignoring comments no matter what time they post stuff.

    • @JonTheGod I didn’t say anything about this month line-up. My point is that it doesn’t matter if we post thousand thanks, or thousand insults. There is no proof that they actually see anything posted here.

    • It’s always posted at the same time. It hasn’t been called IGC in ages.

  • Two additional games <3

    I’ve been looking to buy Knowledge is Power for a while, so I’m really excited :)

    • Knowledge is power is loads of fun. Even my none game playing in-laws had fun with it on new years eve. That’s you isn’t actually that bad either with friends and a few drinks

  • Kinda cool. Thanks Sony and Playstation team!

  • Mafia 3 is pretty good offering imho

    • It’s pretty good offering that’s why I already bought deluxe edition of it . Rayman Legends, Bloodborn, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls… So many repeats/duplicate/already bought for me.

    • I couldn’t get into Mafia III to be honest. Just isn’t as enticing as II was.

    • Agree MaxDiehard, II was a real treat. I still remember that vintage car race track… Gran Turismo should make a vintage edition

  • I’m looking forward to playing Here They Lie (it’s one of the few vr horror games I haven’t bought already).

    • Tried the demo, and it made me *really* sick *really* fast. It was one of the first things I played in VR tho

  • Mafia is not a bad game, but too repetitive.

    • This. I’m a huge trophy whore, but at some point I just gave up. Nonetheless M3 is still pretty enjoyable

    • If I weren’t such a trophy whore, I might actually even play it ?

      seriously though, I’m still happy I got it for free ^^ but without the DLC (for 100% trophies) I won’t even consider playing it ???

  • Decent for PS4, awful for PS Vita :(

  • Ewwwww, get that Mafia 3 garbage out of here lol. Can’t wait for all the idiots that usully hate on Plus games to be singing praises simply because it was hyped up as being a full priced AAA game but hardly turned out like one.

    • Yeah… Watching people be excited for Mafia after so much complaining over last month’s Absolver makes me kinda sad

  • Decent month but didn’t here they lie get a patch so you could play it without VR?

  • Not really into stuff like Mafia, had my fill of open world games with busy work.

    Looking forward to Dead By Daylight though, seems interesting and I imagine servers will be populated

    Not a bad month, thought its a bit annoying that you keep giving us the PS3 versions of games that are on PS4

  • Nice games this month, I wanted to try at least half of them. I hope you continue to offer games like these next months.

  • Was really close to buying Mafia III a few times, I know it’s not a spectacular open worlder, but it seems much better than average, especially as I’m someone who plays for story.

    Had an interest in Dead by Daylight too, so all in all a pretty solid month for me that’s easily worth my few quid (not to mention I’ve been beating up GTA:O since After Hours hit).

    • Very very average open worlder , truth to be told, but hey its for “free”

    • I’d say decent if you remove driving from Point A to Point B. It’s more of Action-Adventure than an Open World Sandbox Third Person Shooter. If only you could skip to action. World of Mafia 3 is mostly empty unlike GTA. There’s nothing much to do. Few collectibles here and there but that’s it.

  • Nearly bought Mafia 3 recently. Looking forward to getting stuck into that on Tuesday then

  • Pure Garbage. Mafia 3 was a SJW mess that tanked. The rest just bargain bin trash. The last there have been on 1 decent game. What a waste of money. You should have a list of 5-10 games and let us pick the ones we want.

    • I mean you do sound like a total tool with that SJW nonsense, but whatever.

      Grow up.

    • Anyone who uses the term sjw is a total [DELETED]

    • Don’t you go around shooting lots of people in that game? Not sure the evil satanic social justice warriors will be jumping on that one.

    • @matdub69 They will if the person who kill is black and who die is white lol

      @Alexuk79 But he is right, mafia3 tanked hard and the pre release communication around the game was awful. :/

      @RustyM1982 watch your mouth, kid :>

    • @FaintKarma Anyone who uses the term “SJW” is just confirming a “gamer” stereotype and making all “gamers” look bad by association. Try going outside and spending less time on the internet, maybe learn some social skills as well. Or just find out where the correct blog for your country is so that I don’t have see that “SJW” nonsense on here.

    • @JediKnight246 saying the term SJW is pretty normal if indicate act or insane people fitting the acronym, nothing “no-sense” about it. But I think we are going really off topic here.

