Gran Turismo Sport adds new cars, new tracks, new League events and more in its huge July update

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Gran Turismo Sport adds new cars, new tracks, new League events and more in its huge July update

Plus, drivers can soon shop for cars as DLC through PlayStation Store and Brand Central

Today, we’re excited to reveal the latest free content update for GT Sport, packed with gorgeous new cars, a stunning new track (with three unique layouts), GT League events and much more. Plus, we’re soon making over 200 of GT Sport’s vehicles available to purchase from PS Store and Brand Central as DLC. The 1.23 update is available to download right now, and you can check out the full patch notes here.

Downloadable content – available 2nd August

GT Sport

While there are many car enthusiasts young and old among Gran Turismo’s players, there are many who don’t have enough time to play and save the in-game credits needed to acquire their favourite cars.

By making cars immediately available to purchase as DLC, we hope to make it so that players busy with work (or those who’ve just entered the world of GT) can acquire attractive and competitive cars quickly, and take their position on the starting grid.

However, to keep things fair and balanced for our existing players, all cars can still be purchased with in-game credits as before; meaning there are no cars that are only available for cash, and nothing will change in the way you currently earn cars, or the present car system.

Furthermore, GT Sport’s priciest vehicles can only be bought with the in-game currency – meaning drivers will still have to prove their ability and effort out on the track to acquire the very best cars on offer.

New vehicles

GT Sport GT SportGT Sport


Seven spectacular new vehicles have been added to Brand Central this month, from the historic Mercedes F1 machine that won the championship with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel, legendary Ferraris, and K-Cars which represent the unique side of Japanese car culture. Take a look at the complete line-up here:

  • Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+ 2017
  • Daihatsu Copen Active Top ’02
  • Honda Beat ’91
  • Honda S660 ’15
  • Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT ’62
  • Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car
  • Mazda 787B ’91

New track – Sainte-Croix Circuit (A / B / C)

GT Sport GT SportGT Sport


Based on the scenic Lake of Sainte-Croix in the Provence region of France, this original 10km course (with three distinct layouts) features tricky radial corners, long straights, and requires high driving skill to achieve fast lap times. The track is truly designed to test drivers’ adaptability. Furthermore, all three track variants are also playable in reverse, making six unique races possible.

GT League

GT Sport GT SportGT Sport


Adding to the GT League line-up, we’ve introduced three new events to test drivers of all skill levels, including:

  • Light Weight K Cup – Beginner League
  • Nostalgic Car Festival – Amateur League
  • Mercedes AMG Grand Prix – Professional League

Additional updates

GT Sport

Finally, a few additional features have been added to the game. One of the most notable changes is that the Livery Editor that was only available for cars is now compatible with racing suits and helmets.

In addition, an update has been added to Scapes Mode to allow players to place driver avatars in their scenes. There is also a new location: Tokyo Outer Ring Road, Chiba. And following last month’s track update, the stunning Circuit de la Sarthe has been added to the Circuit Experience.

Remember: You can find all the latest info on upcoming GT Sport content here on PlayStation Blog or on the official Gran Turismo website. Until next time, drivers, we’ll see you out on the track.

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  • Adding microtransactions while your direct competitors are getting rid of them. Classy.

    • I have no problems with these microtransactions. If people want to pay 99 cents for a car you can otherwise pay 184000 game credits for, that is up to them. I still have the option to pay 184000 game credits. The only microtransactions I have a problem with is exclusive ‘better’ equipment, typical pay2win content. These are nothing but ‘shortcuts’.

    • Yamauchi himself insisted that the game was not going to feature microtransactions before release. Yet here we are.

    • I guess Polyphony doesen’t know whats going on in the game industry at all.

  • Maybe instead of adding microtransactions to reduce the grind like some mobile game you could, I don’t know, reduce the grind?

  • Nice track, driving the F1 car is a blast in VR. Waiting for the entire campaign to be playable with the PSVR.

  • Adding microtransactions its not to help players who are too busy… Its to gain more money with people too stupid and with too much money on their hands.

  • As someone who only dips in and out of GT Sport in an evening, and so does not have the time to spend on the game to earn the credits required for the very best cars… I think its an interesting idea to allow people to get the better cars for a small fee… as they state, no one will get better kit, only access to the kit quicker, but that will not make them a better driver, and they will still get beaten, only beaten in a better car.

    I would not do it myself, as there is pleasure and satisfaction gained from earning the credits to buy the car, but for those who want a shortcut, then its useful.

    The only caution I have is that this may be testing the waters for something more substantial.

  • what you guys always forget is tha you can get a new car everyday. You just have to do a race or two, or just go round an oval track to finish the daily amount and you can hit jackpot and get a veyron for basically nothing. Also mastering a track also gives you another car. Until there is still no DLC or content which you can’t have for free i’m not complainin…

  • First you pay money so you can play the game. Then you pay some more money so you don’t have to play the game.

  • A proper save system should have a bigger priority than this.

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