PlayStation Store’s massive Summer Sale starts today

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PlayStation Store’s massive Summer Sale starts today

Save big on hundreds of great titles, including the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Wars Battlefront II, Gran Turismo Sport, The Crew 2 and more

The Summer Sale returns to PlayStation Store today! Make huge savings as hundreds of games across PS4, PS VR, PS3 and PS Vita are heavily discounted*.

There are adventures and experiences to suit all tastes. Rediscover secrets of a long-lost past as you fight vicious mechanised monstrosities in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Roar across America with the exhilarating races of The Crew 2. Battle to survive across the haunting kingdom of Lordran in Dark Souls: Remastered. Lose yourself in sprawling ancient Egypt with Assassin’s Creed Origins.

And the Summer Sale also caters for those of you who want to extend your favourite game. Continue your fight into the depths of Mordor with Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s expansion pass. Bring some luxury to your digital life with a wealth of DLC for The Sims 4 or sharpen your combat prowess with Nioh’s season pass.

Below are just a selection of the games that are on sale. For the extensive full list of discounts, head on over to PlayStation Store and start browsing.




*Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Bought some on Xbox One summer sale (Over 700 games on sale), and will probably find some on this sale too.

    There isn’t lack of good deals, but the problem is that i own too many of the best deals on PS4 and Xbox One combined.

    Edit: At the moment there is only 130 games on this sale so far, but looks like more will be added later today.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn – Complete Edition

    US (base price) = $20

    EU (sale price) = 25€


    • This is far from the worst case. Games in USA is usually 50% off the EU Sale price, but not only on PSN.

      Titanfall 2 for example. 10$ in EU, and 5$ in USA on same global sale, same week. (This on Origin)

    • @NoobBlast But you’re talking about both regional versions being on sale, i’m talking about the base price (aka, not being on sale) of the US version of H:ZD-CE being cheaper than the european version ON SALE.

      From another perspective, both games not being on sale:

      US = $20

      EU = 50€

    • Prices drops alot faster in USA than in EU, and is one of the main reasons why region locking sucks.

      I wonder if Sony will ever get rid of region locking.

    • @NoobBlast PS3 and PS4 aren’t region locked.

      You can make a US account and access their sales, only problem is you need to use US cards/codes to add money to your wallet, but they’re easy enough to get online. Once you’ve bought a game it can be played on your normal account, just make sure you buy DLC from the same region as the game or the DLC won’t work.

    • Generally base price for games in US is low, but EU has more generous sales on PSN

      Also Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t serve as a good example because there are other games witch costs less in EU for example witcher 3 base game costs in UK 25 pounds, in US 40 $.

    • @SeiGantenbeiN Three things:

      1 – That’s still a small difference, $40 vs 30€. Again, with Horizon it’s $20 vs 50€.

      2 – About The Witcher 3, in the US it’s published by Warner Brothers while in EU it’s by Namco Bandai (speaking of consoles that is).

      3 – Horizon is published by Sony, you know, the same company that is responsible for the playstation store.

  • Is the dark souls 3 dlcs worth it for £7.99

  • Why are prices in the Ukrainian region overestimated? Your support office in the Ukraine region has ignored me since April.I can not choose the language of the store, and when I call the support service, she redirects me to Russia and there they say they do not understand my language! If you do not provide support to my region, why are prices in Russia 64 dollars and in Ukraine 76? Are we paying their taxes or do your company fool people? You are unfair and I want explanations and that you have changed the support service to the one who answers or to the one who understands me when I call!

  • What a ripoff. I check to see the deal for The Crew 2. You’ve linked the UK store so I can see they get a 44% discount, but when it transfers me to the Australian store we get a worthless 26% discount? How is that remotely fair?

    • In the Danish store it’s only 21%! I’m getting so disgusted by the way Sony treats the European market outside of the UK. Higher prices and lack of services (like PS Now) makes it very clear how Sony sees the territory, and I’m getting fed up.

      For context: The Crew 2 Deluxe Edition

      UK normal price 62.99£ / Discounted @ 44% = 34.99£

      DK normal price 71.55£ / Discounted @ 21% = 55.93£

      That’s a 20.94£ difference in price! I get that there are tax differences in different countries, but at least make the percentage match!

      Same goes for all the other games. Differences ranging from 2% – 10% less in the discounts accross the board.

    • Wow. UK prices suck compared to US. I see it’s even worse in the rest of the region? Seriously? That’s a joke, Sony!

    • Yup, only 18% off on the NZ store, and our normal price is about 30% higher anyway!

    • Weird, because its 38% off in Norway. Sale price is 36 UK Pounds / 51 $ / 41 Euro.

    • I don’t now specifically about your issue but prices in EU should be same because we have common PSN store.

      I check danish store and I guess that currency exchange rates gives you that difference, I guess Sony uses different rates than it is available for general public.

      To validate my theory you can check all EU countries PSN store which has Euro as main currency.

