Creator meets creator: Dreams and Concrete Genie’s developers on how to unleash player creativity

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Creator meets creator: Dreams and Concrete Genie’s developers on how to unleash player creativity

Media Molecule’s Mark Healey and Dominic Robilliard from Pixelopus share their approach to give everyone the chance of artistic freedom

At the heart of both Media Molecule’s Dreams and Concrete Genie by Pixelopus is a creative freedom unleashed through artistic expression.

In Pixelopus’ action adventure, that’s portrayed through painting lavish landscapes and fantastical creatures that come to life. For Media Molecule, it’s giving players the tools to create, well, anything.

Unleashing player creativity,and how both studios implement it through player agency, is a fascinating subject that’s the core of an exclusive talk between the creative directors from both studios.

Media Molecule's DreamsMedia Molecule's DreamsMedia Molecule's Dreams


Taking a break from showcasing their games in Los Angeles during last month’s E3 are Media Molecule’s Mark Healey and Dominic Robilliard from Pixelopus.

The resulting conversation touches upon the stigma of creativity and the tug of war between player agency and studio assistance (“the creatures now communicate and ask for stuff,” Robilliard explains of the studio’s tweaks to help guide players as what to do next).

Pixelopus' Concrete GeniePixelopus' Concrete GeniePixelopus' Concrete Genie


Fun fact? The design of Concrete Genie’s painting mechanic was inspired by the creative tools of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet.

There’s much more to unpack from the informative chat, but why read when you can watch? Click on the video below to watch the two creative directors delve into their respective visions.

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  • “on how to unleash player creativity”

    Step 1 – Sell us the game.

    • It’s absolutely ridiculous that we have no release date!

    • Believe me, this game will be Sony’s next Last Guardian. Once it gets a release date, it will be only delayed. They should’ve made another LBP instead of this.

    • If i was head boss at sony id tell them to hurry up with a release date and less play testing it developers should create ps4 games play test it once then release it if this aint out by end of 2018 i wont buy it

    • bedzso-01: But this is basically nother LBP game. Just improved, but the idea and core mechanics are same. From this point of view, it is good, they are making another LBP better. Not just adding few new material and releasing is as a new game again.

    • @CoolRichy007UK Good job you aren’t then. That’s the pathetically bad mindset that EA share. They force games out before they’re ready and they’re always broken as hell.

      I’d rather wait for a great game than rush out a bad one.

  • “For Media Molecule, it’s giving players the tools to create, well, anything.”

    is it really though?

    • Based on basically every other “creative” game, day one there will be hundreds of levels containing sticks and berries.

    • i mean i don’t doubt the possibilities of their tools, it’s the ‘giving players the tools’ part..

  • I am super excited to play both of them when they launch both looks super intresting and colorfull its like you are playing Pixar movie…. Can’t wait for the realise date

  • Just hurry up and release the game you had long enough to create it the longer we wait the more lightly we will forget about this game and play other games time this is released cant sony tell them to hurry up and release dreams already or dont even bother because we have waited long enough for dreams so its either released in 2018 or not at all

  • Hi one staff said dreams out 2018 since said in dreams trailer last year . Is the game coming out or have you broke promise. Anyway still looking forward to dreams

    • Cosidering, they did not mentioned release day at all during whole E3. So Im afraid they are silently postponing it.

      Cosidering what the game offers I would not be surprised if they would pospone for PS5. It should be running on the same HW as LBP3. And thermometer limits in LBP32 were really limiting and you run out of space really fast. Cosidering this game is more HW demanding Im really afraid about scope of level you can build there. Even all the previewed level are 1-2 minute minigames that just supports this theory that you can do almost anything, but in very small pieces.

  • By the time Dreams has a proper release date the PS5 will have already been introduced to the public. #WaitForTheRemasteredVersionInstead #GTA5AllOverAgain

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