Helping you stay safe on PlayStation Network: using PS4’s Live From PlayStation streaming service

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Helping you stay safe on PlayStation Network: using PS4’s Live From PlayStation streaming service

How to hide abusive comments, setting up moderators and the service's code of conduct

Since the launch of the PlayStation 4, players have had the ability to broadcast gameplay to viewers around the globe, thanks to Live From PlayStation. This service gives players the power to share their gameplay through popular services like Twitch and YouTube without the need for external technology.

In this edition of our online safety PS Blog series, I would like to talk about a couple of points on how PlayStation Network’s Terms of Service relates to live streaming.

If you’re not familiar with the Live From PlayStation PS4 app and how to livestream via the Share button on your Dualshock 4, please see this article.

How do I put a stop to abusive comments?

There are two ways you can go about self-service moderation of your livestream viewing community:

1. Hide stream commentators on PS4

On the PS4 itself you can hide particular players from your comment stream.

To do this, press the Share button to bring up your broadcast settings. Select “view comments”, highlight a comment by the offending player and press Options, and then select the “hide this player” option; any comments this player makes will then be hidden.

2. Hide stream commentators on a second device

If you feel that going into your broadcast settings menu breaks the flow of your stream, you can use your laptop, phone or tablet to access the streaming service (Twitch or YouTube) where you will be able to take action against volatile comments and their authors.

You can even assign moderator roles to your friends or trusted viewers, who will be able to police the comments for you while you continue your stream in peace. Visit the website of the service you are streaming through to find out more.

Can I swear?

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid this, especially when you’re in the heat of the battle, and you might argue that many popular games contain more than their fair share of profanity, so the viewer should know what to expect, right? Remember that PlayStation is an inclusive community, so ensure that what you’re streaming isn’t overtly explicit and won’t cause offence to your viewers.

The use of hate speech has no place within Live From PlayStation, nor does sexually explicit content. While we understand a mild expletive may slip out in the heat of the moment, we do ask streamers to self-moderate when using their microphone on Live from PlayStation.

Likewise, when you’re on camera, keep yourself clothed and appropriately covered up too. Any sexually offensive items should also be kept out of sight and also avoid things like sexually provocative movements or actions.

The game I wish to stream contains graphic violence and nudity, are there any issues streaming this sort of content?

Some games feature mature content and Live From PlayStation is there to be used, so, no, you won’t get punished just for streaming an adult-rated game.

However, focusing entirely on adult content constitutes a violation of the PlayStation Community Code of Conduct and may result in the Moderation team removing your broadcast and potentially even taking action against your account.

Reporting a violation of the Code of Conduct

I hope that you have found my advice helpful and enjoy sharing your gameplay on Live From PlayStation.

If you ever see a broadcast that you think is in violation of the PlayStation Community Code of Conduct, please report it to us, and our moderators will investigate as soon as possible. Our moderators aren’t there to stop people from having fun; but they are to help keep things fun and appropriate for the whole community.

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