    • @Comdevofare Going to have to agree to disagree there. However seeing as none of this has anything to do with the PlayStation Plus games for August, I can agree with the last part of your post. Let’s get back on-topic, and keep outside issues that have nothing to do with gaming elsewhere preferably well away from here.

  • It’s not a terrible month, but I was waiting to see what the games were before renewing my sub which ran out last month. To be honest I’ll be waiting till next month. Nothing essential here for me.

  • meh. no wonder ps+ subscription are down from last quarter. still, with 34 million PS+ subscribers, Sony must have more than enough money to afford games that are either new or actually worth playing.

    food for thought: being forced to subscribe to PS+ for online multiplayer effectively doubles the price of the console over a life-cycle of 6 years.

    • I don’t even remember the last PS+ game I bothered downloading and playing more than a tiny bit before deleting.*

      Probably Alienation??

      *I mean other than Bo3, as I said as a joke that “we should play the campaign in co op”, which ended up a rather painful and boring experience

    • yea Alienation was good. Hue was a pleasant surprise as well. My favorite PS+ game would be Gauntlet though. I also liked the games that were released as PS+ games like Hardware Rivals and Furi (I wasn’t around for Rocket League), but that died with Drawn to Death, which looked so atrocious I didn’t even claim that crap.

      The thing is, I can buy whatever game I want, whenever I want, and especially with all the sales I’ll happily do so. Which results in me already having pretty much every game I want. If I were a young kid that only has some allowance and would normally get a new game every few months, I’d probably be happy about whatever they throw our way.

      There are still a few games I haven’t bought and that I hope will come to PS+ one day, but believe me, if I really wanted those games, they’d already be in my library.

    • Yea I feel like PS+ is definitely primarily targeted towards young kids who barely have gaming experience or history and are glad playing anything while the rest of us are stuck with the same deal. At this point I don’t even care paying for online anymore, I just don’t want to support PS+ in any way or form, ever again. They really need to start respecting their userbase again and stop pitting us al together with the PS+ fanboys.

  • nice i already have both games anyways [DELETED] happens , dead by daylight is a fun game have fun

  • Unfortunately I already bought Mafia 3 on sale. The story is pretty good but the game is repetitive and kinda hard in a frustrating way. I might try dead by daylight but doubt i’ll get into it. All in all not a good month for me.

  • Mafia isn’t very good but Dead by Daylight sorta interested me when all this license crud about Friday the 13th happened so yay it’s free now and i will give it a go :D

    Really enjoyed Extreme Exorcism in last month’s lot by the way. Good fun. Definitely my fave of that bunch. :)

  • July and August haven’t been very good….. There’s only a handful of truly great games on PS4 tho, not much they can do….

  • I must be the only person who enjoyed Mafia III.

    • No, I enjoy Mafia 3 too but not the driving from Action Point A to Action Point B. They should have been more ambitious to fill the open world with more stuff to do. Look at Yakuza, They have smaller worlds yet they are packed with “stuff to do”.

    • I enjoyed the atmosphere and music, but the sidemissions were horribly repetitive and uninspired a la Assassin’s Creed.

  • Mafia 3 is absolute garbage. Back man running around screaming racism (how original. Yawn) repetitive missions etc…

    You can see why people won’t renew their membership Sony are clueless!

  • Think PlayStation need to rethink. We need something like the Xbox game pass so we can get access to the latest games. I’ve already got mafia 3 and dead by daylight will have players but the majority of gamers will probably be playing fortnite online. Why can’t they just add in the PlayStation now into the PlayStation plus subscription it makes more sense. I don’t want games that I already own on PS4 added to PlayStation plus. Sony please sort it out. It’s good for gamers who don’t own them games but what about the rest who own them and buys them full price on day of release like I do. The PlayStation plus subscription ATM dosent seem worth it. Please add in PlayStation now so then at least I can get some enjoyment playing some older titles.

    • They can’t really add PSnow to PS+ as it’s not available in most of Europe.

      Plus as that’s a bunch of PS+ and PS3 games it wouldn’t exactly help give people games they don’t already own.

