Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 expansions go free for a limited time as EA countdowns to Battlefield V’s launch

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Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 expansions go free for a limited time as EA countdowns to Battlefield V’s launch

Select Battlefield 1 in-game rewards will include vanity items usable in Battlefield V when it releases this October

Although we’re working non-stop to deliver Battlefield V on 19th October, we haven’t forgotten the players who made Battlefield 1 a huge success and continue to fight in the Great War.


To celebrate the players who love Battlefield, we are giving them opportunities to unlock lots of rewards while experiencing the best of Battlefield 1 and even Battlefield 4.

But what’s this translate to? Well, over the course of the summer, we’re giving away expansions from both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 to base game owners for free. That’s right – for free!

Also, Battlefield 1 players can earn rewards for later use in Battlefield V, cool things like exclusive paratrooper gear and weapon skins.

Let’s start with every expansion

In the months leading up to Battlefield V every expansion for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 will be free. Every single one! So, watch our calendar to claim those expansions when they show up.

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar and Battlefield 1 Turning Tides, and their plethora of maps and weapons were already made free, and before the end of July, Battlefield 1 Apocalypse will temporarily join the club.

Don’t fret if you missed the previous giveaways, either, because players may still get another shot to claim them again in the future.

Be sure to get cool stuff

Play Battlefield 1 and you get cool stuff. It’s that simple.

When logging into Battlefield 1, a menu lists daily tasks that will go toward earning various rewards, like weapon and equipment skins, Dog Tags, and Squad XP Boosts. The available rewards unlock weekly and can be earned during that window. Don’t worry if you missed some, you can still earn those too!

Feeling lost?

Not sure where to start? There are now tailor-made map playlists on rotation every Tuesday. These are designed to provide players with a tour of the Battlefield 1 maps and modes as well as deliver a great place to complete the daily and weekly challenges talked about above.

Sometimes vanity Is a good thing

A few in-game rewards in Battlefield 1 also include periodic, exclusive vanity items for Battlefield V, available for use in that game at launch. Boom!

Battlefield V is going to let players customise their own company of soldiers with Special Soldier Sets containing weapon skins, camo patterns, head gear, and face paint for the British Special Air Service and German Airborne troops.

There are eight available before launch. You can grab six of these when you pre-order the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, but the only way to earn the additional two soldier sets is via the Road to Battlefield V.

So, slip on your combat boots, pack a rucksack, and join us. Deployment on PlayStation 4 starts on 16th October for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlistees, and 19th October for the Battlefield V Standard Edition.

Pre-order and grab your copy of Battlefield V for PlayStation 4 now!


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  • I hadn’t played the game much since launch but the last 6 months I’ve been hooked on it again. Still my favourite multiplayer series (despite the numerous issues and problems) that I keep going back to, if just to level up some weapons and get a fuller experience with them. The road to BFV stuff has been really nice and got me logging on daily as it’s so hard to get any decent amount of scraps in the game and this finally provides a little.

    Also been taking care of the service assignments (which I didn’t even knew were implemented). It does provide some more options to play in different styles but sceptical of it becoming more and more like COD… On the other hand, I do like having some goals to work toward, eventhough some are extremely time consuming or even hard depending on your playstyle (I’ll be having most trouble with getting MVP 10 times or top 5 30 times since I’m a defensive lonewolf that doesn’t go for score but for an acceptable K/D ratio).

    As for Premium, it’s a good thing the DLC will be free in BFV because this probably would’ve been the last time I got it anyway. It has pretty much been an early access kind of thing since BF4 where you no longer pay for the content (since it’s eventually free) and in BF1 we didn’t even get an ingame calender or anything showing when double xp is on etc…

    I also sincerely wish you fixed the menus in BFV, because they are still an absolute disaster in BF1 even after all these years. Reminiscent of the bad Battlefront menus, I never liked them. The slowdown, even when attempting to simply quit a game, is mindboggling.

    And if at all possible, some improvements in matchmaking in terms of, showing some kind of alert in the server select to see when a game is at an end so you don’t constantly join games that are over or are getting into the next map (this has always bugged me in this series)

    Other than that I’m fairly excited for BFV, eventhough I feel it’s kind of ‘more of the same’ and a kind of lazy approach right after BF1. But I’ve been patiently waiting for a follow up on BF 2142 (still my alltime favourite shooter), especially considering we never got one on consoles, so maybe I’m biased. But that would’ve definitely helped with some of the oldskool WW fatigue… Not to mention a dream coming true :) So PLEASE, BF2143 next! Oh and please consider making the Hardline DLC free again for some time since it’s always for BF4 and BF1? It’s the only one I didn’t buy and I lost out on the free giveaways.

  • EA gives out for free what die hard fans paid for, expecting some good will to be formed for bf5.

    If they really wanted to do something memorable, they would give them games away for free.

    EA is a cancer on gaming, and the cancer spreads Everytime you open your wallet.

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