6 great PS VR games that are even better with the PS VR Aim controller

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6 great PS VR games that are even better with the PS VR Aim controller

Get a deeper sense of immersion during gameplay with these PS VR Aim compatible PS VR games

Tense tactical shooter Firewall: Zero Hour, releasing next month, isn’t the only PS VR game that benefits from using the PS VR Aim controller. Slotting a PS Move into the peripheral’s frame offers not only added precision to your gameplay but a deeper sense of immersion into the game world. Feel the Aim kick when pulling its trigger, while the integrated motion sensors aid the precision of your shots.

From battling monsters across the galaxy to trying to survive a paper route, the following five PS VR games are worth breaking out the PS VR Aim controller for.

1. Doom VFR

id Software preferred adaptation to port when it brought its sci-fi shooter to PS VR. Keeping the visuals, location and enemies of 2016’s critically-acclaimed PS4 hit, the studio built an entirely new experience that catered to PS VR’s strengths. Ever wanted to wield Doom’s iconic arsenal? With the PS VR Aim controller, you’ll feel like you are.

Buy Doom VFR on PlayStation Store now

2. Farpoint

You’re stuck on an alien planet teaming with nasties that’ll happily kill you as soon as they see you. Good thing that in futuristic expeditions, scientists make sure they bring a well-armed bodyguard. But even you don’t need to go it alone: grab a second controller and battle through this hostile world shoulder to shoulder with a partner.

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3. Arizona Sunshine

If you’re intent on headshotting the undead, you want to make sure your aim’s true. And that’s where the PS VR Aim controller comes in. Whether you’re exploring the game’s single player campaign or battling waves of zombies in Horde mode, keep the PS VR Aim controller by your side to help you survive the apocalypse.

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4. Dick Wilde

Old-school shooting galleries get a PS VR overhaul in this hilarious, scoreboard-chasing blaster. There are weapons aplenty (bows, grenade launchers) to play with, and plenty of vicious critters (piranha, alligators) to defend yourself from.

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5. The Brookhaven Experiment


This supernatural shooter is overflowing with disturbing creature designs. Though admittedly you may miss their finer details, busy as you’ll be blasting their hides to oblivion. Its horde mode gameplay filtered through Stephen King’s The Mist. Which, for any horror fan, should have their PS VR Aim controller trigger finger twitching.

Buy The Brookhaven Experiment on PlayStation Store now

6. Special Delivery


Take aim at mailboxes and steer clear of hazards in this danger-filled newspaper delivery run. You’d expect the snarling dogs, the motorists with little appreciation of sharing the road two-wheeled transport. But Special Delivery’s scenarios also include cargo containers, tornadoes and even Death himself.

Buy Special Delivery on PlayStation Store now

To learn more about the PS VR Aim controller, head on over to playstation.com.

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  • 6 Great PS Plus games that are even better if we know what they are.

  • We won’t find out what they are until next Wednesday. PS+ games are available for download on the first Tuesday of the month. Next Tuesday is still July so it will be the Tuesday after. At least it makes it a short wait for the September announcements.

    Regarding this article, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to slot a move controller into the aim.

    • Thought it was always announced the last Wednesday with the games available the following Wednesday. Dunno where I got that from mind you.

  • Ah just had a look through the ol’ archives and you’re right. Also, crikey but this place used to actually get replies from people involved in the blog from what I saw. Does anyone remember?….

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