    • or maybe a 70-80% discount on PSNow ? I think the problem is that they’re using the service more for improving the network and to finance maintenance (which is sorta frequent now, but not as annoying as it once was). Have you noticed that there haven’t been any data breaches since 2009?

      anyway, I think that if they were to merge both services (Plus and PS Now) it would just be super expensive and the people would stop using online and the playstation platform altogether.

      and doing something like xbox game pass… well… I have mixed feelings. on one hand, that would be awesome, but on the other, I think the quality and/or breadth of first party titles on playstation would inevitably suffer. Because Sony would have to pay them less and at the same time, competition wouldn’t be for public interest, but for sony’s money. I see that happening to a point with xbox right now – the breadth is increasing somewhat because of acquisitions, but the quality I think is plummeting. But I was never a fan of Xbox franchises like Gears, Forza or Halo anyway. And I think the Game Pass isn’t going to do them any good there…

      You can sort of see the point where Sony and Microsoft come from in their marketing strategies. Microsoft is an american company that tries to improve the comfortability of their products all the time (Win10, UWP, Xbox and so on… *cough cough* skype, linkedIn *cough*) while Sony is trying to make their stuff more robust, secure and better by other measures that are sometimes objective and sometimes more subjective to them. Point is, they set their own priorities. Even if that means making sacrifices. They’re a japanese company, that’s why people will give them money. That’s their whole identity.

      Btw, if you look at my profile and at my trophy count, you’ll identify me as a fanboy, but I’d like to add that I have played Xbox 360 for years before I got my Vita and later PS3 too. I played not many games on Xbox, a demo of ME3, some Kinect games, mostly alone, MW2 for a bit (up to like level 20, prestige 0) and a [DELETED]ton of a simple FPS called Blacklight Tango Down. I really liked it. I even played it in a clan for a while, but with a team, it gets boring very quickly because you can spawncamp and cheese the others quickly. So they all went to COD. I even got place 134 at some point for EXP, but I stopped playing Xbox soon after. It just got boring.

  • Great month both games are something i didn’t considerd buying and getting great titles like this is nice looking foward to it

  • So great they are giving away bonus PS Link/VR games this month. I have been waiting for a price drop on Hidden Agenda and Knowledge is Power. So Most probably they will give away Hidden Agenda as well. Though I have too many repeats/duplicates now. I already had Rayman Legends, AC4 Black Flag Freedom Cry, Bloodborn, Mafia 3, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls.

  • I know they don’t know but the main game always seems to be one I have already had and completed ages ago lately, still hopefully like usual the vita game will be playable on PS4 too so I can play space hulk, and the vr game might be playable without vr too, I can’t play VR games on the account of being half blind in one eye (also can’t watch 3D films) dead by daylight I tried it once preferred Friday the 13th but it’s free I’ll play it a bit more

    • I already own Space Hulk on Vita. Quite a decent little strategy game. Unfortunately, it isn’t cross buy.

  • Mate said he found ‘mafia 3’ not as good as mafia 2. However it’s free and I’ve not download a free ps plus game in months as either I’ve not been interested or I’ve already finished the game. I’ve played a few vr games but not many as I find the prices are too expensive for what you get. I got ‘here they lie’ on Easter discount. Wasn’t that great.

  • well, I believe Mafia 3 is nice, even though it’s supposedly not that great. The problem is I already bought Serious Sam in a sale a while ago, so I don’t really have anything left to be excited about… Knowledge is power might be sorta interesting, I didn’t get it way back in that damn Trophy prize draw<.<

  • Can we have a game that isn’t published by horrendous joke companies like Overkill?? I mean you’re supposed to be “for the players”, not “for the lying anti consumer companies”.

    Junk By Daylight is published by one of the most disgusting dishonest liar publishers in the entire games industry. They have a long history of cheating, lying to their consumers, making promises they don’t fulfill, going after their consumers and making buggy trashy games. They live off a conveyor belt of customers they screw over and then replace with new people who don’t know how terrible they are.

    Soo, basically as long as they get even 0.000001th of any currency I’m not touching that crap. I hope they go out of business (again) soon, which is what they deserve.

    On a more positive note.

    You put “Here They Lie (PS Plus Bonus – PS VR required)”, but that game isn’t VR required at all (but optional)! So you should update that bit!!

    • Well, the game isn’t published by Overkill, so your rant kind of falls flat here. It was published by Starbreeze until recenty, where Behaviour (the devs) bought the rights, allowing them more creative freedom.