    • Whoohoo, Belgium 28% 49.99€. We won against danmark

  • Ugh the PlayStation store is still terrible…

  • Could you guys give Koei Tecmo Europe a holler to tell them that people would really want to buy their Atelier games if they would ever show up on a sale for more than once a year? (Or in case of Atelier Ayesha Plus, not having showed up for over two years.)

    Also, is there any hope of seeing some overall base price reductions for the older selection of PSP titles? I can’t buy an older PSP Blazblue game for under 20€, but all the later ones are being sold for 5€ at the lowest. EA’s recent Burnout Paradise remaster is on a good sale right now, but neither of the PSP Burnout titles have received any sort of price reduction in a good while.

    Just throwing this thought up there that some of us actually would like to get the more older stuff you have available, without feeling like they’re being ripped off at this point in time.

    • I’ve been waiting for Atelier Vita games sale this whole year and so far nothing. Just some small discounts on the newest PS4 games. I’d llike to try the series out but it’s as if Koei doesn’t even want to sell their own games.

    • There’s a huge Japanese list of games/dlc for Vita and PS3 that were discounted only once since they came out and that really bugs me to the limits. I wanted to buy Persona 4: Ultimax characters for years, but each one of them costs too much! They never were even discounted. Next year they will stop supporting both platforms, so maybe do some work and finish the support with great ideas? Huh?

    • Atelier sophie is on sale… Better than nothing

  • Dang. Vast majority of my wishlist games still not in a sale. Oh well, let’s see what else may appeal to me. *browsey browse*

  • “PS3 and PS Vita are heavily discounted” – looks at the list in this post, only PS4/DLC/VR. Would it be better to not post a list and just say “Come to our site and look for yourself!”? It would work much better.

    • Soul Sacrifice Delta for VITA went on sale today, but Sony is always slow at updating front page for sales.

      Check store again in a few hours.

    • Psprices shows 103 vita games on sale. That works for me.

    • I do wonder why PS store webpage shows only 15 PS3/Vita games in Summer Deals. What [DELETED] is this?

    • When I used the Vita filter I saw like 10 games which were all cross play with PS4, I guess i need to go back and try seaching again.

  • Bit of a kick to the crew 2 early buyers, crikey, is that the fastest a new game gone on sale, tempted at that price but heard very mixed things about it

    • The mixed things you’ve been hearing are precisely why it’s had such big discounts so soon. This isn’t even the first time it’s been on sale!

    • If the handling is like the first one then it’s a plopper.

  • When I go on the store the sale doesn’t appear so don’t know all the games on sale. Why does it take forever to show?

  • Hope Final Fantasy XV will join the list stil haven’t played it and everyone says i should if its not there i will probably go for Last Guardian or Shadow of the Colosuss but don’t know which one should i get?

    • Don’t waste your money for Final fanta[DELETED] 15. The gameplay is horrible and the story too and it’s incomplete and you have to buy 2 season pass and a Deluxe edition for a complete experience

    • Shadow of the Colossus is the better game

    • If everyone says you should play FF XV you need a new circle of advisers.

      It’s a completely boring game with a dull plot and characters, tiresome (and easy) combat and you spend most the time doing fetch quests and “run to the distant marker”. It’s basically an offline junky free to play MMO with 2 button combat.

    • yea FFXV is really bad. don’t forget the bad voice acting and stupid passenger seat driving simulator part lol.

      sadly Shadow of the Colossus hasn’t aged that well either imo. it was my favorite game back in the day, but since then other games have come along that have managed to surpass SotC and raised the bar. Its controlls feel odd nowadays, they were also what flawed The Last Guardian so much. But I agree, out of the two SotC is much better. get Dragon’s Dogma though :D

    • Oh God, I forgot the driving part. The driving part alone (and longassed loading times) are almost enough by themselves to not ever buy it.

    • uff don’t get me started on the loading times. I thought I was being clever when I skipped the car rides in favor of fast travel, but of the 10 hours I forced myself to play this game, I don’t know how much time I spent watching the loading screen.

    • If you get far enough into the game you can drive and fly whereever you want, on road or off. I liked the game.

    • It doesn’t really matter if you can go “wherever” because there’s really nowhere to go (the game world is basically a corridor with not much on either side). It’s all just a few bland tiny generic modern towns (villages) with more fetch quest givers.

      Also once you get to a certain point the game turns from “slightly wider corridor” to “linear corridor”.

