Beautiful and brutal action platformer Dead Cells releases 7th August on PS4

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Beautiful and brutal action platformer Dead Cells releases 7th August on PS4

Game's creator details six essential gameplay tips to survive the side-scroller when it launches next month

Hello everyone, I’m Steve Filby, the producer on Dead Cells, which will be released next month, more precisely on Tuesday 7th August!

At first, our action-platformer might come off as a little challenging, but don’t worry, once you get the basics you’ll be well on your way to the final boss before you inevitably fall to your death. So here are some tips and tricks to get you off to a good start!

1. Roll


This is the number one thing to keep in mind when playing Dead Cells. Like a lot of your favourite games, you’re invincible during your roll, allowing you to dodge almost any immediate danger!

Given that we wanted to add a modern touch to the classic side-scroller, we chose not to implement collision damage with enemies, however you can’t just walk through them. Rolling will allow you to pass through any enemy and position yourself ideally for the rest of the fight. You can also cancel your roll at any moment, allowing you to stop at the exact place you wanted to be.

Of course there’s a slight cooldown before you can roll again! Managing your roll is the key to survival in this game; don’t hesitate to spam that circle button, but be aware of situations with multiple enemies…

2. Side paths


As you progress in the game you will unlock new permanent abilities which allow you to access new levels and new paths. Fresh weapons and loot await you in these alternate levels, so take the time to explore them all!

3. Learn the patterns


Each monster and boss has its own set of attacks and timings. Once you know them, you will be able to anticipate incoming strikes, dodge them and defeat your opponents with minimal losses.

4.Use your skills


In addition to your set of two weapons, you will be able to equip powers and items such as grenades, turrets and traps. These are cooldown based, so don’t worry about ammo and make the most of them during each encounter.

5. Don’t skip the scrolls


In Dead Cells, scrolls are how you increase your damage and health points. Skip too many of them and you will quickly feel underpowered, so if you see one, don’t ignore it.

6. Pick your fights


See a room full of enemies dying to eat you for breakfast? Not enough potions left to withstand extra damage? Poorly equipped? You don’t have to kill every zombie and monster you come across. Plus, you never know when a better weapon or a lucky chest might be waiting for you right around the corner.

Keep all of this in mind and I promise it will go well… at least for the first few levels. Then more tricky techniques, like learning to parry effectively and preparing for the upcoming fights will come in handy, but I’ll let you figure that part out for yourselves.

Hope you have a wonderful time exploring the cursed Island of Dead Cells!

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