    • Overkill bought struggling Starbreeze in a reverse merger so they wouldn’t have to have the inspections and checks to become publicly listed. Overkill completely own them but kept them as the “head” company so they could be on the stock market.

      Starbreeze IS Overkill, the CEO of “Starbreeze” is the founder and owner of Overkill.

    • That still doesn’t change the fact that Starbreeze, or Overkill as you choose to see them, aren’t publishing the game.

  • Mafia III – what a great surprise for those with Mafia III console bundle /sarcasm off.

    Any more games bundled with console in future?

  • Honestly, I’m gutted with this lineup, this has been 4 months in a row that I have been unlucky in the fact that I already own the headline titles up for grabs on PS Plus. Mafia III is a great game and I’m honestly glad that the rumours didn’t pan out and GT Sport wasn’t one of the games for August as I have just purchased this in the sale

    • You do realise that if your somebody who buys games regularly you increase the chances of having the Plus games. You win some you lose some. I happen to have only one of these already. When there are months that I own them all or the headline games I just get on with it

  • Crap again, again,again.

  • Good line up, have both the games but maybe I can finally sway my mates into playing Dead by Daylight which all in all is pretty amusing as a party game.

    Never finished Mafia 3, was a bit buggy and unpolished but again wasnt terrible. Bonus games are a go as well.

  • Can You Add Marvel’s Spiderman For PS Plus When It Comes Out

  • I really enjoyed mafia 3 so much so that I replayed it recently. Cool cars, killer soundtrack (still get goosebumps taking down an enemy base with ‘paint it black’ playing in the background). Never played dead by daylight so may give that a burn but still slowly getting around the games I bought on sale recently..

  • Happy for DeadByDaylight, nice team based online game.

  • Great month! Already own Mafia and don’t do online gaming (DBD), but a really solid offering. Well done!

  • Already own Mafia 3 and the rest isn’t ever even worth glancing over, so another month of severely overpriced online gaming… And this has been going on for over 10 years now… At this point I have lost all respect for the Playstation brand and feel ashamed for the slightest support I give, pretty much the opposite of previous Playstation generations. I’ll just sit out the injustice this generation but if you don’t correct your backhanded ways and seperate online costs from this disappointing PS+ service by the time I’m playing on PS5, I’m done with the brand. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Was really hoping there would be more kid-friendly titles for the summer. Rayman’s Legends was great a few months ago but since then there has really not been anything of quality.

  • So when do I get Dead By Daylight for free as my august PS+ game here in Sweden?

  • Ive already left a post but thought I’d add this one. PlayStation plus hmmmmmm for people who don’t own these games it’s great but for people who do , maybe give us a list of substitute games we can have instead maybe a choice out of 3/4 games to pick from. We’re paying for 12 months of PlayStation plus to play online etc and free games are cool as long as it’s games we don’t have and there good games. Maybe now PlayStation plus should be cheaper , as if there offering games that we already own then we’re not really getting our worth out of it, it’s like Sony thinks we don’t have the games they offer for free every month. I have a large collection of games I always buy on pre-order so I have the latest games that I want to play. I think Sony needs to rework the PS plus system again , to actually give us value for money. Some games they offer are good/great but not if you already own them. So maybe offer a services for I don’t know umm £25 for 12 month for the online features and plus discounts but not for the free games. Just a suggestion, saves people getting disappointed by being offered games they already own.

  • Dead by daylight? Nonestop serwers down… :(

  • I don’t know if its just me but I only got Dead by Daylight and Tides of Numenera this month of August no Mafia III can someone please help me out. Please.

  • I cant find dead by Daylight on my ps store

  • Reading some of the comments about Mafia III are hilarious, everybody knows they are triggered by the game just like they were triggered playing as Hunter in FIFA’s story mode, and yet they’ll be the same people happy to play L.A Noire hmmm I wonder why? So salty, would you like some chips with that? ???

    Either way I’m enjoying the game and can’t remember a game with such a great soundtrack playing classical after classics it’s a great PS+ addition, my only complaint is why is the in-game volume and settings so low?

  • Can’t find Mafia 3 in PS Store. Isn’t it available in UAE?

  • Mafia 3 won’t work, so thats that. Over 65 gb of Infinite loading time.

  • Mafia 3 is a good experience, although it has negative reviews from users.

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