  • Hundreds of games on sale on bla, bla, Ps3 and vita. Yeah, not even one on both consoles aside crossbuy title

    • If you just go to discounts and not the summer sale page, you’ll see there are actually a lot of vita games on sale. For some reason they’re just not listed as part of the summer sale. Which is pretty stupid tbh

  • Lego Batman 3 PS3 – 9.99€

    Lego Batman 3 Deluxe – 12.99€

    Lego Batman 3 Season Pass – 14.99€ (which is the second minus the first)

    This is just an example but it’s always the same “feature”. You have the game, well you’re… Received it on PSPlus? No problem, we put the deluxe editions for sale cheaper than the DLC but you can’t even buy the deluxe version as you already have the game. Bought the game on disk or just the game before? Tough luck we WANT your money, buy it again we don’t care. The DLC is NEVER on sale now. Or if it is, it’s incomplete. Would it be too difficult to put this one for 4 or 5 euros (let’s not even suggest the price difference, poor Sony they can’t afford not to lee ch when they can)?

    I could even complain about the incompetence and stupidity of this but it’s old news. Do they care? Nah.

    And people even complain about EA, Ubisoft, yes there’s worse than them. It’s been more than 2 years since anyone from Sony commented on this blog in a productive manner. That…

    Show full comment

    • … “It’s been more than 2 years since anyone from Sony commented on this blog in a productive manner.” …

      But you have to admit, it’s really hard to login here on the blog, with all that Captcha stuff.

  • Trying to find any deals on the vita store is an absolute disgrace. Unless it’s ps4 or the VR it’s like you can’t be bothered. Not that moaning will do any good. No-one gives a ****

  • The store seem to be fully updated now.

    VITA.. I owned 100% of the very few games on sale. PS3 sale. I owned all, except for 2 games.

    PS4? I have 69 games on wishlist, and barely any of them is on sale.

    Most games were cheaper on previous sales, so you can say the prices for most went up.

    I already own GT Sport and Horizon Zero Dawn, but they are among the few thats cheaper than earlier.

    There is nothing for me to buy due to lack of things on sale. I am still playing backlog games, so no rush as what i would buy is for playing later, next year or something.

  • Was really looking forward to this sale and after taking a detailed look it’s really is bad. Also, it states in the description that PS3 and Vita titles are heavily discounted? Yet there are virtually no titles on the sale for the PS3 or the Vita.

    • PS3 and Vita games are not listed under the summersale category, but under the “price drops” category. 122 Vita games in the Austrian store. Neat.

  • There 98 vita games on sale. I have clicked on vita sales before and every single game is “purchased” but this time there are a few tempting offers.

  • It’s odd starting with “Save big on hundreds of great titles, including the likes of”. As the next thing you do is list a bunch of mediocre titles, then have less than 200 (minimum for hundreds) in the sale.

    So it should be “Here’s a medium sized sale, and here’s the list of titles we get told to advertise”.

  • I think I’ll finally pull the trigger on Elex. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews but whatever. In theory it should be awesome.

  • A lot of NO! NOPE! NOT This Time! HOW MUCH???? and This is just stupid!!! going on in this sale.

    Are you guys sure you have applied the discounts?

  • I want to buy the prey/dishonored bundle but its unavailable and the reason seems to be that I allready have purchased these games. The problem is that I never did. I just downloaded the demos of these games. Its not the first time that something like that is happening. Is there a solution?

  • With FF14, if you have bought complete edition (all expansion packs), do you still need to pay subscription to play the game?

    • You need a game sub, but not PSPlus. You get however a free month.

    • Thanks, unusual that you have to pay a subscription for a game you have bought, don’t like the idea of paying for games that way.

  • Thanks for this sale I managed to get £220s worth of games for £60, I got ten new games, very glad that Vita games were part of this I got a bunch I have been waiting for. When I used your filter on the PS store for Vita for I couldn’t find that many games I did use PS prices to work out all the sales, hopefully you can improve the store in future as the filter didn’t work very well.

  • Thank you for all the Vita discounts. ?

  • Its now cheaper for me to buy the full deluxe edition of NFS Payback than it is to upgrade my normal version to deluxe… Come on, at least give the upgrade a discount too!

  • Both Deus Ex Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition are discounted, but why not the season pass? Don’t want to get the Deluxe Edition just for the season pass, as I already own the physical disc!

    • Common buddy , season pass was discounted like 3 times since Ps+ addition.

    • Got the game some weeks ago, that’s why I missed it then Maybe they add it in two weeks or so

      Simply don’t understand the logic in discounting normal and deluxe editions, while keeping season passes on full price.

    • Ah ok then, just be patient it’ll go down pretty soonish. Criminal past is really good.

  • So Fallout 4 Bundle is 30 bucks but none of the DLCs nor the season pass are discounted.

    /Slow Clap

    • Maybe far harbor is worth the discounted price (which is not), rest is crap like vanila game. But you are most probably completionist.

  • Disappointed that Divinity: Original Sin isn’t discounted. The sequel is coming on August 31st, this would’ve been the perfect opportunity to pick the first one up at a discounted price and play it.

  • I really wish they’d put the Infamous Second Son and First light bundle on sale again (currently £25 at the moment) I missed out the first time and only have £17 on my account right now

  • Any chance of an actual complete list of which DLC is on sale.

  • What happened to No Mans Sky sale? it doesn’t appear on the store

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